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  • The Sorrowing Home Homicide Short Story

    The three of us, being willed on by the attentive, watching eyes of our peers, went into the house to find a spot to sleep for the night. It was around eight o’clock, and the last glimpses of brilliant orange and pink light were beginning to fade into a star filled canvas. We first chose to explore the large, three story home, and then later choose a place to rest. I, against my will, was leading the pack because I had the flashlight. We walked towards the back of the house with the boards screeching and bending under our feet. As we made it to the backdoor we found an old, rusty ladder, that was used instead of stairs. We were hesitant to walk up the ladder at first, with rungs being in the shape that they were. Carl and Tom convinced me nothing bad was going to happen, and so I slowly crept up the ladder, at a snails pace, until I reached the…

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  • Halloween: A Fictional Narrative

    “Right here, guys,” Tom frighteningly told them. “What happened?” Brandon says. “Something touched me! On my neck! Its hands were so cold! Luckily, I swiped it, but turned off the flashlight while doing that. It must've opened again when the flashlight hit the ground,” explained Tom. “Let’s try to find another way out,” suggested Jerry. Looking around, they arrived to a room. “Is that a stove? It looks pretty old,” Tom investigated. “Its… warm. The stove was probably used until now,”…

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  • A Girl Named Mischief: A Short Story

    Then I zigzagged through the cave corridors until I came to the section where I would have to inchworm my way to freedom. I jammed my flashlight into my pocket and dropped to my hands and knees, trying to still my hammering heart as I began the long slide to the other side. Halfway through the tunnel, the ground beneath me rumbled then the ceiling beams creaked and groaned. Huge chunks of black stones fell directly in front of me, and a shower of dust filled the air. I coughed, threw my arms…

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  • Personal Narrative-My Grandfather's Glory Hole

    what had he just said and he looked at me and told me a long story about how when he was a kid he got locked in a barn overnight and how in the morning when he woke up he felt as if he had been seen or spotted. He said he felt that feeling right at that moment and the last time he was stranded he had felt the same way right before someone spotted him and saved him. Well about fifteen minutes after he said that a seaplane had just appeared on the horizon above the trees. We had lit a four by four…

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  • Creative Writing: The Book Thief Liesel Meminger

    The entire bedroom was enclosed in a blanket of darkness. I could hear my sisters, Lillian and Angela, breathing lightly as sleep came across them. I edged my way to the little bookcase next to my bed and my hand fumbled across it; I felt my horse figurines, a few hairclips, and a notebook, but I didn’t need those things now. Finally, my hand located my mini yellow flashlight I had earned at that year’s summer reading program. Grasping it tightly, I retreated to my pillow and reached underneath…

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  • David Mishell's Flashlight

    The Flashlight In this essay I the writer will be talking about the inventor David Mishell and the patent of his flashlight which he created at the time the 1896. I will be talking about what was going to through previously mentioned year and all of the events. Not only will I be talking about events around the world and this piece we'll also talk my inventors homeland. In 1896 the style that they mostly had was they wore suits and dresses in the daily most wore tailored cloth. Also during…

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  • Flashlight: The Dance Concert

    Expressing one 's creativity, quest for spiritual enlightenment, pursuit of knowledge, and the desire to give to society are examples of self-actualization. With the pursuit of self- actualization, you will realize your full potential in life. The dance concert was just that, the dancers had a motive and that was to fulfill their full potential. This was a great addition to the theatres productions, overall I thought it was fantastic. So great that I went to go see the production twice.…

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  • An Electric Circuit How Do They Work

    The main parts of a flashlight include: • Batteries: The source of power for the light bulb. • Switch: Allows the flow of electricity when on. When off, the circuit is broken and there is no flow of electricity. • Light bulb: The source of light in a flashlight. The light bulb can either be a tungsten filament or a light emitting diode (LED). When electricity flows through the tungsten filament or LED, they lit up, which produces light. • Contacts: A very thin piece of metal that is found in…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Powerful Experience Of My Life

    this trail clears my mind in an almost eerie serenity. Crunch! Snap! The leaves and twigs sing following my every step. I look down and smile as a squirrel scurries past me and up a tree. The buzz of the insects and life drench my surroundings overwhelming me in its tranquility. While admiring a caterpillar on a tree it dawns on me how dark it's gotten. I probably should head back soon I thought grudgingly. I reach in my bag intent on pulling out my flashlight only to find empty space. That's…

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  • Mealworm Experiment

    mealworms will be placed in a choice chamber in one chamber. In the other chamber, there will be one of four stimuli or no stimuli at all. The stimuli used will be light (using a flashlight), darkness (using a shade cloth), six bran flakes, and one apple slice broken in half. A timer will be set for 3 minutes and will be started as soon as the stimulus is placed in the chamber opposite the mealworms. Every minute in the 3 minute time period, the number of mealworms in the chamber containing the…

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