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  • Symbolism In The Ceiling Theme

    As a man’s marriage begins to deteriorate, an overhanging object in the sky slowly starts to descend onto the their town. In Kevin Brockmeier’s The Ceiling, this black ceiling in the sky is symbolic of the protagonist’s failing marriage with his wife. A prevalent theme that surrounds the text is the idea of love, or lack of it, which leads to separation or feelings of detachment. This struggle evokes the feeling of loneliness and a total neglect towards the narrator’s surrounding world. The conflict arises when the wife, Melissa, begins to become distant and notes differences between her and her spouse. Her actions signify remorse or a change of attitudes towards her past decisions. However, their son, Joshua, acts as the glue of the family, so the couple never actually fully addresses their issues. An important theme surrounding The Ceiling, is the evolution of love as two people grow apart. As a result, an individual becomes so fixated on the conflict that he is distracted away from the things that matter around him. To illustrate, the story begins at the narrator son’s birthday party. It is on that day that the story’s main theme starts to develop, first, there is an odd, small opening in the sky and second there is something wrong with his wife. Both of these ideas develop throughout the story and appear to become interconnected and more serious as time goes on. The ceiling gradually descends as the narrator’s relationship with his wife worsens. For instance, after he…

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  • Pluto Temple-Original Writing

    (Nico's POV) I was scared, scared I was going to lose another sister. Will, Jason and Percy swam down to grab her. When they reached her I sensed a death. It was a powerful death, it must've been hers. I force myself to sink to the seabed and shadow travel to Camp Jupiter. I need to tell Hazel, I had to tell her she even existed still. (Hazel's POV) I had just finished cleaning the Pluto temple when Nico shadow…

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  • The Importance Of Leadership Qualities In Nursing

    create a leadership style by combining multiple qualtiites. Becoming an effective leader can be a found in many combinations of vision, ability, enthusiasm, stability, concern for others, self-confidence, persistence, vitality, charisma, and intergrity (Manning & Curtis, 2015). The top three qualities that were considered most important in nursing leadership as resulted from “A survery of Current Valued Academic Leadership Qualities in Nursing” were noted to be integrity, clarity in…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Charter Schools

    to make America great again, or is it? She, along with her family fortune have poured almost a million and a half dollars into legislator's campaign coffers to realize her dream of charter schools. Now that Michigan has charter schools, like Minnesota and its charter school system, there are a lot of charter schools that are below about par in graduation/ test scores, just like public schools. In Michigan’s charter school system, there is an abundance of charter schools that are under preforming…

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  • Antony's Use Of Ethos In Anthony

    Antony's use of the three forms of persuasion was more effective than Brutus's. Antony's use of ethos, pathos, and logos is able to convince the people that he is correct. Brutus manages to convince people shortly in his speech that he is right, but in the end Antony wins. In the beginning of Brutus's speech he states "Believe me for mine honor, and have respect to mine honor that you may believe."(III:14-15). He hopes the people will think he is more trustworthy using ethos. Antony also uses…

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  • Roman Trade System Essay

    feed her armies and finances her ambitions (Morey, 1901). Concerning the collection of taxes, instead of assigning officials from Rome, Rome assigned local brokers known as publicani the duty of collecting taxes from the local populace (Morey, 1901). These publicani were periodically responsible for supplying an assigned amount of taxes to Rome and could keep what remained from what they had collected from the local populace after they had paid their dues (Morey, 1901). Unfortunately, this…

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  • John Reed's Excerpt Analysis

    Hi Amelia, I take the same view as you that all five experts have discussed the issues about war and authors have different thoughts about the war. In addition, experts discuss about the harm that the war brought to people and their country, reason why countries go to war, why the government tries to influence people to join or participate to war. In Helen Keller article, the way I understand the excerpt is countries go to war because of exploitation and to occupy or take over a country. In John…

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  • Sales Tax Research Paper

    include law enforcement officers, emergency management employees and firefighters are all paid through government funding. Most of that fiances comes from sales and property taxes in your area. When you feel proud that you live in a safe area or when an ambulance or fire engine arrives quickly and handles your emergency, you can thank your sales tax payments. Training of new employees, purchasing new ambulance equipment and staffing adequate numbers of people are all possible because of the…

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  • Julius Caesar Persuasive Techniques

    people with his clever speech. The three persuasive techniques he uses to make his speech effective include repetition, rhetorical questions and it appeal to the audiences emotions. To begin with, Antony uses the terms “ambition” and “honorable” repeatedly and it helps reinforce the main idea of the speech because the words stay in the citizen’s minds. As they think about the words deeper meaning, the people begin to question whether or not Caesar shows ambition and if Brutus is honorable.…

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  • The Effects Of Gothic Imprint In Modern Times

    Gothic Imprint in Modern Times The Gothic style was truly a humanist philosophy that spread throughout Europe in the mid 1300s. It affected both the artists and its patrons. The effects of such now ripple thru modern times. The Limbourg brothers written and painted works in Gothic times are a most welcome legacy in today’s world. Paul, Jan, and Hermann Limbourg were three Nordic migrants who were commissioned by the wealthiest man in Europe at the time. He was notably, Jean, Duke of…

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