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  • Uluova Case Study

    Uluova is a firm that specialized in farming, dairy goods, especially in the milking process. Uluova has located in Marmara region of Turkey, in the city of Çanakkale. They have begun building Uluova in 2011, and they started the business in 2013. As heard from the owner himself and the manager himself, Uluova began producing milk with entire capability in August of 2014. Uluova has the "Direct Sales" business model for their milking business, and on the other hand, they sell their animals to other farms for a cost, which has the same "Direct Sales" business model. They are working with businesses only which one can also name as Business to Business or B2B method, but they are planning to expand their operations and sell their "Raw Milk" to the customer directly while selling some of their milk to corporations. They have many competitors in the market such as Herkül Çiftliği, İtimat, Rumeli Çiftliği, Chi Süt, Paşa Çiftliği (they are in consortium with Chi Süt) and these are the most critical competitors and companies for Uluova farm. On the other hand, as these days it is getting popular Çiftlik Bank is neither a competitor nor a company as these days it is getting popular Çiiftlik Bank is not a competitor for Uluova since Çiftlik Bank has used "Ponzi Scheme" as their business model, and got banned by Capital Markets Board of Turkey from getting investment from people. There are some facts about Uluova that we can list here and they would be; 1- Uluova has over seven…

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  • Fairlife Milk Case Study

    Dairy industry refers to the industry where it involves the processing of raw animal milk by business enterprises into consumables such as consumer milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, condensed milk, dried milk, milk powder and ice cream. These products are made by using processes such as pasteurization, chilling and homogenization. Typical by-products also includes buttermilk, whey, and their derivatives. The dairy industry has been dramatically restructured at all levels in the last 50 years. The…

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  • Preferred Milk Brand Case Study

    ANALYSIS OF THE DETERMINANTS OF BRAND SWITCHING OF SELECTED MILK PRODUCTS IN ABIA STATE, NIGERIA Abstract The study analysed the Determinants of brand switching of selected milk products in Abia State, Nigeria. Specifically, determine the most preferred milk brand in Abia State, ascertain the likeliness of switching brand, among others. A multi-stage sampling technique was used for selecting location while a simple random sampling was used for selecting respondents. A structured…

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  • Tirumala Case Study

    Introduction The Indian Dairy Industries are one of the largest and fastest growing industries in India which provide plenty of job opportunities to the people. The few market leaders are like Amul, Mother Dairy, Kwality Limited, etc., which includes of both public and private sector. The Dairy product companies work with National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) with a Moto to reduce malnutrition in the country. Tirumala Milk Product Private Limited is second largest dairy product in South…

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  • Australian Dairy Industry Swot Analysis

    Country SWOT a. Australia’s Political System Consumers in Australia have high disposable incomes, where it allows them to spend freely on beverage and food items. The competition is strong in the dairy industry. Where the competition is so strong no single business is able to force another leading business out of the market, by this it ensures that the competition remains high (Australian Government, n.d.). Australia is thriving domestic agribusiness sectors and is one of the world’s largest…

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  • TPP Advantages And Disadvantages

    The TPP (Trans­Pacific Partnership Agreement) is a proposed deal recently made public and is now awaiting approval from the corresponding governments. Just like its name implies, the TPP covers policies in Asia­Pacific countries. Some of the countries that the TPP covers are Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, The United States, and Canada. The TPP covers a lot of sectors from copyright laws to medicine and even import and export regulation. One sector…

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  • Diafiltered Milk Case Study

    Current Issue Eliminating regulatory loophole that allows diafiltered milk to enter Canada from the U.S. undercutting domestic dairy farmers Issue and its relevance Imported diafiltered milk from the U.S. is costing Canadian dairy farmers $231 million annually. The industry is struggling to keep their operations going because the government has yet to resolve a regulatory loophole that allows the U.S. to import diafiltered milk that goes against cheese composition standards. The issue at…

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  • The Great Leap Forward Case Study The first industry The Great Leap Forward began in agriculture. In 1957, the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party passed the development plan of agriculture from 1956 to 1967. The construction of the water conservancy project, increase in agricultural yields, transformation of landscapes, collectivization, and elimination of four pests were advocated. Numerous dams, water drainage systems, and canals were built. Unfortunately, the majority of them were constructed on the…

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  • Case Study: Lima Ranch

    Lima Ranch is one of the many commercial Dairy farms in California that provides 21.3% of the United States milk supply. Lima Ranch has been in business for 3 generations and the producer of this diary was not there, so Dr. Frank Mitloehner delivered the tour. The tour of this facility entailed many incites to how one dairy facility can successfully run a dairy farm. This facility uses only Holstein cows for their milk production and have 1,500 milking cows. This ranch also has 1,200 heifers and…

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  • Spanish Restaurant Observation

    For this assignment, I visited a Spanish restaurant that also included a market. The name of the restaurant is “The Spanish Square”. It is located on 1358 W Belmont Ave in Chicago, Illinois. Although I did not eat at the restaurant I received nothing but good service from the the manager and the rest of the staff. I was urged to ask questions if I had any and they offered to provide me with any additional information that I would want to know. When I asked the manager where she was from, she…

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