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  • How Does Music Affect Music?

    “Turn that music down. I thought you were doing your homework!” Perhaps you have heard or said this before. Those who listen to music while they do homework believe music helps them concentrate. This debate has been repeated over and over, but the real question is, does music actually help you concentrate or not? Researchers have divided it into five different categories, neuropathy, synapse, demographic, music, and musical genre. Each category is important in the debate of music and concentration. (“The Effect of Music on Memory”) Neuropathy, music, and musical genre are the three important categories. Without them, we wouldn’t know very much about music and the brain being connected. Yes, that’s right, music and the brain are connected. There is a spectrum of musical properties the brain prefers. Maria Witek and some of her colleagues showed that music needs to be cool, but not too cool for people to want to dance to it. Monotonous beats are not entertaining, but chaotic and unpredictable beats make you want to dance. So why would a specific type of music help us concentrate? One argument is attention. Our brains have not evolved enough to take in abstract information. On the other hand, we can’t spend too much time thinking about one subject without our minds wandering. We seem to have two attention systems: a conscious system and an unconscious system. Our conscious system enables us to focus on one task when other events are taking place. For example, if you are trying…

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