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  • The Film, Geronimo: An American Legend

    The film, Geronimo: An American Legend, was based on Geronimo, a Chiricahua Apache from the Bedonkohe band born in 1829 in the American Southwest. He was a skilled hunter and led raids on surrounding enemy villages. He resented Mexicans because they killed his mother, wife, and three children. The American government acquired land that belonged to Apache tribes through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. Americans who settled in this area were attacked by the Apache. In 1874 after years of guerilla warfare, the Chiricahua were moved onto a Chiricahua reservation with their leader, Cochise, agreeing with the peaceful move. After the death of their leader, the US government moved the Chiricahua to a Apache reservation in San Carlos. Geronimo…

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  • Argument Against Manifest Destiny

    still stands strong. The Apaches may be fewer in number and there may still be pain in the hearts of many, but they survived and never again will they endure such pain. They have lost much due to Manifest Destiny but they have risen from the ashes, stronger than ever. Before the Indian Removal Act, the Apache were nomads. They were buffalo hunters that moved along with the herd when the seasons changed. “Early Apache inhabitants of the southwestern U.S. were a nomadic people; some groups roamed…

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  • The Apache Tribe

    The Americans had barely any respect for the rights of Apaches and their land. Over the passing years, the Apaches were gathered and forced into reservations. The Apaches tried fighting against U.S. troops for the defense of their homeland but had failed to defend it. In 1886 a small group of Apaches surrendered. They were then sent off to Florida as war prisoners. That had all ended and the reservation era had begun (Helen Dwyer). Although the Apaches were raiders and were kind of commanding…

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  • Moving West In American Culture

    American tribes. According to the film by Burns (1996), in 1889 two women arrived in the west implementing the Dawes Act of 1887. They were to divide up the lands that Native Americans had occupied long before the white man settled in America. She informed the leaders of the tribes that the people and the government had decided to distribute the lands for individual ownership. One man stood up and said, “We do not want our land cut up in little pieces we have not told you to do it, we are…

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  • John Winthrop A Model Of Christian Charity

    that families will be split, Trump should look at the bigger picture. Felbab-Brown said: “Contrary to its proclaimed goal of making America secure, the wall has the potential to undermine U.S. security.” The breakage of the ligaments that are supposed to unite people, love, could be catastrophic for America itself. At this point, Mexico is not in good terms with America, but Trump seems to not care about this. Mexico cooperates with America to stop criminal groups and drug cartels;…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Native American Mascots

    offer elders to take part in ceremonies to be honored for the help they have done for their tribe. For example, before every home game Florida State has a Seminole in traditional clothing ride horseback onto the football. This is a good way for fans to witness what the Seminoles use to wear and to show off their skillful horseback riding. The mascot does not define the tribe and make fun of them, it helps maintain a piece of the past by showing pride in the tribe by giving them respect with…

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  • Bill Lind: The Origins Of Political Correctness?

    anything our military's does? The truth is, the only reason for doing this is to appeal to feelings of LGBT, or politically-correct communities possibly involved with the military. Which raises another question, how does this look in the eyes of our enemies? Not good. They may see this as such a weakness since it shows we are so caught up trying to be nice, and not hurting feelings, rather than worrying about our military’s true role. Overall, with the amplification of political-correctness, our…

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