Dog Grooming Research Paper

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your dog is here to stay with us, we will make sure they get plenty of play and are as comfortable as possible. We are here to make your dog happy and by doing so, make you happy. We will give your dog as much care and attention as humanly possible. We treat every dog equal and as our family. We want you to come back and will treat you and your dog with respect. We would love your feedback and will try to make any changes possible to make sure you are happy with your dog’s stay.
We are here to make your dog happy. Our goal is to make your dog feel like family and make it as comfortable for them as if they were home. We will try to have your dog in the best mood possible when we are grooming them. If they need a break, we will stop and come
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Technician will also check the day’s equipment. At the end of day, the technician will rinse intake cages and wash outtake cages. Any sort of scheduling needs should be done in the morning before the day begins but can also be adjusted throughout the day or end of day if needed.
Grooming 3-4 Hours A full service grooming would include: Choice of fur trim or without fur trim, a bath (organic or non-organic product choice), towel or force-air dryer (no heating element), eye cleaning, ear cleaning, teeth brushed, nail clipping/grinding, full brush out. This would be the full package, select items from package may be offered separately. Appointments would be made with the customer to bring their do in. Once the customer arrived with the dog our employee would take the dog to a holding cage (area for intake non clean cages) while the work station was prepared. The dog would be then brought to work station and services would be performed. Once the service was performed the dog would be brought to a different holding cage (area for outtake clean cages). Payment would be received upon pick up of

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