Human Development Index

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  • Human Development Index Essay

    There are several phrases trying to explain what well-being really means to a society. Among these we have: “Societal Progress”, Standard living of Life”, “Human Development”, etc. (Gagrey &Catrice 2006) Some people think that societal well-being and standard of living is directly linked to the economic growth of the nation as a whole and the traditional measure of the welfare or well-being is ‘gross domestic product’ (GDP). By definitions, GDP refers to the market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period (Gagrey &Catrice 2006).The GDP considers the market value of goods and services to arrive at a number which is used to judge the growth rate of the economy and the overall ecnomic health of the nation concerned (Gagrey &Catrice 2006). As an economic measure, the GDP could be a useful yardstick. However, according to Gagrey and Catrice (2006) states that GDP is not an accurate yardstick for the well-being of citizens in the different countries.Well-being and happiness depend on many other…

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  • Quality Of Life In Johannesburg And Cape Town

    Is there a better quality of life in Johannesburg or Cape Town? Aim: My aim is to determine which city, Johannesburg or Cape Town, has the best quality of life using income in both cities, life expectancies in South Africa as a whole, literacy levels, crime and leisure’s in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Review of literature What is the quality of life? Quality of Life is the well being of individuals and societies. It has a wide range of contexts, including the fields of international…

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  • Trade Liberalization And Poverty Essay

    Trade liberalization has been touted by western institutions as essential for the stability of advanced economies, and as a panacea to the developing countries’ development needs. For instance, Goldstein, Rivers, and Tomz (2007) suggest trade liberalization was not only beneficial to advanced economies, but it also benefits all states, including developing nations, many of which today argue that they have gained little from it (Goldstein, Rivers and Tomz 2007, 39). As well, Oatley (2012) argues…

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  • Rural Development In Fiji Case Study

    The programmes of these two administrations to development the rural sector of Fiji were designed to improve the water supply and sanitation systems of the rural villages, accessibility to health and education services and provision of housing and electricity (Dubsky 1986). Despite these policies and programmes, there remained a high inequality gap between the development of the urban and rural sectors. While there have been studies explaining the reasons for this development gap, for example,…

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  • Characteristics Of A Developed Economy

    There is no set criteria for what make a economy developed. When looking at the measures we would expect mostly higher levels of GDP, GNP, advanced infrastructure and standard of life. It is important that we consider both economic and non economic indicators. A developed Economy is in generally said to be that of a industrialised , sovereign state with highly developed technological infrastructure relative to other nations. More recently new scales such as the Human Development Index (HDI)…

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  • Increasing Urban Quality Of Life In Australia

    geography, health, social sciences and more. However, quality of life is not based on one set ideal, but depends on the individual preference of the people, and typically incorporates the sense of security, prosperity, health, comfort, financial stability and other personal aspirations. (Urban Quality of Life) It has been assumed that quality of life is associated with wealth. However, today quality of life is considered to be one of the most significant aspects of prosperity. It is…

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  • Globalisation In South Africa Case Study

    Then less industrialied and rural Areas such as the Eastern Cape Province contains 40% of the nations population however only consists of 7% of household income. South Africa GINI index has also shown the signicicant signs that globalisation has split the gap even further between the rich and the poor, and the high and low skilled labour force. The GINI index in the 2008-2009 stage was sitting at 0.7 and was deemed by the OECD as the most unequal society. Inflation Since the introduction of…

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  • Authoritarian Backsliding

    the World” data will be used to determine a quantifiable “level of freedom” in any given country. This data is updated every year, which allows data from the past to be compared to current data. “Freedom in the World” assigns every country two scores, Political Rights (PR), and Civil Liberties (CL). The scores for each range from 1 (most free) to 7 (least free). A backsliding event is represented in this data by a year over year decline in PR and or CL. The determination of which countries can…

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  • Sub-Saharan Africa Essay

    Renewable Energy for Sustainable Socio-economic Development in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Sub-Saharan Africa Describe the contributions this paper makes (300 words maximum) (10 marks) What are the main issues that this paper discusses? What does the paper achieve? Developing countries such as Sub-Saharan Africa is in constant oppression trying to surpass many problems that hinder their socio-economic development, but have inadequate social services and restricted economic…

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  • Electronic Waste In Ghana

    this previous statement. Such process can involve burning, or unprotected handling of this toxic waste, harming not just the people involved, but also the environment. Another competing flow is the global south 's draw to digitalize. This flow can easily be taken advantage of by those disposing of waste as simply stating they are donating large quantities of electronics to these countries. The truth behind how many actually work remains hidden. Basing flows off the presented arguments…

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