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  • China Doll Syndrome: A Short Story

    China Doll Syndrome only lasted a few days, but the Baby Blues lasted much longer and fathers in the military are only given 10 days of paternity leave. In those ten days I did my best to take care of both her and Leo and they were some overwhelming moments. From crying at any time, to midnight feedings, I did my best to provide help to my wife. I'd like to add that as a new father, one challenge I faced was accepting my position as the number two man in my wife's life. I no longer was the priority as Leo had taken that spot. Yet, I came to terms with it after personally bonding with him. To this day he's still my favorite person too. The Baby and Dad In those first few months of parenthood I bonded with my son by taking him everywhere with me…

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  • Creative Writing: Poison Lip Gloss

    The mother senses trouble, but does not know where to look for it. She is blinded by sensibility, as most adults are. Sabel, being young, sees the trouble head on and directly, but she is too young to know how terribly wrong it is that a doll moves and talks and… murders. In the end, her dad, who is war-wise and intuition is more in tune than most, knows that Sabel is telling the truth and he deals with the doll the way he think is best…but at the same time, he underestimates it. Sabel knows…

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  • Example Of Child Observation

    play with me, mommy can I call my daddy?” After talking with her father, she went to get her doll baby whom she named “princess” she came over to me and showed me the doll baby pressing her chest to demonstrate that the doll cried when she did so. She explained, “when the baby cry you have to feed her” so she went and got her bottle and began feeding princess. She continued to play with her doll engaging in animistic thinking as she believed that the doll was felling hot and so she took off all…

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  • The Awakening Of Nora In A Doll's House Analysis

    Eventually, she decides that she has duties to herself that are above of those of being a wife. She confronts the fact that she's not complete being the way that her husband, society and the church want for her to be. Ibsen exposes the fact that Nora's self image has been molded by the men of her life. First, she is a doll-child ... then a doll-bride. She's a little play toy for the men - a beautiful possession to show off to their friends. This presents the reality of women…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Dollhouse

    The Dollhouse (Short stories go in quotations) Autumn Oldaker I want a tiny doll to add to my collection, and I will take her while dressed in scrubs strolling the halls of a hospital. Today there is a variety of girls to choose from. As I explore the halls of the hospital, I fancy the infants because I have never had one that young. I explore the maternity wing in search of my new doll. I enter a room labeled 121 and a radiant baby girl lies in a woman’s arms. The glow of her skin…

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  • Negative Effect Of Barbie Doll

    Instead young girls are desiring to model the lifestyle of Barbie. A fantasy lifestyle of a beautiful woman with perfect bone structure, skin complexion, long legs, and nice hair. Young girls who love Barbie are more in love with her life rather than the doll. Today, in Japan young girls are refusing to play with their dolls. Instead, it 's more common to dress the doll and hang it up to admire the look unlike American girls who are constantly seen physically playing with dolls. Barbie has been…

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  • Blaas 'Use Of Suspense In The Film Alma'

    directed by Rodrigo Blaas, a young girl is lured into a shop by the beautiful dolls, only to find out that when she touches the one that looks just like her, it traps her within the doll. Blaas uses suspense techniques effectively in this film. Setting, sound, and camera work are all characteristics that create a feeling of suspense. Blaas uses setting to add to the viewer’s feeling of fright. The director uses setting in order to draw a reaction of suspense from the viewer. Blaas…

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  • Mary Shaw's Traumas: A Narrative Fiction

    knock on the door. At the door was a coffin with the initials B on the corner. We were both curious. So we opened it. I opened it, and then I laughed. I laughed because it was a little doll, and I thought a little kid sent it to us. So then I showed it to my friend, and she thought I was crazy. While looking at this doll it looked very familiar to me. But all I could remember was the poem that we were told as kids. Beware of the stare of Mary Shaw. My friend doesn't remember who Mary Shaw. I…

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  • Personal Narrative: Killer Dolls

    Killer dolls. Everyone probably dreams of them in their lifetime, especially after the infamous “Chucky” film, or finds them somewhat eerie. I however, have always loved dolls, especially barbies. I didn’t brush their hair or dress them up, or have them ride around my house in Barbie’s pink mustang convertible. Instead, I loved creating and playing stories with barbies, stories involving dragons, princes and princesses, kings and queens, and knights and villains. These stories often contained…

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  • The Right Choice In A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen

    The Doll’s Choice In the 1800s society had a great influence on people in the way they act and their beliefs in their daily life. Torvald and Nora at first sight resemble what is a happy home ; that they have no troubles or obstacles in their life. They had a perfect marriage, lovely children, maids and a grand house. Everything seemed to be in the proper place , but what people do not know that Nora is hiding a big secret that can alter her life dramatically.In Henrik Ibsen’s play, A Doll…

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