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  • Negative Effect Of Barbie Doll

    Instead young girls are desiring to model the lifestyle of Barbie. A fantasy lifestyle of a beautiful woman with perfect bone structure, skin complexion, long legs, and nice hair. Young girls who love Barbie are more in love with her life rather than the doll. Today, in Japan young girls are refusing to play with their dolls. Instead, it 's more common to dress the doll and hang it up to admire the look unlike American girls who are constantly seen physically playing with dolls. Barbie has been used to model girls’ behavior and creates different mind sets with these girls around the world because it 's so easy to model the…

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  • Nora Influence On A Doll House

    altering setting reveal characteristics about Nora that ultimately leads to her her the inability of her being controlled. Props and details about the setting affect Nora's actions because each contribute to each aspect of her life. Each of these props show that Nora was looked at as a doll and a human with flaws. In a typical doll house, the doll is being controlled. The doll is dressed and undressed. Nora was given a dress to wear by Torvald showing that he was being the one who controlled…

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  • Fantasy In Henrik Ibsen's A Doll House

    At its foundation, a doll house is a mere set in a world created for fantasy. A tool for the creative mind to act out their imaginations. A tool used by children to pass the simple boredom of everyday life. A tool for adults to remain in the nostalgia of happiness before it is all torn apart. A tool that both helps ease the suffering of a hardened facade, and a puts a knife in the users back while cutting the strings between realism, and the unrealistic fantasy that we idolize. The pleasing…

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  • Cyn: A Short Story Of A Doll Girl

    Cyn, Tucks’ little niece, was very fond of dolls, but ever since Tucks’ girlfriend, Lory, started coming over she has put them away. Cyn was only 12 years old, but she loved those dolls. Tuck and Lory were sitting on the bed in Tucks’ room. They were having a normal, yet deep conversation when something didn’t seem right to the both of them. All of a sudden the warm room was now icy cold. "Cyn?" Tuck called out. There was no answer from Cyn. Britt, Tucks ' cousin, came in the room. "I heard…

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  • Personal Narrative: Self-Give-A Doll

    high school. For our final project, we needed to make either a doll or stuffed animal, & I chose to make a doll, using as many recycled materials as possible in its creation. Turns out this little choice set something huge in motion. Not long after, I found myself in Nicaragua where my family had moved for 6 months, & I encountered poverty like we just don’t see in the US. My heart broke for all the girls that I saw who felt insignificant and worthless, a feeling I was all too familiar with…

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  • Personal Narrative: Killer Dolls

    Killer dolls. Everyone probably dreams of them in their lifetime, especially after the infamous “Chucky” film, or finds them somewhat eerie. I however, have always loved dolls, especially barbies. I didn’t brush their hair or dress them up, or have them ride around my house in Barbie’s pink mustang convertible. Instead, I loved creating and playing stories with barbies, stories involving dragons, princes and princesses, kings and queens, and knights and villains. These stories often contained…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Black Baby Doll

    As a young girl, I spent the vast majority of my time sequestered in my room with my dolls. They helped me to escape my reality. They listened to me without judgement and gave voice to the conversations that I desperately wanted to have but could not. I remember vividly wanting a Barbie that had brown hair and green eyes. I wanted a doll that represented me, one that looked like me or at least seemed like the person I wanted to grow up to be. I don’t remember my age when I saw my first…

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  • Essay On Barbie Doll

    playing with Barbie dolls. It is impossible to know at a young age if a girl will develop a negative influence by playing with Barbie dolls. Studies have proven that playing with Barbie Dolls can change the way young girls think and behave later on in life. Barbie dolls are a negative influence that can make them self-conscious about their physical appearance by lowering their self-esteem and making them desire the body of a Barbie Doll. Body dysmorphic disorder is developed later on in life in…

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  • Barbie Doll Vs Joe Action Figure Analysis

    they play with. Most parents associate young boys with action figures while most girls are commonly associated with dolls, but this begs the question, what is the difference between a doll and an action figure? I went to Walmart to compare two different toys, Barbie dolls and G.I. Joe action figures to see the differences and the possible effects that it could have on children. Upon entering Walmart, I noticed that there was a lack of ethnic diversity in both the customers and the employees. A…

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  • Negative Effects Of Barbie Dolls

    The Negative Effects of Barbie Dolls on Body Image: “As a child most girls played with Barbie dolls and if they had not, their views of what is considered beautiful and acceptable for women would be different, as well as how they felt about body image” (Ive, Dittmar, Halliwell 283). Childhood is the period of time where girls start to build their basic belief system that they will carry into their adulthood. Most young girls, especially in the United States, are given toys that portray the…

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