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  • Sexism In Guatemala

    Sexism in Guatemala The biggest challenge facing women in Guatemala is the sexism. Sexism makes males thinks there is not equal between them and women, so they treated women like their slaves . Those men that sees that a woman is there just to serve their needs, and they don't care about their feelings and opinions. They think it is okay to hit their partner, cheat and go out wherever they want, but for a woman it is not allowed to do it. Can you imagine living a life like that? Sexism not only condones violence, it places the blame on the victim. However, in Guatemala men believe that women are their belonging, an object they acquire, and they can do with them whatever they want. Some women have been taught to accept that kind of violence,…

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  • Guatemala Case Study

    In analysing the usefulness of these theories in explaining the case of Guatemala, history and socioeconomic contexts prior to and during the development process is worth observing. The United States’ political and economic interests on the Latin American region was officially expressed with the articulation of the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 (Gilderhus, 2008: 5). The doctrine mainly served as a declaration of political independence of the American Continent from European colonial powers, yet the…

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  • Guatemala Political Structure

    Guatemala’s Politics The Republic of Guatemala or Republica de Guatemala is located in Central America. It is the land that borders the North Pacific Ocean and is placed in between El Salvador and Mexico. Guatemala has a long history and a fairly new independence which makes it an interesting country to study. In reference to American states, it is slightly smaller than Pennsylvania. In this paper I will be discussing Guatemala political structure and how the government attempts to provide…

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  • Guatemala Research Paper

    Belize- Guatemala territorial dispute is in imprinted in history from more than a century ago. Today it still floods, Belize and Guatemala’s social media and news reports; and is the hottest topic for discussion in everyone’s mouth currently in both countries. This dispute is the cause of Spain’s claim to the New World also known as the Treaty of Tordesillas. Mayas had driven out the Spanish, and shipwrecked English seamen had begun settling in the area. The Godolphin Treaty of 1670 stated that…

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  • Poverty In Guatemala

    to a rural area in Guatemala for the summer living off one dollar a day. They’re motivated to take this challenge because 1.1 billion people around the world live off one dollar a day. Guatemala goes through severe poverty. Workers in Guatemala never know when they’ll get paid, while the kids in Guatemala can’t go to school because they work to provide more money for their family. If you lose everything you have here, you have nothing. Americans however, live off 109 dollars every three days.…

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  • Metamorphosis In Guatemala Case Study

    implementation and emphasis of Parisian style architecture, monumental buildings, parks and promenade that created public consciousness of high culture and science, otherwise known as civilization. A similar choice of modern model, is apparent in Guatemala to create public consciousness. Guatemala City, at least for public health physicians and other members of the Guatemalan elite, in the twentieth…

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  • Commercial Sex Work In Guatemala

    the Public Health Services in Guatemala published the Regulation of the Department of Sexual Prophylaxis and Venereal Disease, this manual provided policies that “open[ed] up horizons of moralizing and personal support” to regulate the “sexual problem” of commercial sex workers in Guatemala. This Public Health campaign ran parallel to the urbanization of Guatemala’s rural landscape during the 1930s and 1940s. Guatemala’s commercial sex workers were usually among the working class that did not…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Homeless Trip To Guatemala

    your purpose.” I live in a bubble: wealth, comfort, education, and love. Not everyone in our world lives like this, not even everyone in our country lives like this. I knew there were people that were starving, homeless, abused, or ignored; what I did not know was how many. I had never been out of the country until last December. My family decided to take a trip to Guatemala. It was going to be a humanitarian trip before our guide cancelled on us, so we ended up going to tour the major sites…

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  • What Are The Advantages Of Rigoberta

    Throughout history, many racial groups have experienced oppression and injustices. Guatemala oppression towards its own indigenous population was one of them. The indigenous communities have suffered inequalities from their own government and from Ladinos. Indigenous people were like slaves to landowners and experienced a lot of injustice in the fincas. In the testimonio of I, Rigoberta Menchú: An Indian Woman in Guatemala Elisabeth Burgos-Debray narrates Rigoberta’s struggles and oppression…

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  • Israel Alpuche: A Short Story

    uncertain of my position, moved forward. As I spotted Sergeant Robins leading a few others into an area, I asked, “Sir, what is our exact position at the moment?” He responded with, “16° 45 ' 27" N.” Sergeant Robins then warned me to attach myself to Corporal Hernandez as it was too dangerous for me to patrol alone. With stealth and care we moved along, west towards the adjacency zone2 and my eyes beheld destruction as I had never seen before! At that moment I felt my body shiver to see the…

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