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  • A Serious Man By The Coen Brothers: A Comparative Analysis

    Long throughout history, humans have been intrigued by stories. They cannot seem to slake their thirst for epic poems and tales about triumphant heroes that save the day. However, it is not always the stories of victory and happiness that captures one's attention, but like a horrible motor-vehicle accident on the side of the road, crowds are drawn towards stories of another's suffering. We as humans are fascinated by misery and adversity, just so long as it is someone else's and not our own. In both the Book of Job and A Serious Man by the Coen Brothers, the audience is told a story of how a very well-off man loses what he has for seemingly no reason at all. In order to better understand their situations and figure out why bad things were…

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  • The Coen Brothers Analysis

    The Coen Brother’s, Inside Llewyn Davis presents a new perspective of the American Nightmare for Llewyn after the death his parter informs his new perspective of his personal American Dream. Through the use of visual techniques the Coen Brothers reveal how Llewyn’s past is corrupting his future. The brothers strove to create an image with limited contrast and a wide palette of gray tones whilst maintaining firm grasp on contrast ratios in interiors and exteriors. Ethan stated that the goal was…

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  • Coen Brothers Research Paper

    The Coen brothers are two of the greatest filmmakers in the history of the American movie industry. Joel David Coen was born on November 29th, 1954 and Ethan Jesse Coen born on September 21st, 1957. The two brothers have worked together on creating an award winning sense of humor through the stories of their characters, most of whom are trapped in worlds that are often tinged, unforgiving, and daunting universes. Since 1984, the Coen brothers have directed more than 15 films of diverse genres…

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  • Film Analysis: Armageddon

    People talk about Armageddon like it’s some future event. With dramatic morbid gravitas and fanfare ‘POOF’ the earth is now filled with empty shoes and buildings. “That my friend was the human race, and how fast did they run”. Roll credits. Directed by The Coen Brothers ,or whoever the clean shirts decided would sell more. The dirty shirts get up from the stained seats and leave with clear minds out of the theater. “Well that movie was really heavy, but it was so beautifully done. What real…

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  • Analysis Of No Country For Old Men

    No Country for Old Men deceives the user by portraying Llewellyn Moss at the protagonist rather that Ed Tom Bell. Only as the movie comes to a close can the user confirm that Ed Tom Bell is the protagonist. The Coen brothers used drugs, money, and murder as a cover up for the true meaning of this movie, and in doing this it creates mixed feelings from the reviewers. This twist on the movie can receive applause for genius, or criticism for trying to develop too deep of a meaning in such little…

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  • Coen Brothers Film Analysis

    Coen Brothers are known as the most famous and popular independent film makers nowadays, they have produced many films labeled as B movies. The Coens’ films, unlike the Hollywood ones, often carry radical skepticism or a liberal outlook, from their very first film Blood Simple to the recent Inside Lewin Davis, always achieve on a low-budget with a small scale of production and their own stock company of actors. Their films are known for the mixing violence, dark humor, film noir, their films are…

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  • Blood Simple Crime

    Blood Simple is the first movie directed by the Coen brothers. A more contemporary noir, with a knowing awareness of the origins of the genre, blood simple saw film noir get down and dirty again, and not just in the bedroom (Wood. 2014). The use of violence and crime in this neo noir film utterly correlates with the classic noir. Majority of the Coen brother’ films feature a crime that seldom goes right. Blood Simple features a jealous Saloon owner, Marty who hires a divorce detective, Visser to…

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  • Film Adaptation Of No Country For Old Men

    In the film adaptation of No Country for Old Men directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, the directors use setting, motif, and plot to show how the modernization of Texas effects people, especially the older generations and causes them to lose grip with the new world that is blossoming. One way the Coen brothers do this is by mise-en-scene, but to be more specific, the setting.In this film the rural west represents more than just an old way of life. In a way the setting, West Texas, represents the…

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  • The Natural Born Killers By Olive Stones Film Analysis

    convolution of the first scene. The introduction of the movie conveys a skewed perception, foreshadowing the violence that might occur later in the movie. The first scene of the movie elaborates the idea of random editing. This is demonstrated when a stranger asks Mallory’s name. After a certain rude remark, Mickey is ready for action. Before the violence begins, a quick cut to dark is shown. The horror insertion applied in the film represents the evil side of Mickey. Sound effects are…

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  • The Good The Bad And The Ugly Analysis

    The film I chose to do a critical analysis of the cinematic elements of is "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is a 1966 Spaghetti Western film, directed by Sergio Leone, it was marketed as the third installment of what became known as the Dollars Trilogy. The film is about three outlaws during the civil war that try to outsmart each other in a journey to unearth a fortune in stolen gold buried in an unmarked grave. Clint Eastwood stars as the main character…

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