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  • Women's Empowerment In Teeth

    throughout the movie from a girl into womanhood. In class we talked about how a woman experiences agency in terms of how her body is read. In this movie, Dawn’s body was always seen as a sex object by herself and others around her. Therefore Dawn obtained agency when she realized the power of her vagina to kill a man. She employs this when she cuts off her brother’s penis, and then you can insinuate she is going to do the same thing to the old man at the end of the movie. Therefore, the agency she obtained was evil like I mentioned above. The fact that the director of a movie was a man had a lot to do with why the agency Dawn obtained was one she seemed to be using for bad. If a woman had written this film, the vagina would not have been portrayed as evil. Either the girl in the film would not have a vagina dentata, or if she did she would obtain a hero in the end and live happily ever after. I believe this movie is completely misogynists because it portrays the vagina as evil and Dawn needs a man to be her hero to save her. It links a woman to a man, and shows a woman cannot be independent. A man believes when he is with a woman he owns her, which is shown in the documentary we watched over breasts. One woman said her boyfriend did not want her to show her breasts because they were his and he did not want anyone else to see them. He tries to have ownership over her. I believe if a man had been a hero to Dawn, she would be linked to him and he would try and have ownership…

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  • A New England Nun Analysis

    A nun is usually seen by society as someone who does not follow the normalcies of every day life, especially when it comes to men. They do not rely on men to make them happy, and because of this they are often seen as lonely. Mary E. Freeman Wilkins depicts the decaying love of a couple in “A New England Nun” through a woman who has many habits of a nun. Louisa and Joe, though once happily engaged, have grown too distant over their fourteen years apart. After Joe returns from his long trip, the…

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  • Lust Punished By Foxes Analysis

    Lust Punished by foxes There are many odd things that happen in this story. It is also very different from other things that we have read in the past. The other fox spirits were handled and treated very differently than the one here. This story is about a man that collects aphrodisiacs as a hobby (Songling, 356-58). There are three characters in this story, four if you count the fox spirit (Songling, 356-58). The characters in this story are the wife, the husband, and the husbands friend…

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  • Symbolism In Glaspell's Lamb To The Slaughter

    “Lamb to the Slaughter follows Mary Maloney from a normal day with her husband, but goes a different direction after Patrick Maloney basically divorces her. She then proceeds to retrieve a leg of lamb from the cellar, and kills Patrick. In Trifles, a team of investigators come to the scene of a murder with their wives, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale. Peters and Hale are retrieving a few items for Mrs. Wright, the wife of the victim. The wives find multiple pieces of evidence that could be used to…

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  • Oppression In Kate Chopin's Trifles And The Story Of An Hour

    In the play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell and the short story “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, the authors portray a woman’s want for independence and the serious problem women’s oppression was around the early 1900s. The oppression they depict is so influential that it creates character development in the main female characters and the reader can watch as this happens throughout both the play and the story. Both the story and the play have story lines that need to be understood before they…

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  • Milun A Tale Of Love And Loss Analysis

    Milun: A Tale of Love and Loss Milun, transcribed and composed by Marie de France, is a love story that intertwines readers into the tragic sequence of events, drama, and imaginable love within the poem. The author, Marie de France, wrote The Lais- twelve short stories written around 1170. Marie de France 's lais, told in octosyllabic, or eight syllable verse, are prominent for their celebration of love, uniqueness of character, and vividness of description – hallmarks of the emerging…

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  • Narrative Essay About A Baby Girl

    On February 13th at around 6 in the morning when she was born Jen was with me. For, Jen is all I really had left. They handed me the small delicate newborn baby girl, and I cried. I cried tears of joy. Never in all my life did I ever see a more beautiful baby girl. She had dark brownish-black thick hair. It seemed to be a mix of Aiden’s hair color and my hair color. She had my nose but everything else was a spitting image of Aiden. She doesn’t realize how lucky she really is yet to be blessed…

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  • Ernest Hemingway Code Hero Analysis

    A hero doesn’t need to have superhuman abilities like flight, superstrength, or invincibility. The attributes of a hero can be anyone who follows superb morals, make an effort to help anyone, and help make a difference in our world. The definition of a hero is based on people’s opinion of what a hero do to help people. While some people believe that a stereotypical comic superhero is a definition of a hero, others believe that a hero can be anyone. Ernest Hemingway, the famous author for a…

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  • Situational Irony In Animal Farm By George Orwell

    Animal Farm was written by George Orwell in 1945. His real name is Eric Arthur Blair who was born in Motihari, Bengal, India, in 1903. George Orwell is an English novelist, essayist and critic. He is best known for his novels Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four which were published in 1945 and 1949 respectively. Orwell formed many strong opinions about major political movements during his time including imperialism and communism. Most of his strong political opinions were influenced when he…

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  • Hide And Seek Poem Analysis

    Both 'Half-past Two' and 'Hide and Seek' portray the theme of being left alone through the use of language, form, and structure of each of the two poems. In 'Half-past Two', a child is put into detention for doing “Something Very Wrong” until half-past two; he doesn't know how to tell the time. As a result, doesn't know when to leave, he stays there daydreaming until the teacher remembers him, and she sends him away. 'Hide and Seek' is also about a child who is left alone. The poem is a story…

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