Fixed-wing aircraft

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  • Equilibrium Of Coplanar Forces Essay

    Objective: The lab we completed today was “Equilibrium of coplanar forces”. The objectives of todays lab was to study the composition and equilibrium as well as study the rectangular resolution and equilibrium of coplanar forces. Principles being examined: The main principle being examined in this experiment is the fact that several forces that line on a plane and pass through the same point can be balanced by a single force that is passing through the same point. We do this by finding the resultant and then balancing the resultant with an equal and opposite force called the equilibrant. When drawing the different forces we needed to find the angle it made. For the F_1, angle we used the formula α+β, and for the F_2 angle, we used 180-(β+γ). For the second part, in order to find the sum of the x and y components separately we use ∑▒fx= F_1x+F_2x+F_3x and ∑▒fy= F_1y+F_2y+F_3y, respectively. After finding the sum of the x and y components, we find the resultant by plugging the values into R= √((∑▒〖fx)〗^2+(∑▒fy^2)). Then to find the angle of the resultant we use tan⁡θ=(∑▒fy)/(∑▒fx)→θ=〖tan^(-1) (〗⁡〖(∑▒fy)/(∑▒〖fx)〗)).〗 Lastly, in order to know the equilibrant we know that E=-R. In order to find out the amount of error we made we use the percent error formula: % error=|(x-x_std)/x_std |x100%. Equipment: Circular table stand label in degrees; ring and pin for centering; four pulleys; four weight-hangers, each with a mass of 50 grams; four 100 gram masses; four 50 gram…

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  • Medevac Or Dust-Off Essay

    Commanders could now place soldiers strategically around the battle field knowing that their members would be reached and placed into the next higher level of medical care anywhere on the battlefield. This was made possible by dividing each Medevac unit into platoons and embedding them on Forward Operating Bases (FOB), in order to further extend their range. We could now place a single Medevac within a single region and then further divide them up into individual team sites consisting of 3 UH60…

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  • Falling Velocity And The Dispersal Ability Of A Beetle Seed

    (Alsomitra macrocarpa) seeds. They have light wings with a large surface area. Its aerodynamic design allows it to glide several hundred meters. Its aerodynamic shape inspired the design of airplane (Walker,2009). Based on this we hypothesized that large surface area will decrease the falling velocity and the seeds will disperse farther because of increased air resistance. Methods: On September 1, 2017, we made artificial seeds based on Javan Cucumber vine glider seeds. We used aluminum foil,…

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  • How Does Temperature Affect A Drag Force

    and differences in air pressure. There are many factors can affect the magnitude of drag force as with aircraft lift. The drag depends linearly on the shape and size of the object moving through the air. The object’s cross-sectional shape determines the form drag which is created by the pressure variation around the object and affects the induced drag of the lifting wing. The surface roughness of the object also affects the amount of drag. The material with smooth and waxed surface will produce…

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  • Drop Time Experiment

    indirectly by the mass, creating an exponential line of best fit. I think this will happen because even though mass does not affect acceleration of free fall, it affects the area of a weaker material used for a parachute. I predict that because of the fact that the parachute is made of plastic, as seen on the picture, the more weight that is being added onto it, the more will it close in on itself, decreasing the area, increasing air resistance and the drop time together with it. I also predict…

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  • The Influence Of The Wright Brothers

    Originally, airplanes were used for scouting and spying purposes. But, as the Germans worked on their aircrafts, they discovered how to incorporate a machine gun into the airplane, establishing the idea of fighter planes. Allied dominance fell due to these new terrors in the skies, and both sides in the conflict worked furiously to invent new ways to use the airplane. Next, the Germans began to organize strategic bombings with the airplanes, turning the tide of war in Germany’s favor. Soon, both…

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  • Aviation Industry Pros And Cons

    Chief Executive Robert Crandall of American Airlines is one of the strongest and most recognizable advocated for regulating again. Crandall (2008) stated, at Wings Club accompanied by other aviation and financial industry professionals, “We have failed to confront the reality that unfettered competition just doesn’t work very well in certain industries” (para. 2). Regulation would benefit the aviation industry by not only bringing but financial stability in an otherwise severally unstable field,…

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  • Aircraft Propulsion Essay

    Introduction To understand aircraft propulsion it is important to understand the term propulsion first. Propulsion is a means of producing force required for movement of object. The propulsion system has some source of mechanical power and some means of using this power to generate force such as wheels, propellers, legs, etc. Nobody can precisely tell the origin of mankind’s desire to fly as it is lost in the distant past. There are legends of people strapping birdlike wings and jumping of a…

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  • Forged Rib Essay

    panels run in the length of the wing, and so usually need to bridge the ribs. There are several methods for dealing with this problem. The stringers and ribs can both be uninterrupted. The stringers now run over the rib, leaving a gape between rib and skin. Rib and skin are indirectly connected, resulting in a bad shear load transfer between rib and skin. The stringers can be interrupted at the rib. Interrupting the stringer in this way certainly weakens the structure, and therefore…

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  • F22 And B2 Compare And Contrast

    Aviation developed very fast in last century. From aircrafts to drones. There are many interesting aircraft types and different usage of air vehicles. Especially some war technologies develop very well like war aircrafts.In todays conditions of war and military necessitate very devoloped aircrafts like F22 and B2. Under this circumstances wars are very hard. With today technologies aircrafts makes unbelievable things. Especially F22 Raptor and B2 aircrafts are the most devoloped war aircrafts…

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