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  • Personal Narrative: How Skydiving Changed My Life

    I have always lived my life to the point where I could never be described with the words ‘midlife crisis’. I drove my first car at the age of two, trapezed at the age of seven, zip-lined at nine, and now at 18, I can say I’ve skydived. As cliché as it sounds, making the most out of life is ask I’ve really asked myself to do. Senior year was coming into a close, and me, being myself could not possibly let senior year pass me by as a simple toss of an overpriced cap and a few soppy hugs. At the time skydiving was at the top of my bucket list. With no second thought, I asked my close friend Patti to join me. After proposing the idea to her in person, we went out and bought our tickets. I’d like to say we spent time planning, preparing or let alone researching for this event. However, that was far from the case. $200 later, April 16, 2016 was date written down in both our calendars. As time grew closer and closer to our drop date, the more surreal it felt. Before we could even comprehend it, the day had come around. It was a brisk afternoon, and all that lied ahead of us were memories and stories to tell. We had chosen a facility by the name of Chicagoland Skydiving Center, quite the mouthful in my opinion. Located roughly an hour away in Rochelle, Illinois we started out journey bright and early. The drive there was something similar to a teenage music video, just two girls on the highway blasting music and roughly trying to sing along. I only remember feeling elated and…

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  • Birthdays Are Always Special Essay

    Birthdays are always special. Whether celebrated or not, one’s birthday will forever be a reminder of life and growth. I always like to celebrate my special day with friends and family. Cliché, I know. Which is why for my 18th birthday I decided to get risky. Thrill rides and adventures have always fed my soul, but going to an amusement park seemed overplayed. I wanted to do something new and exciting. Skydiving seemed like the perfect avenue for what my inner thrill-junkie craved. It was…

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  • Into The Wild Themes

    Many people are drawn to the thrill seeking risk of skydiving, and some people become overconfident in their next jump and forget to pull their parachute (as seen in Star Trek The Future Begins). In Into the Wild, Krakauer displayed many themes. The importance of risk taking, one of the main themes, is constantly brought up throughout the book. Through into the wild, krakauer demonstrates the importance of slight risk taking to develop confidence and happiness, while being wary of taking…

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  • Skydiving Research Paper

    Skydiving is a group organized and professionally guided sporting activity that involves individuals jumping from an aircraft, at a high altitude with parachutes and performing several acrobatic maneuvers during free fall before safely landing on the ground with the help of the parachutes. The free fall flights, which give people rests and restores them from work as a kind of recreation, stimulate people’s passion of lives and become parts of their wonderful memories. Jumping out of the airplane…

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  • Essay On D. B. Cooper: The Unsolved Hijacking

    D.B. Cooper: The Unsolved Hijacking “Miss. You’d better look at that note. I have a bomb,”. This quote from Cooper is what began the infamous hijacking in 1971 (Gray). There is still plenty of debate about whether or not he survived the jump that enabled him to get away on that night. This debate stems from the plethora of facts that can back up either side of the story. Who knows how it has been over forty years with the case still open and still unsolved. Although it may never be proven…

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  • Parachuting-Personal Narrative

    Reflective Essay This past summer -- 2016 – was beautiful, amazing, fantastic, and I completely loved every second of it. I say this because I did a lot of things in this long vacation like, buy shoes and wallets. Speaking of shoes, I wore yellow Adidas originals when I rode the airplane to do a parachuting activity. Meaning I jumped off a plane, which was really scary. We didn’t even plan to go parachuting, it just happened so suddenly. I hadn’t wanted to go, but I am glad that I did it…

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  • Bear Grylls Research Paper

    Bear Grylls has his own tv show that the stars in. It is a survival show of him surviving in the wild. People can watch the show to get more inspired with the outdoors. “After Bear had that major injury his military career was over with. Once he was healed he started to be a survivalist and he climbed to the top of Mount Everest”. “Gryll suffered a free-fall parachuting accident in Zambia. His canopy ripped at 16,000 ft, partially opening, causing him to fall and land on his parachute pack on…

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  • Ignorance In Lord Of The Flies

    desperate he is to be accepted by the group, however, he is made known as the wimp of the group. When someone tries to help out the little guy, they end up doing more harm than they do good. Piggy’s glasses get stolen which leads to a fight breaking out between Jack and Ralph, and Piggy dies in the middle of it because of a bolder. Due to the recklessness of the boys, an innocent person was killed. Like Piggy, Simon also had a different belief on what the beast was; he believed the beast was…

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  • Piggy And His Glasses Symbol Analysis

    There are many symbolisms in Lord of the Flies. Today I will tell you the three most important: Piggy (and his glasses), The Conch and Clothing. I will list the events in the story in which the symbol plays an important part and its importance to the book. Piggy and (and his glasses), it’s a simple symbol. They are intended to look though and looking= vision, vision= sight= a metaphor for knowledge. Piggy knows things the other boys don't, like how to use the conch, and the necessity for laws…

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  • Piggy: A Short Story

    Today was a rough day on the island. As usual we are getting left alone and scared for our lives of this beast that lives in the woods. During the day there isn't much to do other than play and cause ruckus here and there. We often play around the fruit trees and do our dirties there which probably isn't the most sanitary precaution. We had a meeting today about the beast. As always when one of us tries to speak we just get laughed at and told to sit down because we are younger and irrelevant I…

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