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  • Personal Narrative: Transition From Childhood To Adulthood

    success of my dance team. At the time, I was conflicted over this incident; however, I am now very grateful because it shaped my work ethics and taught me some very helpful skills. It started off like all the other dance competitions. I arrived two hours before I was set to perform. While waiting on the side of the stage, I began to stretch; I needed to ensure that my body was warm, in case of injury. After twenty nerve-wrecking minutes, it was time to perform. I went on stage and allowed muscle memory to take over as I danced. Everything was going fine until it happened; it was a portion of the routine where I needed to kick my right leg up to my face, then fall into a lunge with my left knee bent and my right leg straight. As I was performing this section, I put too much momentum into my kick and slid with my left leg going forward. As my right leg was coming down, I dropped my body and put all my weight onto my right ankle, spraining it in the process. Because I was in the middle of a performance, my adrenaline kicked in and the pain from my injury was nonexistent. I kept on performing, doing my best to remember to point my toes, pull up on my pirouettes, and smile. Then, I hit my last pose and stood up to bow; I walked off stage, smiling between my shortened breath. As soon as I made it to the wings, the adrenaline instantaneously wore off and the pain rushed to my right ankle. I hunched over and began to cry loudly over the pain I was experiencing; My dance teacher…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Responses

    wondrous creatures that might be hiding around every bush or low hanging branch. Oblivious to my actual surroundings, I was suddenly ripped from my daydream as my right leg plunged deep beneath the snow. I had forgotten about the water trench that ran from a small hill into a grated hole in the ground. My left leg remained on top of the snow, so it was crumpled together and squeezed against my chest and chin. I was amused at how stupid I was to have forgotten the trench and at what a comical…

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  • Annie's Essay: Don T Drive Us Home

    “Annie? Annie where are you? Jess? Guys I’m scared.” Suddenly, Hannah heard a groan coming from behind her. “Hannah? Is that you? Hannah I can’t move.” Jess sobbed. “Where’s Annie? What happened? Where are we?” “I can’t see her. She’s not next to me. I can’t feel her either, but my leg is pinned under something.” Sirens blared in the distance, slowly becoming louder. Suddenly Hannah could see the flashing lights. They illuminated the mangled vehicle, and Hannah let out a scream as she saw…

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  • Comparing Family In Barn Burning And Everyday Use

    Conflicts in a family’s relationship is common, but it can cause division amongst the family. Moreover, a division in a family leaves the other selection of the family weak. The family is like a living organism, which has a head, body, arms, legs, and so on. When the head of the body directs the rest of the body to move the rest of the body usual responds accordingly. But what happens when the head tells its left leg to move forward but the leg chooses to go backwards? Or what is the right leg…

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  • Personal Narrative: Living With Limb Disabilities

    According to one in five Americans are living with some kind of disability, according to the 2010 census that is over fifty-six million people. The states more than 500 Hundred Americans lose a limb daily. Limb loss is the loss or non-development of a portion or complete loss of an arm or leg. The CDC estimates that nearly two million Americans are living with limb loss in the United States today. Unlike these resilient people I was able to choose what…

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  • Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Case Study

    Temperature - cold lower right leg, warm everywhere else; exceptionally warm over amputation site of left leg. Skin discomfort, tenderness, pain, swelling, and redness near amputation site. Right foot has two ulcers on superior side on second and third toe. Turgor appropriate for age. This assessment is one of the most important for my client due to the importance for monitoring for infection of his stump as many signs and symptoms become more evident. Along with this, the skin assessment on his…

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  • A Personal Narrative Essay: It Will Changed My Life

    came too I would ask the same question; she would explain the same thing to me over and over again; because of this they had to do an M.R.I, the results showed that from the head injury it caused some fluid to escape and they would have to close eye on me. My head wasn’t the only injury I got from this accident, I had a fracture in the shoulder and from the impact car; I had to have thirty stitches on my right leg. I ended up staying in the hospital for a week under constant observation for the…

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  • Personal Narrative-800-Meter Relay

    I tried putting my leg back down and walking, but I did that and my hip felt like jello and was going to give out any moment. I knew it wasn’t a good sign. Kim had watched me run and knew something was up and she came running over. She said, “Jordan, are you okay? Did something happen?” All I remember saying back is I can’t feel my right leg and I need to sit down. So, she helped me hobble over to the middle of the field and sat me down. She then ran to get my dad, who use to be an EMT, and both…

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  • The Yosemani National Park: A Short Story

    would die of excessive blood loss. After what seemed like hours trying to find a way out of the dilemma that We got ourselves in. I finally accepted the fact that Tim is gone and that I have to leave without him. When I went back to the cabin where Tim was now lying under a blanket. I said my last goodbye and managed to escape from the otters. Now that I 've left the campsite, I now have to leave this National Park as soon as possible. That wasn 't going to be easy though, since there wasn 't…

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  • Injured Ankle Injury Case Study

    Assessment of the Injured Ankle I. Injury Situation: A female volleyball player was in practice and was involved in a blocking drill. When she made the attempt to block the attacker on the other side of the net, they both landed on the center line causing her to come down on the attacker’s foot. This caused the ankle to roll over the outside of her foot. II. Evaluation of the Injury: pain and swelling is localized to the lateral side of the ankle, some inability to bear weight after injury…

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