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  • Influence Of Nationalism In Chinese Literature

    Nationalism in Chinese Literature with Selected Author- Mo Yan Nationalism and national sentiment are inseparable, national sentiment ‘is the feeling of anger aroused by the violation of the principle of the nation, or the feeling of satisfaction aroused by its fulfillment’ (Gellner 1). Some writers from earlier society or even until nowadays, tend to put their feelings towards their nation into words. Through writers’ narrative, readers feel the words and resonate with the context, which silently stays in the mind, without any trace of implementation. Soviet leader Joseph Stalin once described writers as ‘the engineer of the human soul’ and he believed that ‘literature was a powerful political tool’ (qtd. in Romeo). In China, much patriotic…

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  • Repression In Chinese Literature Essay

    In Chinese literature, there are prominent themes of repression that arose during the time period of Mao Zedong’s rule and the Chinese Cultural Movement. During this movement, the original Chinese culture was repressed by communists who attempted to reform society. Those who resisted these reforms were murdered. These events set the stage for the theme of repression to make its way into Chinese literature. To reflect this theme, Chinese authors used the literary devices of visual consistency,…

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  • How Did China Influence Indian Ocean Trade?

    Han dynasty between 202 BCE and 220 CE. This era brought expansion of Chinese territory and new connections with the Indian and Parthian civilizations to the West. As Chinese technology and culture advanced, greater international interactions facilitated the growth of trade. The products exported from China were very high quality specialized goods and commercial crops, like silk, porcelain, and oranges. China’s control of the trade networks directed the flow of wealth and intellectual…

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  • Yueyang Hsia Yung Analysis

    mountains (compared to the meticulous detail of the tower), and the inscription of a poem about the Yueyang tower, just above and to the right of the structure. “[Ming painting] is made to carry a much richer freight of poetic and philosophical content; or, to put it another way, the artist is saying things that cannot be fully expressed in the conventional language of landscape painting. To help carry that freight – to extend, as the Chinese put it, the idea beyond the pictorial image itself…

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  • Essay On Internet Censorship In China

    According to congressional-executive commission on China of Google and internet control in china a nexus between human rights and trade (2010). The main idea is about controls use of the internet in China. Also, in China there is a strong systems and controls complex to use the internet. Internet users in China do not enjoy absolute freedom to use the internet because of the strict procedures for the use of the internet in China. The Chinese government believes that they must suppress the…

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  • The Ascendant Conflict Analysis

    In the novel, The Ascendant, by Drew Chapman, the United States was in a cyber war with China, where literary elements such as plot development, foreshadowing to create suspense, and point of view are skillfully used to drive the novel. Each of these elements help to convey the story’s central theme: when a war begins to break out, the military are not the only ones whose lives will change entirely. The team attempting to fight back in this covert war against the Chinese faced many struggles,…

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  • Little Chinese Seamstress

    Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress A book is not simply words on paper; it is the messages of an author, the life of a character and the power of entertainment or information. Literature is one of the most popular ways of human expression due to the impact that it has on its readers, which is often a reason for its condemnation in certain occasions in history. This effect is present in Dai Sijie’s historical fiction, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, where nearly all morals of…

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  • Memoirs Of A Girlhood Among Ghosts By Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior

    by a Chinese American woman. Then, she included lots of fantastic elements. Moreover, the protagonist of her autobiography is not only her, but her mother, fictive characters from Chinese folk ballads, as well as an aunt whom she never met. First published in 1976, it became a huge success and later it was listed as one of the fist canonized Chinese American writings. However, Kingston’s piece of writing…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Town Of Cats, By Haruki Murakami

    Literature has always been one of the beloved arts throughout the ages, all over the world, and has served as inspirations, education, guidance, and assurance to people. History is a record of factual events that occurred in the past; however, it only speaks objectively and does not depict the perspective and insight of the people. Literature of all ages is a reflection of and sometimes even focused on the ordinary citizens' everyday life, and approach complications or inclinations of the people…

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  • Kafka's Argumentative Analysis

    through authority, it can also be as easily exploited by a unified discourse exactly because it is fragmentary, which made it more fragile to rewriting and reinterpretation. This paper—again—contrasts Said’s celebration of essay as a genre suitable for criticism, and Deleuze and Guattari’s ahistorical appropriation of Kafka’s letter to construct their own theory of “minor literature.” The paper ended with an example of the the Shanghai Jewish Museum, which by appropriating and reinterpreting…

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