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  • Personal Narrative: American Girl Place

    As the hard winds of New York City hit my face, I looked up in adornment at the giant gold letters reading, “American Girl Place” for the first time. I faced my father, his giant frame proceeding over my small nine-year-old one, looking into his eyes waiting for the signal that meant I could go in. He smiled at me, took my hand, and led me inside. A burst of excitement filled up inside of me as I walked in and saw the arrangement of dolls lined up inside a glass case. Learning from the helpful store worker that I could choose any doll I wanted, my eyes immediately fell on the American Girl Doll Molly. As researched by Julia Rubin, a writer and journalist for the website “”, Pleasant Rowland, an elementary schoolteacher, TV news…

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  • My American Girls Film Analysis

    The idea of the America Dream is the driving reason why immigrants make the tough transition to America. The American dream is the concept that anybody can have social/ economic mobility, if they put in enough work to move upward in society. The film, “My American Girls: A Dominican Story” directed by Aaron Matthews, tells a story about a first-generation immigrant family from the Dominican Republic, who has come to America so that they can construct a home and raise their daughters with an…

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  • Black African American Girl Research Paper

    The advent of slavery has been deeply rooted in American history for a long time. From the time African slaves were set foot in Virginia, the North American colony of Jamestown in 1619, slavery has been utilized to establish the economic foundations of the American nation. The African slaves were perceived as a cheaper source of labour in comparison to the poorer Europeans who were procured as indentured servants. Since the indentured servants were later to earn their freedom, African slaves…

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  • Analysis Of Dr. Flint's Time As An African American Slave Girl

    As an African American slave girl living under the dominion of the cruel and malevolent predator Dr. Flint, Linda frequently finds herself in a state of war. The assault on Linda’s psychological and physical well-being begins in the Flint house, which Linda describes only as a “fine residence” (Jacobs 30), with no other discernable descriptive detail that would entail any emotional attachment. Throughout Linda’s time as a slave, she is constantly subject to sexual harassment from Dr. Flint,…

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  • Race And Racism In 'Brown Girl, Brownstones And Citizen An American Lyric'

    The novels “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison, “Brown Girl, Brownstones” by Paule Marshall and “Citizen An American Lyric” by Claudia all are different books that tell different stories and written by different people, but one thing all 3 of these book share in common is a very old but important social issue which is Race and Racism. The way these authors use their topics as a subdivision of the theme or a social issue so that their main point becomes more clear and understandable is very…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Dress

    not understand at all, but I knew I just had to have it. It was the first dress where I felt comfortable in my own skin. I looked back into the mirror, and I saw the most beautiful red dress that hugged my hips and had just enough beading to make me feel like a princess. I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I saw this dress. My heart was happy because I was going to be the girl in the red dress. When I flipped over the price tag, all of my dreams were crushed. This dress was way out of…

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  • An American Girl In Munich Analysis

    unnoticed by scholars. It has become an emblem of success in Carol Neuls-Bates? Women in Music: An Anthology of Source Readings from the Middle Ages to the Present and is regarded as significant to the history of women?s musical training.[footnoteRef:23] In her article ?Gender, Professionalism, and the Musical Canon? and book Gender and the Musical Canon Marcia Citron referred to the above-quoted two scenes from the standpoint of representing barriers to women?s professionalism in…

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  • Personal Narrative: American Girl Dolls

    As a child, my media consumption was very selective and sheltered by adults in my life. I had favorite books, like Harry Potter, a favorite movie, High School Musical, and favorite toys, all of which belonged to my neighbor, Marley. I remember whenever I went to Marley’s house, we would play with Polly Pockets, American Girl Dolls, or Barbies for hours at a time. To me, it wasn’t the looks of the toys that I desired, it was what the toys themselves possessed. They had fancy stretch limos,…

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  • Kit Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

    The writer, Valerie Tripp, had written this for the American Girl company. This organization would not want a poor American Girl. So for Kit’s family to be just making it by with the things they still have seems unrealistic. Many people lost everything they had. Therefore, for this one girl and her family to be okay though the depression, for the most part, does not match the book’s context. Other than that minor detail, this book is very accurate. From the men, women, and children, this short…

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  • Analysis Of The Struggle To Be An All-American Girl

    In Elizabeth Wong’s story, The Struggle to Be an All-American Girl, she reveals denial and shame towards her parent’s culture to illuminate the importance of having multiple cultures in a person’s life. Though reading this story one can discover her denial towards her Chinese culture was because she just wanted to integrate and be like the rest. The majority of children will be forced into ideas that are presented and taught by the parents. The parent is only passionate to keep the traditions…

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