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  • Case Summary: Burning The Flag Of The United States

    Burning the Flag of the United States of America The First Amendment gives people the right to do the most unbelievable outrageous things and get away with it. Under the United States Constitution, the First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” There are many people who attempt to claim these things are unconstitutional, although it follows the First Amendment. One of the most controversial acts when it comes to the First Amendment is burning the American flag. This has continued to come…

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  • American Flag Symbol Analysis

    names ‘Old Glory’, ‘Stars and Stripes’, ’Star-Spangled Banner’,’ Grand Union Flag’ or ‘the Continental Colors’. Whichever name it’s been called this standard has brought forth emotional,…

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  • How Did Betsy Ross Make The American Flag

    was requested by George Washington to make the First American Flag. Also at the age of 21, she eloped across the Delaware River to Gloucester, New Jersey. After all of this Betsy has been gifted with a Philadelphia bridge named in her honor. The story of Betsy Ross is incredible with her family, making the first American flag, and why not all people thought she made the American Flag. “For eight hours a day she was taught reading, writing, and sewing. After completing her schooling, Betsy's…

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  • Activist's Argumentative Essay: The Road To Higher Education

    Not only must they overcome the obstacles that they’re faced with while in primary and secondary school but they must also learn to endure the challenges that come their way after high school and on their path to college. An Idaho Latina Activist, spoke about the heartbreaking conversations she’s had with students and parents since the enactment of DACA. She said that parents are heartbroken to see their children fall into a state of depression when they find out that the DACA act is not all it…

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  • Kaepernick's Commentative Essay: Taking A Stance On History

    Taking a Stance on History. Turn on the television or listen to the radio and the topic of conversation is about oppression, police brutality, the American flag and the National Anthem. Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets are being bombarded in support and disgust for the topics. Media corporations attempt to segregate us once more instead of trying to seek an understanding that will provide mutual benefit, and positive productive discussions on the issues. Regardless of where one…

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  • Perilous Fight Argument

    The Perilous Fight: Protesting the Desecration of the American Flag Jeszenia McGuire Elms College On November 10th, 2016 Hampshire College, a small, private, and grossly expensive liberal arts institution in Amherst, Massachusetts flew their flag at half-staff following the victory of President-Elect Donald J. Trump. Sometime in the early morning hours of the following day, a group of unknown students set fire to the fundamental symbol of our country’s freedom. After this development,…

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  • The Importance Of Transitional Objects

    When I would see my peers being picked up by their dads or just hearing anyone talk about their dad, I then started to ask my mother about my father. I literally remember the first time I asked my mom “ What is a dad”. I had no idea that there should or once was a father in my home to take part in who I became in life. From that point on my mom introduced me to the American flag and told me that this is how she remembered my father. Every night before bed she would read me a different story…

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  • Jasper Johns Flag

    placed right at the beginning of the exhibit, was by artist Jasper Johns called Flag. Flag is a piece associated with Johns’ theme of repetition in his artworks as well as influenced by personal and historical contexts. Flag was made between 1954-55 with encaustic, oil, and collage on fabric mounted on plywood in three panels. The formal aspects combined created a flag with red, white, and blue which are the symbolic colors of American culture. The flag contains forty-eight stars and thirteen…

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  • True Religion Brand Jeans Advertisement Analysis

    the camera, indicating he is the focal point of the advertisement. On the side of the models, the phrase “True Religion Brand Jeans – The True American” is placed in big, bold lettering. In addition, the lettering of “True Religion Brand Jeans” is colored in the colors of the American flag while the models also have aspects of the American flag on their clothing. Through this advertisement, it is clear there is a hidden message underlying it. By looking at Williamson’s transference of meaning,…

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  • Colonel Reb As The Mascot: A Case Study

    XI. The Removal of Colonel Reb as the Mascot The progression of the University’s image began in 1997 with the ban of the Confederate flag in the football stadium by, then Chancellor Robert Khayat. This was the result then Athletic Director, Pete Boone and student leaders who approved a resolution asking Ole Miss fans to stop waving Rebel flags at athletic events. In an interview Boone stated that the flag hurt recruitment (Cabell, 1997). "I mean, we 've got a great university here, a great…

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