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  • Chinese Poetry Analysis

    Kaiwen Jiang LITR 245 12/8/2016 Central Themes in Chinese Poetry and Their Cultural Implications When it comes to the history of East-Asian culture, there is a long and rich background of art, science, and technology. Specifically in the Chinese culture, the many dynastic eras brought about a great amount of advances in technology and trade that left an indelible mark on human history. But the changing eras also brought about the forming of new ideas through poetic expression. The Chinese practice in poetry provides a vivid portrayal of life, and the key themes of the ancient Chinese poetry can tell us a lot about what Chinese culture prioritized centuries ago. Although the central themes of classic Chinese poetry contrasts with the traditional…

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  • Burton Watson's Views On The Background Of Chinese Poetry

    translated poems, Burton Watson creates a solid foundation that enlightens readers on the background of Chinese poetry. First, Watson addresses the “antiquity and remarkable continuity” and the universal appeal of Chinese poetic tradition (1). Composed by people of different working classes, especially the scholar-officials, from around 300 B.C, poetic output in China has never stopped. Further fuelling the spread and preservation of poetry were the inventions of paper and printing in China…

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  • Drinking Alone With The Moon Poem Analysis

    From the three poems – “A View of Taishan”, “In the quiet of the Night” and “Drinking Alone with the Moon” – it is evident that the poets are driven toward evoking a correlation between feeling and scene to underscore the fundamental nature of the Chinese lyrical relationship. However, what is at the core of this lyrical relationship is the metaphor or Xing in Chinese context. This is because the metaphor is intertwined in all the stages of the poetic process, running from the creative stages to…

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  • Drinking Alone Beneath The Moon Analysis

    Literature and American sensibility of poetry. The Bridge, his representative work, expresses the historical and spiritual significance of America. However, unfortunately and regrettably, Crane committed suicide in 1932, at only thirty-three years old. “Legend” is included in White Building, the first book-length collection of Crane’s poetry, which was published in December 1926. This compilation was written over nine years, from 1917 to 1926, and the reader can see the development of Crane’s…

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  • Ding Xiang Warner And Wang Ji Summary

    Lauren Park NES 2522: Intoxicating Beverages Christopher Monroe Friday, November 17, 2017 Drunkenness as the Ultimate Sobriety Ding Xiang Warner and Wang Ji provide a discussion of the role of poetry in the late Sui and early Tange eras in the history of China with the help of Wang Ji’s poetry. They present Biography of Mr. Five Dippers and The Story of Drunkenville to show the comparable relationship between the experiences of being drunk and enlightened man’s perception of fundamental…

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  • Love Life In Ezra Pound's Poetry

    The attitude of love life in Ezra Pound's poetry. The memory of love in someone's mind has always been found in someone's poetry. It is hard to deny that poetry is one of the most fascinating writing and creative arts. There are so many poets in the history that get perceived as an admirable poet. It is not surprising that Ezra Pound is one of them because he had written the most beautiful poetry which is called The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter. This poetry is the glorious one that expresses…

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  • The Youngest Daughter Cathy Song Analysis

    young girl, Song grew up as Chinese-Korean American and knew that she wanted to write about her family’s history. Song has taken her written career serious and tries to educate her readers with the terrible lives of arranged marriage women, through the art of poetry. Not only does she write about her family’s ancestry, but she loves to incorporate the whole Chinese culture into her poems. Cathy’s strong eye for detail and imagery in her poems really captures the message that she is trying to…

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  • Chinese Appellations

    the imperial palace are special titles of ancient history and only are used in the palace. Empresses in the Palace depict a story of ancient women in the palace where happened. There are many special appellations, which are different from foreign countries that don’t have the word than can express the same meaning. Therefore, the special appellations must be translated by using a variety of translation strategies. Table 1: culture-loaded words translation of appellations Appellations in the…

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  • The Not So Good Earth Poem Analysis

    the world-renowned poet Bruce Dawe to learn about his secrets and milestones to refined poetry. (Calls in Bruce Dawe) Welcome Sir, we are obliged to have you on our show. During this segment I will be asking you a few questions about your immaculate poems. The poems you have written are extremely real and meaningful. I personally enjoy them a lot. Now starting with the first question. Okay so tell us about yourself and what has inspired you to pursue poetry? Bruce Dawe: Well hello everybody,…

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  • Confucianism Qing Dynasty

    The Chinese during the Qing dynasty followed three main philosophies; Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. The rulers were strong followers of Buddhism. However, discrimination existed heavily in the society. For example, the Manchu were not allowed to marry Han Chinese who forms the majority of the society and were considered a lower social class. Representative Confucian was the social and ethical philosophy during this era. Huang Zongxi, Wang Fuzhi, and Gu Yanwu were the three main scholars…

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