Fixed-wing aircraft

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  • Effects Of Fly By Wire Systems

    Aircraft technology has been constantly under refinement since the first successful flight. Fly-by-wire is the complete replacement of the mechanical linkages between the pilot's stick and the control surface actuators by electrical signal wires, which offers a convenient and logical solution to many of the control system problems associated with modern high performance aircraft and aerospace vehicles. However, there exists a strong reluctance on the part of both pilots and flight control system…

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  • Importance Of Aircraft Stability

    computers maintain the stability of an aircraft without the need of pilots, let us first explain, what is the meaning of aircraft stability? In addition, how there is an unstable aircrafts? Stability is how aircraft corrects for conditions like turbulence or flight control inputs , in another meaning , stability is the ability to keep the aircrafts in the chosen altitude and for aircraft, there are two types of general stability: static and dynamic. In civil aircrafts , we only care about…

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  • Difference Between Cirrus And Cesna

    Cirrus vs Cessna Flying a Cessna is great experience. Flying a Cirrus is a spectacular experience. Although both of these are aircrafts that do the same thing, they are very different. Technology has come a long way in aviation and especially in the new 2017 cirrus. Comparing to the 1970’s Cessna’s which is the common aircrafts flown right now, there has been a huge noticeable difference in design and innovation. One of many differences in the Cirrus compared to the Cessna, is the avionics.…

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  • Wilbur And Orville's Influence On The Wright Brothers

    To say that Wilbur and Orville created the first aircraft is not necessarily true. Gliders and hot air balloons have been around longer than airplanes. The Wright Brothers were the first person to build a "Heavier than air" aircraft. The study of aviation has seriously been studied since the 15th century. Da Vinci was the first person to seriously study aviation. He tried to copy birds with flapping wings. However, humans are not capable of that so Da Vinci created Ornithopters . Leonardo…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Survival In Lord Of The Flies

    Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies was a book written by William Golding. The theme of the story is developing order among the survivors of a plane crash. In order to do that survival plays an important role, different strengths, such as physical, mental, and survival skills are traits that the characters demonstrate in this book. If they work together they can survive, if they don’t they will not survive. In the book you will meet many different characters and personalities, the most…

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  • My Defining Moment Essay

    I remember that exact moment. The moment where my life would change with the next step I took. Looking out the window of the airplane, I wondered how my new home, Hong Kong, would be like. So many questions were whizzing around in my head. “Will the kids at my school be nice?” “How are the teachers going to be like?” “How will I communicate with the locals there? I don’t even speak Chinese!” As the thundering roar of the plane began to fill the cabin and the safety announcements began to play, I…

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  • Gary Bradshaw's Essay

    The historical actions and invention by the Wright brothers will forever change the way humans travel across water. The Problem-solving strategies invention of a contraption that was heavier than air but could fly was very intriguing to Gary Bradshaw. Bradshaw’s main focus question was “how the Wright brothers solved the problem of creating a heavier-than-air flying machine when so many others have failed”(Bernstein 2014). The reason this certain question held his focus was the shocking news of…

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  • T-41 Advantages And Disadvantages

    The trim button in the F-4 was constantly used by the pilot to change the artificial feel of the system as the speed of the aircraft changed, for example. This reduced the required physical pressure that the pilot had to apply to the stick; thereby reducing the pilot’s physical fatigue…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aerodynamic

    reasons for such an arrangement.“ 2.1.1 Wave Drag This type of drag is formed as a result of shock waves formed around an aircraft. Wave drag is the main reason behind the designing of oblique wings. This design has been found to reduce wave drag for a supersonic aircraft and can be believed as an aerodynamic evolution to swept wings on symmetric aircraft configurations. This wing is not symmetric at supersonic speeds, but rotates about a central pivot, which allows the maximum cross sectional…

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  • Aerofoil Essay

    Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 What is aerofoil? Aerofoil is a large stucture which is attached to the airplane. It has curved surfaces designed to give required ratio of lift and drag. It helps to create different aeodynamic forces. The force perpendicular to the motion of aeofoil is lift force. The force parallel to the motion of aerofoil is drag force. 1.2 How it works? Aerofoil consists of following components: • Suction surface • Pressure surface • Leading edge • Tailing edge •…

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