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  • My Motivation At Central Washington University

    This past summer, I worked as a Resident Engagement AmeriCorps VISTA for Neighborworks Blackstone River Valley. This work has become a vibrant, central part of my life. Americorps solidified what I believe I want to do in my professional career, as I have gained invaluable professional experience in the nonprofit sector. But more than anything, I learned that there are engaged people that care about making a difference in the world, and that I want to be one of those people for the rest of my life. My AmeriCorps experience opened up new passions for me, and my service led to becoming a Refugee Mentor for Dorcas International, which fully solidified my passion for expanding my impact in my community. I started mentoring a 20 year old woman who recently was granted refugee status in the United States from Syria. Our time spent together has helped her adjust to life in the city of Providence. We’ve done everything from getting her a library card to getting her comfortable with riding the public transportation system. My time spent at Neighborworks Blackstone River Valley has also gifted me the opportunity to work part time as a teaching assistant for the elementary after school program at one of their mixed income sites. Specifically, I plan the cultural arts curriculum and my students are currently working on a unit…

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  • Blackstone River Case Study

    A series of make shift dams and flumes are in place on the Blackstone River as it heads towards Blackstone Harbour from Crane used to control the log jams and to get the lumber up to Parry Sound. Also the river between Crane and Blackstone already had its first of several dams placed midway on its length. The Conger Lumber Co. operates throughout the area as the century headed towards its end. Other private interest companies such as Rankin Bros. subcontracting with Conger Lumber and later the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Day At A New High School

    I soon figure out that I have just become friends with the ‘popular girls’ at Blackstone High called, ‘The Basics’. At my old school, we had ‘The Basics’ too, and they were mean to many people. I did not think I would actually become part of the popular crowd, but popularity does not faze me. I am just glad that I have friends now because apparently in this school, no one lets you become friends with them unless they invite you…

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  • Canal District Case Study

    The Canal district in Worcester, Massachusetts is most accurately described as emerging. Despite its name, Worcester covered the Blackstone Canal in the late eighteen hundreds according to the Preservation Worcester website (Preservation Worcester). The lacking presence of the physical canal provides a decent metaphor for the status of the neighborhood, an area of the city that is lacking in terms of what it wishes it could be. Lynch argues that legibility of a city is vital to their…

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  • Summer Resort Research Paper

    and Mrs. Jennings of Blackstone. They took away a fine lot of fish and vow they will return again. It is always the way; to once visit Blackstone insures a return. Another influential guest was the Chicagoan merchant Mr. Vernon. By 1905 Clevelanders were rediscovering the abundance of small-mouth black bass, wall-eyed pike and muskellunge. A group that had been staying at Stanley House on Lake Joseph on opposite shores from Gordon Bay stayed over a the Summer Resort: Dr. Frank Bunts, a surgeon…

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  • Blackstone Case Study

    Background The Blackstone Group (Blackstone) is a private equity firm founded in 1985 by two former employees of Lehman Brothers. In May 2007 the firm had $88.4 billion under management and had grown 41% annually since 2001.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Nelson And Keats

    For Nelson 's 21st birthday, Edward gave his son a 4 acre island that Nelson would suggestively designate as Phoenix Island. At the time of this gift, 1920, there were few trees taller than Nelson who stood 5 ' 9” due to a ferocious fire on the island around 1913. Nelson who knew the island before the fire likened the idea of the island 's recovering plants as a Phoenix, the mythological bird that cyclicly rises itself from the dead. A significant part of Nelson 's childhood was influenced by…

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  • The Role Of Global Warming Trends In Yuba City

    which is important when discussing climate changes. Climate is characterized by long-term weather patterns (Bloom, 2010). The disadvantage of using the long-term running averages is that they do not show the year-to-year variations which may be important when discussing other aspects of weather patterns. Comparing Yuba City to that of Mariposa, CA, which is approximately 180 miles away, there are significant differences in the climate trends. The winters of Mariposa seem to be remaining fairly…

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  • Power In William Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey

    William Wordsworth’s Concept of Power The term “power” is multifaceted; it lends itself to myriad interpretations and cannot be defined easily. There is no unanimous concept of power, as what is seen as “powerful” differs from person to person. The use of the term “power” is prominent in many of William Wordsworth’s poems. “Tintern Abbey,” “The Prelude,” and “Michael” all feature the term. From the prominence of the term in Wordsworth’s poetry, it is evident that Wordsworth thought highly of…

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  • Hatshepsut: Most Successful Female Pharaohs In Ancient Egypt

    Hatshepsut With a ruling period of over 3000 years, Egypt has seen roughly 170 pharaohs, yet there are few outside of egyptologists that can name more than two or three off the top of their head. Not many remember these kings of the east, and it is even more difficult to when their mark on their own history was erased by their successors. Hatshepsut was one of the few, and by far one of the most successful female pharaohs in ancient Egypt. She was the first of them to seize total control of…

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