Fixed-wing aircraft

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  • Reginald Mitchell: World Famous Aircraft Designer

    in Talke, Staffordshire and died of cancer on June 11, 1937 in Portswood, Hampshire. He was married to Florence Dayson in 1918. They had a child called Gordon Mitchell who later wrote two books about his father titled “R.J. Mitchell: World Famous Aircraft Designer” and “R.J.Mitchell: Schooldays to Spitfire”. Early life and Career Reginald Mitchell went to Queensberry Road Higher Elementary School before moving to Hanley High School which is where his interest in first in aviation was piqued,…

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  • Review Of Uncle Marcos's Short Story 'To Fly'

    After reading both of the stories “Uncle Marcos” and “To Fly” and looking through them, going through the details I have in my own opinion that “To Fly” has the best information and description rather than a more fictional story. I see in the story in the text that it describes flying as it has transformed the way we do things differently such as exploration, our perspective on things in the world, and we always had flying set as an achievement. I have a few reasons as to how I think “To Fly”…

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  • Frank Whittle: The Invention Of Jet Engines

    Jet engines are commonly known to be on various aircraft. Whether it be an airplane or a rocket, jet engines are what allow these aircraft to fly through the air at tremendous speeds. In 1926, Frank Whittle had to write a thesis in order to graduate from officer training. Whittle chose his thesis topic to be over the future of aviation. In his paper, he discussed that with the way planes were gaining thrust, which was by propellers, the planes would never be able to fly higher than twenty…

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  • Characteristics Of Airline Pilot

    Duties of Airline Pilot An aircraft pilot is accountable for the Safety and Security of the aircraft, travellers, crew members and cargo under various air traffic circumstances. Roles of an airline pilot are somewhat stimulating which can be accomplished successfully if the pilot is well skilled in all phases. The main role is positively to fly the aircraft securely from the departure airport to the target. Other than the air route there are other concerns as well that the Pilot has to take care…

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  • Saudi Aramco Case Study

    Summary During the summer of 1997, a study of aircraft maintenance employee schedules was conducted at the flight department of Saudi Aramco (biggest oil company in the world) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (Alfares, 1997) Objective was to calculate the current fixed-wing aircraft maintenance worker schedule and come out with solution to improve and to decide the optimum work schedule that fulfills increasing maintenance labor requirements with the lowest cost and highest efficiency. Flight department…

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  • Flight Simulator

    I. INTRODUCTION (OVERVIEW) Before the pilot use the real cockpit of the real aeroplane, they need to train their skill by using a system called flight simulator. Flight simulator is the system that looks like the real cockpit of the airplane but the truth is, it’s only a fake cockpit that had been designed special for the pilot training. The simulator were designed to help the pilot to test or train their skill in handling the cockpit in every situation that they might face during handling…

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  • P-51 Mustang

    that the P-51 mustang came into play during WW2. The P-51 Mustang was a very popular design of aircraft for the U.S.. this design was good because it was very fast and aerodynamic. the Mustang assisted in bombing runs to help get the bombers to the spot at least halfway intact. that's why the P-51 mustang was a superior aircraft I want to learn more about the P-51 mustang because i like aircraft a lot. ever since i was little i had a very strong want for airplanes. also i have always wanted…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Wing And A Prayer

    A Wing and a Prayer Small northern communities are tight knit. It’s not that everybody knows everybody else’s business, but everybody is conscious who has not come back from the trap line come dark, whose boats are out on the lake on a windy day, and what flying conditions are like as they listen for that unmistakable drone of a returning Otter or Beaver. Often people will gather and go out to wistfully search the horizon for comforting signs of their loved ones. Such was the case one heavily…

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  • Case Study: Uber Elevate

    industry restless by its services. The company is working on the self-driving cars and the testing of the self-driving cars was help at Pittsburgh. Now, Uber is taking steps for the most promising flying cars. Uber is working on the fully electric aircraft which is aimed to take off and land vertically. These are not the flying cars, which mean that, they can fly in the sky and also they can drive on the road. These technologies were aimed to make people free from pollution and traffic jams.…

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  • Boeing 737 Research Paper

    The Boeing 737 is a short-to medium –range twinjet narrow-body airliner. Basically designed and developed as a shorter, lower-cost twin engine aircraft, modified from Boeings 707 and 727, the 737 has developed into a family of nine passenger aircrafts with occupancy of 85 to 215 passengers. It is the Boeings one and only narrow-body airliner is production, with the -700, -800 and 900 ER variants currently being built and supplying. A reengineered, re engine version, the 737 max is set to fly in…

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