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  • Argumentative Essay On Pet Therapy

    absolutely nothing to look forward to? Some may say that having a dog, whether it is big, small, cuddly, furry, or active, can provides the unconditional love and companionship that you need every day. According to 2012 U.S Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook, dogs have the highest percent of households owning compared to other pets by 36.5%. (AVMA, 2012). Due to the statistics that dogs are the most popular choice among other pets such as cats, birds, and horse, it can be concluded that having dogs as a pet provides many unexpected benefits such as improving our mental health, physical being, and teaches us responsibilities. First, dogs can be a great pet choice because majority of dog owners claims that it can improve their mental health. Dogs can improve mental health by lifting the owner’s mood to a happier state of mind. Research proven that dog as a pet can have a positive effect by being therapeutic therefore, a wide range of pet therapy is offered for many people who faced depression or associated with other mental illness. Pet therapy is defined as a guided interaction between a specially trained animal and an individual or group, facilitated by the animal’s handler. (Dogtime, 2015) Interaction with dogs can also benefits…

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  • Dog Shelter Research Paper

    not hamper his health and wellness. For most pet owners, it is already a common knowledge that the place where your pet will determine everything about his life from temperament down to hygiene and even health. If you place your pet on a bad shelter that makes him cold at night and very hot during the day, then it will definitely affect his emotions and the way he treats you too as it can be construed as a negligence on your part as an owner. If you place him on a place where there is no proper…

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  • Why Dog Eat Dirt

    items such as poop, pee, and in this case, dirt. Our dogs have always been weird when it comes to their personal choices of food since they take pleasure in eating feces, dirt, and a lot more things that are not edible for us. Why does my dog eat dirt? As I understand it, there are many reasons why do dogs eat dirt. It is important for us, dog owners, to know which among these reasons affect our dogs so that we may be ale to respond to it properly and if we are lucky enough, we can put an end to…

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  • Personal Narrative-Footprints On Our Hearts

    towards us. The young girls ' eyes were full of excitement as she saw our dogs and began to run towards us. I watched as her mom yelled for her to stop and could see the dismay and anxiety in her eyes as she watched her daughter running towards us. The girl stopped and slowly walked back to her mom and after a minute or so the mother came up to us and asked if her daughter could pet Kaylee and if Kaya was friendly. As she did so, Kaya jumped playfully towards the small girl and began to lick her…

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  • Pet Waste Removal Essay

    aspect of pet ownership which may not be as savory and that is waste removal. Pet waste removal is the act of cleaning up the doggie doo from our yard and doing so on a continual basis. Some pet owners become frustrated and lackadaisical when it comes to cleaning the yard. They often wonder what will happen if they don't clean up in a timely manner. The following will offer some insight into this aspect: Pet Waste Is Bad For Your Health and the Health of Your Dog If as a pet owner you fail to…

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  • Paragraph On Pet Birds

    Which pet a dog , cat or a bird?? A pet is an animal kept for companionship and enjoyment or a household animal as opposed to livestock, laboratory animals, sport animals or working animal which are kept for economic reasons. It is proven that the pets are useful to people, decreasing depression and brings a person’s overall happiness. Dogs are not always the best option to choose, there are many other types of pets to select. Now a days there are aptitude test to find out which pet is suitable…

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  • The Importance Of Animal Adoption

    Ever thought of bringing your pet to work? It might sound weird but the idea of allowing animals in the workplace is not as barking as you think. In fact, the glimpse of your furry friend around the office is not only cute, but also beneficial for your health. By reducing stress-related ailments like heart disease and diabetes, pets can actually raise your life expectancy. Very few people know that some countries even have an annual event called ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’. The day which was…

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  • Pet Mental Health Benefits

    you suddenly feel is not just in your head. Research shows that your lovely pet really is good for your physical and mental health. "Pets often provide unconditional acceptance and love and they're always there for you," says Gary A. Christenson, MD, chief medical officer at Boynton Health Service at the University of Minnesota. "There is a bond and companionship that makes a big difference in mental health," not to mention the extra exercise you get from walks and playtime. Down blow you will…

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  • Iditarod's Animal Cruelty

    man and his or hers sixteen dogs. They travel a total of about a thousand miles in below freezing weather from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. It is indisputable that the Iditarod is an extreme race, but only the best of the best can achieve the finish line. With all of the many paws helping, the Iditarod dogsled race is absolutely not a form of animal cruelty. One reason the Iditarod isn't animal cruelty is because of the preparation behind the program. For example, they train almost everyday for…

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  • Dog Allergies

    Dogs with allergies need special consideration and part of that is a change in diet. This can be easily accomplished by a simple search for dog food recipes for dogs with allergies. Dogs that have allergies in the large part have a serious sensitivity to commercially prepared food, which is the food that is generally available for a fairly low cost in your local supermarket. Although commercially prepared dog food may be convenient, there is actually very little that the manufacturers take into…

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