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  • Personal Narrative Essay On Dogs

    Dogs are considered man’s best friend, but where do birds fit in the pet equation? Just like more traditional pets like cats or dogs birds have different personalities and attributes that make them unique. My love and passion started for birds when I was eleven and lived in Bay ridge Brooklyn, the apartment across from us had been vacant for a long time and finally had new tenants moving in. Curiously watching from the window as they brought each and everything they owned. I heard a couple of chirps and bells shaking and all of the sudden it was revealed a shiny red cage with two absolutely beautiful parakeets, flying around in joy probably because they were excited as much as their owners for their new home sweet home . As time passed the…

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  • How To Write A Harp Chirp Essay

    Chirp chirp is all I said the day that I turned into a bird.It is a very simple story depending on how you look at it. One day I was walking home from school and I did what I usually did. The next day I woke up as a bird and I had no idea what happened. Then my mom came inside and I was just staring at her not knowing what to do. She then looked around to see where I was and when she was done looking she got a stick and started chasing me around with it, my mom continued until I ran out the…

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  • Crickets: The Arrhenius Equation Of Cricket

    monster, every male cricket can chirp. Now, what if I told you that crickets don’t chirp at random, but the speed of the chirps depends on the temperature outside. If I have a male house cricket and put it in a temperature controlled room and turn up the heat. Since crickets like all other insects, cold-blooded, they take on the temperature of their surroundings. Cricket chirping falls under an equation called the Arrhenius equation which is that the higher the temperature, the faster a given…

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  • Slaughterhouse Five Poo-Too-Weet Analysis

    Slaughterhouse Five the novel is portrayed as anti-war. I have re-read the ending to this book multiple times in hopes of figuring out the real meaning behind these bird’s chirps. As I began to dig deep thinking about motifs and themes that are common surrounding this book, I realized these chirps have a holistic connection. The art of speech is unique. If you look deeply into it, it comes down to human beings just uttering sounds. A sound wave divulges from the mouth and there is a meaning…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Four Legged Monster

    Then suddenly the entire area was quiet like everything just died in the matters of second except the world’s most annoying creature that has ever existed, the cricket. It lived along with its annoying shrieking beat chirp, chirp, chirp. As the shrieking continued along with the devil summoning the sun finally escaped from its prison just in time for the nightmarish darkness to settle in. The entire town turns on their house lights one acting trying to protect all their entrances from the…

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  • Descriptive Essay On My Bird Blue

    My bird blue was not just my pet, but also he was my best friend that I even considered him as my son. On new years eve I went to a pet store having in mind that I was going to buy a dog because since I was a kid I always like dogs, but unfortunately I never got one because of the space that I was living; it was small. As I went inside the pet store, there were noises of all different kind of animals including cats, dogs, rabbits and birds. At first I noticed some cute chihuahuas and other…

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  • Dogs And Birds In Ancient Egypt

    Why do dogs bark instead of chirp? One day, over 8,000 years ago, dogs and birds were created in Egypt. Dogs and birds coexisted with each other in the land. There were large birds in the sky and large dogs on the land. Both animals are at least the size of horses. Birds lived and thrived in the clouds that hung over the lands of Egypt. Dogs lived on the ground. The pharaoh of Egypt declared that he wanted monuments all across his empire,so pyramids were built and dogs were to help make them,…

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  • Cell Phone History

    play. The most popular game on the no color screen was snake. I think that was everyone favorite game, if you had a Nokia phone. As time went on Nokia cell phones began to broaden with something new and cool about it. Beginning in the early 2000’s Nokia phones had color, and offered more features, like screensavers, multiple ringtones, and more games to play on the phone, Nokia flip phones, and the Nokia Qwerty keyboard. The Nokia Qwerty keyboard was very popular, being able to slide your phone…

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  • Essay On Symbolism In Beloved

    novel begins with a foreword from the author and ends with an epilogue. VIII. IMAGERY Beloved is a horrid tragedy elegantly told by Morrison through the use of figurative language. The narration of the past arouses sympathy within the reader for the wretched acts performed against the slaves from rape to torture to death. Oppression shown by the plantation owners, compares the slaves to animals as interrogated them like a science experiment. Sethe’s controversial actions affected her for the…

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  • Poem Analysis: Never Again Would Birds Song Be The Same

    “never” emphasize the importance of Eve’s voice and the impact she left on the birds’ song. “Never” is an important word in the poem because it emphasizes permanent change. “Voice” is an important word in the poem because essentially, the entire sonnet is generally about the impact of a voice. The vowels that prevail throughout the poem are the “E” in Eve and the “O” sounds in “lost”, “aloft”, and “long” among many others. The vowel sounds in each of these words contribute to the movement of the…

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