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  • Violent Protest And Nonviolent Protest Essay

    A.) Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience that civil disobedience is the right protest to get your point across. I made this my specific purpose because I believe that violent protest distracts what is really going on. In other words people are so focus on being violent than actually accomplishing what they believe in. I am a strong believe that violence is not the key to do things when it comes to protest.. Nonviolent protest shows your support but like violent protest it doesn’t always accomplish anything. It just shows your beliefs but it seems like nothing comes out of it. B.) Central Idea: The difference between three different kinds of protest - violent protest, nonviolent protest, civil disobedience. C.) The questions I asked: Do you agree or disagree that violent protest is the right way to protest?, Will the enforcement of consequences have an effect on violent protests in the future? Will this lead to more civil protests? Explain your answer, Do you know the difference between violent protest, civil disobedience, and nonviolent protest? Explain your answer,…

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  • Nonviolent Protests

    Some use means of violent protest or violet resistance to get what they want. These people riot, smash windows, set fires, and destroy property in order to get what they want. Meanwhile, there is a much better way! Nonviolent resistance is when people achieve what they want through symbolic protests or civil disobedience. Nonviolent protests also include political noncooperation in which citizens refuse to follow certain laws or rules to get their point across. The best means of resistance…

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  • The NFL Protest

    The NFL protest started last year when more and more NFL players began to kneel during the national anthem. It started with American football player Colin Kaepernick. The purpose was to highlight police brutality, racial inequality, and the Black Lives Matter movement. This has grown into a larger issue that even got President Trump involved, who basically said that “he wished that NFL players would be fired for kneeling during the national anthem”. Now, the controversial topic has a lot of…

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  • Peaceful Protests

    topics. The use of freedom of speech can lead to either violent protests or peaceful protests. Although many advocate for violent protests, because supporters say it gets the message to the people of the United States faster. Peaceful protests are the best way to voice your opinion on any subject in the U.S. you do not agree with. In Henry Thoreau’s civil disobedience, Thoreau talks about when the government is unjust, citizens should refuse to follow the law. This is the basis of protests.…

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  • Athletes Protest

    During the time, that women wanted equal rights as men, protest were held to have their voices heard across the United States. Today, protest still exist rather it be for gay rights, pro-life, or pro-choice along with multiple other reasons. Protestors are everyday people, or someone who is well-known by everybody. Athletes are people who are all over social media and have been known to lead protest. Athletes protesting is inappropriate, some protest can be disrespectful, youths are given the…

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  • The Protest Movement

    In the last five years, movements such as Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring, Fight for 15, and Black Lives Matter have increased the prominence of protest as a means to promote political and social change. Members of these movements and their supporters have criticized the ways the media have covered these and other recent protests. For example, many criticized the media’s choice to emphasize violence and looting over the actions of peaceful protesters in the aftermath of the death of Freddie…

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  • The Benefits Of Peaceful Protests

    Peaceful Protests for the Betterment of Society Throughout the history of the world, there are usually two sides to every story, from the point of view of the oppressed and from the point of view of the oppressors. Most often, the oppressors or victors get to tell the version that they find most convenient, but they often leave out certain things that would make them look less glorious in the eyes of history. However, the oppressed have a voice that the oppressors cannot completely silence…

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  • National Anthem Protests

    National Anthem Protests As you go to sporting events, you hear the National Anthem being played before the athletes start their sporting event. The reason for this is to honor those who served and protect our country and for those who are still doing so. Recently, many NFL (National Football League) players have oppose to stand for the National Anthem. In 2016 Colin Kaepernick, who played football for the San Francisco 49er’s, started a protest trend to kneel for the National Anthem.…

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  • National Anthem Protest

    This essay discusses the national anthem protest, And how the people and the athletes are taking a stand to the government authorities about police brutality and racial inequality. during the playing of the U.S. national anthem. The demonstrations have generated mixed reactions. Some have called the protests unpatriotic and disrespectful of the U.S. flag, the national anthem, the police, and the military. But the government isn’t applying to the meaning of the flag. “ When one believes…

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  • Colin Kaepernick's Protests

    kneel as the national anthem was being played. After this incident many more people started following his protest. There has been many question to his protest, but what I will be answering is whether Kaepernick and his supporters have the right to be protesting. My thought is yes, they have the right to protest against this situation, because of the rights stated in the Declaration…

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