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  • Nicaragua

    Nicaragua From the 500 miles of coastline to the hundreds of baseball fields across the country, Nicaragua is more than just a large country in Central America. Tourists thrive in Nicaragua, enjoying the beaches, the scenery, including the volcanoes, but they tend to keep away from Lake Nicaragua, which is the only lake in the world known to contain freshwater sharks. Nicaragua’s unique history, diverse geography, large population, and various dishes make it one of a kind. Central America’s largest country, Nicaragua, is bordered by both Honduras and Costa Rica, and lies between the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Compared…

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  • The Corruption In Nicaragua

    branch consists of a supreme court of 16 judges who are elected by the National Assembly every 5 years as well appeals , civil, criminal, and military courts (The World Factbook: NICARAGUA). The biggest differences the Nicaraguan government has in comparison to Costa Rica involve Nicaragua’s military, Nicaragua's lack of major political parties, and Nicaragua’s poor economy. Unlike Costa Rica who doesn’t have a military, Nicaragua has a military that includes an Navy and Air Force and as of…

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  • The Campesino Movement In Nicaragua

    Between conservative governments backed by the U.S. Marines (1912-1925) and the Somoza family dictatorship (1936-1979), Nicaragua had a tumultuous political landscape for most of the twentieth century. Even the eleven years between the conservative governments and the authoritarian dynasty brought little respite. In fact, it was during the Liberal Constitutionalist Revolution (1926-1927) that Chinandega combusted, both figuratively and literally (307). In January 1937, Anastasio Somoza Garcia…

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  • The Role Of Natural Disasters In Nicaragua

    Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and the poorest in all of Central America, it is the second poorest in all of the America’s. On its northern border is Honduras, the southern border is Costa Rica, on the east is the Caribbean Sea, and on the west is the Pacific Ocean. It has a population of just under six million with a growth rate of about 1 %. It has an urbanization rate of 58.8% with an increase of about 2% annually. The country is affected by several different severe…

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  • Chichigalpa, Nicaragua Case Study

    poor has become much more drastic. Countries and companies always make decisions based on what can make them a buck, but at what cost? Time and time again you see countries that battle decades of oppression and struggle only to be taken advantage of their resources, land and civilization. My recent case study takes place in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua. For the last century, Nicaragua has been a driving force in the sugar cane industry for years. With it being its 2nd strongest export in its…

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  • Reflective Essay: My First Trip To Nicaragua

    It will be two years next month since I have seen you and 5 years since my first trip to Nicaragua. As a high school sophomore I was lucky enough to travel to Nicaragua to a rural village in four hours Northeast of Managua, as I have told you before. Upon my arrival I have seen the unwavering hospitality of the Nicaraguan people and their enormous hearts. My time in Nicaragua has also challenged me to think about my privilege simply having been born in the US and some of the realities of third…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Leon, Nicaragua

    over the floor, papers on my bed, and tennis balls on my desk, you could say that I’m not the most organized person in the world. But upon looking at all that mess, there is a picture hanging on just one nail, collecting dust as if it was some kind of ancient artifact. As I look at it every morning before heading off to school I am instantly reminded of a trip that I now use to define who I am: commitment, compassion, and courage. This was the photo of my trip in Leon, Nicaragua. Over the…

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  • Ronald Reagan's Contras During The Civil War In Nicaragua

    “Ronald Reagan owned the first eight years of the 1980’s. He set the national agenda, defined most of the terms of the national dialogue, and dominated what passed for national political debate… he had more pervasive impact on the country than anyone since Franklin D. Roosevelt” (Reagan 1). So when Reagan began supporting the Contras during the Nicaraguan Civil War it was a major political topic. The civil war in Nicaragua became a personal mission for Reagan. Reagan saw the Contras as freedom…

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  • Nicaraguan Revolution Essay

    Nicaraguan Revolution affect Honduras? In order to completely understand how Honduras was involved in the Nicaraguan Revolution, research has been done to investigate: the involvement of other countries in Honduras, The military tactics between the borders of Nicaragua and Honduras, and the public opinion concerning Honduras involvement in the Nicaraguan Revolution. The main sources for this investigation are Inside Nicaragua, Young People’s Dreams and Fears by Rita Golden Gelman, a woman who…

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  • Monroe Doctrine

    principle” by which the U.S. could reasonably violate the territorial sovereignty of Central American states in the name of good, old democracy. Secondly, and more importantly Theodore Roosevelt’s and Woodrow Wilson’s Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine further established U.S. military and economic hegemony within the region, by ensuring that the U.S. became the most important adjudicator in the resolution of conflicts within the region through establishing important investment avenues between the…

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