Human rib cage

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  • Radioographic Reflection Paper

    the importance and apply these factors. By extension, we are learning when and why adjustments to key factors are required. Accordingly, my Instructors have stressed the need for critical thinking skills in the clinical setting. In order to understand this key skill, I will review an exam discussing the factors and skills required to achieve the highest quality radiographs possible. Currently, I am assigned to the Radiology Department at Christus Spohn South, where I have been able to observe various examinations. The examination I have chosen to report on was performed the Clinical Instructor assigned to Spohn South, Jay Talamantes. The patient came to the Emergency Room early in the morning on August 1st, the exam requested was for the ribs and foot. The patient requiring the examination was a twenty-nine-year-old female, with a body habitus that was slightly hypersthenic and of an average height. Equally important information for the examination is the patient’s chief complaint, which was general pain and muscle soreness in the bony thorax and right foot. This was the result a fall at the patient’s residence in the lavatory. Moreover, according to the patient the accident had occurred the previous week, but because the patient’s discomfort had not subsided since that time, she decided to have a physician investigate the issue. Additional patient history was not available, however, considering the patient’s age and relatively healthy condition I believe there were simply…

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  • Personal Essay: The Responsibility Of My Dog

    On a young day, I learned responsibility in the most amazing way possible. The start of the day became a wonder, as I saw something different while eating breakfast. I went to ask my mom some questions. She vaguely answered them, and the day went on normal as any other summer day. When my dad got home, he was carrying a tiny cage. After this the family gathered around him to see what he had brought. Following this he opened the cage for a small dog to greet my family. Then my father pulled me to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Families Are Different From The United States

    I pulled the strength to get back on my bike and continue riding to my house. As soon as I got home it was 10pm my parents waiting for em they thought I was just running late knowing I went surfing. As I walked in the door I immediately fell to the ground holding my rib cage. My mom scared she screamed and rushed herself to my body holding my head up making sure I was breathing. My father had called the ambulance and came up to me taking my shirt off to see what was wrong. He say my ribs bruised…

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  • The Glass Box Monologue

    rescue REON to no avail. This is when the audience and THE CHARACTER realize that they cannot make contact with anyone in the memories. As THE CHARACTER is freed from the memory, after a particularly cruel beating from NOVEMBER, THE CHARACTER takes a moment to think about what actually just happened. The DANCERS (which were previously hinted to the audience as THE CHARACTER 's emotions), begin to grow hectic and THE CHARACTER 's very own mind is thrown into another chapter. This is the story of…

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  • Dog Grooming Research Paper

    Technician will also check the day’s equipment. At the end of day, the technician will rinse intake cages and wash outtake cages. Any sort of scheduling needs should be done in the morning before the day begins but can also be adjusted throughout the day or end of day if needed. Grooming 3-4 Hours A full service grooming would include: Choice of fur trim or without fur trim, a bath (organic or non-organic product choice), towel or force-air dryer (no heating element), eye cleaning, ear…

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  • Descriptive Essay: My First Vietnam War

    strategy in existence which would allow me to kill a sufficient amount of enemy soldiers to be enough to make an escape. For the first time in my life, I was done fighting. The order came to put me in handcuffs, and the armored units cautiously approached me. They surrounded me with their weapons drawn. The soldier behind me jabbed me in the back with a cattle prod. While I was immobilized by the pain, two of the other soldiers put my arms and legs in restraints. Out from the crowd of enemies…

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  • Male-Female Relationships In Trifles By Susan Glaspell

    quilt is a symbol of Minnie's agitation--her anger. The men, though, laugh at the women's wonderings about the quilt and its peculiar knot. Likewise, the canary and its cage are easily dismissed. In fact, the men just as easily believe a lie about this bird and cage. When the cage is noticed, its hinge pulled apart and broken door unnoticed, the county attorney asks, "'Has the bird flown?'" Mrs. Peters replies that the "'cat got it'" (1332). There is actually no such cat, but the men do…

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  • Timothy Barren: A Short Story

    catch his little unsuspecting victims as they went about their travels foraging for food. Timothy commonly would like to use peanut butter as bait inside the metal cage traps he would leave near the tall oak trees at the very edge of his yard. Then, when he would catch a hungry squirrel, he would get that feeling he craved so much, that feeling of absolute power running through his veins, adrenaline. Being able to play God for Timothy was better than Christmas morning, better than pizza,…

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  • American Composers: John Cage's Music Of Change

    John Cage was an American composer that experimented with the very nature of sound and developed new ways of notating music. Cage’s ideas on composition influenced many artists such as painters, musicians, and chorographers. Cage questioned the musical preconceptions that was left from the 19th century. Arnold Schoenberg, a teacher of John Cage, called Cage “not a composer, but an inventor of genius” (Hicks, 1990). Many musicians, and to much of the public, thought Cage’s compositions…

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  • John Cage's Number 33 Analysis

    sits at the piano, he is in control of the silence but does not have any control over time. The perspective of the story is ethnocentric because when William Marx is at the piano he is in control of his silence, but he cannot stop time. Time will continue to go on day after day, not one person on Earth can stop it. Silence is something that people have a choice of doing. What I mean by that is if you are sitting in the dark and making no noise, you are choosing to do that. I decided to do…

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