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  • Motherhood And Citizenship: Katrina Trask

    In a nation dominated by Patriarchal Christian discourse, the role of women was highly problematizes as a source of weakness. In order to counteract decline and promote positive reproduction, women were pushed into traditionally Victorian roles of motherhood and passivity. Katrina Trask wrote in her 1895 article entitled “Motherhood and Citizenship: Woman’s Wisest Policy” that woman should bear children with “the mission of the perpetration of the race” and a woman engaging in sexual acts with…

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  • A Literary Analysis Of Nieve's Everyone Leaves

    Many people live different lives. Some may have gone through troubling times more than others. Their acknowledgement of their past would strengthen their future. In the novel Everyone Leaves however, that is not the case for the protagonist, Nieve Guerra. Nieve never had a truly peaceful upbringing; luck was not on her side, and she saw many people leave, on top of other traumatic and scary things. Throughout the story of Everyone Leaves, the author, Wendy Guerra shows that the traumatic moments…

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  • Narrative Essay On Becca's Life

    As the applause began to thunder, they stood up hand-in-hand and took a bow. Becca’s smile was soon radiating throughout the audience. Caleb was the first person on his feet clapping with such fervor that he inspired the entire audience into a standing ovation. Becca was half blind from the bright lights shining in her face, but from where Caleb stood she could see him clearly. Her heart was so full in that moment; she could have stayed right there and been completely happy for the rest of her…

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  • The EU Rebellion And The Alliance (Rebellion)

    Playing catchup today, so this will be the first a few post that have been piling up on me. Some will be posted here and some on Star Wars Episode 7 is fanfiction. So a word about the EU Rebellion and the Alliance. They are not the same thing. And this is what tends to calls the most legitimate contention with the Alliance. And I mean legitimate as in people of the EU Rebellion joining with a misunderstanding of what the Alliance is; as oppose to illegitimate being trolls. The Alliance is part…

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  • Tip Drill Poem Analysis

    FEMINIST ANALYSIS OF “TIP DRILL” Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. popularly known in the American music industry as Nelly came out with “Tip Drill” on his 2003 remix album Da Dertty Versions, he featured the St. Lunatics on this song. The expression tip drill is a slang vulgar expression, describing a well-known ugly girl with a nice body, hefty breast and backside. The lyrics of “Tip Drill” describe a girl who can only attract the opposite sex with her body and not her face, she is cheap and ready to…

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  • Korean War Domino Effect

    The Korean War was an avoidable war that we didn’t need to intervene in. The Domino effect was still an acceptable cause to go to war. It was the thought that if one country’s government fell to communism, then more would follow in its path. We had a tough time fighting them though, because of physical geography. That’s most of the reason we didn’t win the war, we weren’t ready for the terrain. The battle of pork chop hill was one of the most important battles. Being in the mountain’s it…

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  • Anna The Other Zelda Analysis

    Imagine there are two women sitting across from each other on the bus, one woman name Anna the other Zelda. Anna is a single working mother, who works 10 hours a day. Zelda is a full-time mother who stays at home. However, the difference between these two ladies is that Anna has a job outside the house while Zelda do not. From reading this introduction you can tell that both mothers are both hard workers. Although in society we say it’s an everyday normal life, but it 's not what society…

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  • Gender In Trifles

    “While the standard polarization of human being in a crime story is normally dividing by the law abiding citizens from the criminal, the characters here are soon divided on the basis of sex differences.” (Alkalay) In Susan Glaspell’s “Trifles” Glaspell uses a murder investigation of a woman’s husband to demonstrate the different roles of men and women in the early 1900’s. Glaspell shows the reader, through small significant objects that the men think are inessential to illustrate the greater…

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  • Cultural Conflicts In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

    Throughout this semester many different point of views were expressed towards cultural differences. Many characters were put through tough situations and cultural conflicts. Some handled them better than others. Walter Lee of the Younger family from the book “A Raisin in the Sun” is a very admirable character because he goes from the lowest point of his life to standing up for himself, his family, and what he believes in. However less desirable characters like Papa from “Farwell to Manzanar”…

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  • Theme Of Insanity In And Then There Were None

    Have you ever wondered where becoming insane can lead someone? The book, And Then There Were None and the short story, “Most Dangerous Game” show different possibilities that insanity can drive a person towards. They show that people can become insane over time and grow an obsession that can be destructive. Insanity has the capability to drive someone to their death. And Then There Were None and “Most Dangerous Game” are similar since they both show the results of insanity. The insanity is…

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