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  • Cicero Against Catiline Analysis

    Cicero is the main source of the allegations against Catiline. Throughout Cicero’s speech he is very obnoxious displaying exaggerated self-promotion (Cic.Cat.7-10). He acts as a glory hound and wants credit for saving himself and Rome from destruction under Catiline (11-12). In his speech he is very possessive of the state of Roman affairs both publicly and personally. He depicts Catiline as a traitor worthy of death (2.10). Throughout his speech he uses Praeteritio, making references toward and mentioning things he declares he will not speak about (14.1). Cicero’s style is to present accusations in a vague way so that you can fill in the blanks with assumptions without explicitly stating what he is speaking about. Cicero gets a senatus consultum ultimum from the senate (4.14) but condemns the other consuls for not acting against Catiline (2.1 see also…

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  • Cicero's Second Philippic Against Antony, By Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Marcus Tullius Cicero was believed to be not only the greatest Latin writer but also the greatest writer in any language. Cicero was a greatly respected Roman philosopher and writer who tried teaching the Romans about Greek philosophy and rhetoric. He wrote his “Second Philippic Against Antony” to try to stop Marcus Antonius, better known as Mark Antony, from turning the Roman Republic from an oligarchy into an autocracy. To persuade the Roman citizens, Cicero used the art of rhetoric in his…

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  • Cicero And Hobbes Analysis

    Throughout history, many different countries have had many different governments. Cicero describes several basic forms of political governments such as kingdoms, aristocracy, and democracies. However, Cicero believed that was another kind of government that could could mix all of these ideas together to make a better government, this was called a commonwealth. Thomas Hobbes also talked about a commonwealth, but his ideas were different from Cicero’s. Some have even stated that the United States…

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  • The Influence Of Friendships: Cicero

    Cicero believed in virtuous and loyal friendships, people rarely acquire these characteristics nowadays when it comes to choosing friends. Cicero had very good morals and believed in doing the right things. I believe that there are some deeply loyal friendships still in the midst of the evil world today. Although, in this scenario the bad outweigh the good. There are definitely more disloyal friendships then virtuous and loyal friendships. Cicero would not be happy about the overall friendships…

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  • Cicero And Confucius Analysis

    Differences Between the Views of Cicero and Confucius Throughout the history, many civilizations have emerged with their own views on the ideal governmental structure. Cicero and Confucius both presented their own versions of the ideal government structures in Republic and Analects, respectively. Both philosophers agree with the idea that the rulers have been given a sort of divine right to rule, but they must be morally upright in order to keep this right to rule. The difference in their…

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  • Cicero And Plato's The Defense Of Injustice

    Utopia Cicero and Plato were both great thinkers and both have a big influence on how some societies and governments are operated today. In his writing, “The Defense of Injustice”, Cicero talks about how the “justice” his society believes in is manufactured to work for self interest and not for the greater good. He uses a story where two characters Philus and Laelius argue about justice and injustice. He then goes on to talk about a single law that will never change and will be true for…

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  • Cato's Influence On Roman Literature

    the Latin writing style which provides an insightful view of Roman culture of the time. Additionally, Cato wrote around one hundred and fifty speeches of various topics through his lifetime, all of which concluded with “Carthago delenda est” or “Carthage must be destroyed”. Cato’s participation in the Second Punic War left him with his well-known hatred for Carthage and even influenced the start of the Third Punic War. A leading political figure known as the greatest orator of the Roman Republic…

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  • Persuasive History: Roman Rhetoric And Historiography

    Cicero realized that some of his views on the relationship between oratory and history were not necessarily shared by others (cf. Leg. 1.5). Yet some of those views, such as the didactic function of history, were also held by earlier and later practising historians. Unmistakably Ciceronian are his comments on style, which are pivotal for the direction of Roman historiography. But in order to recognize what is new about Cicero 's position it is necessary to understand what is traditional. In…

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  • Corruptions In Cicero's Against Verres

    In Cicero's Against Verres 1, Cicero attempts to convict Verres, the governor of Sicily, with extortion. Although Cicero speaks much about Verres's character, this speech also greatly relates to contemporary courts. This speech overall speaks to the level of corrupt that occurs in court systems, either ancient or contemporary. With no doubt, there is still aspects of corruption in modern-day courts, which will always be inevitable. But, the level of power that the Senators had in Ancient Rome…

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  • Marcus Tullius Cicero's Role In Politics

    Marcus Tullius Cicero was a Roman lawyer and a politician who became consul in 63 B.C. He was considered one of the best orators of his time. He was given the governorship of a province called Cilicia in 51 B.C. While in Cilicia, his main aim was to make the lives of the locals comfortable and to enhance the economic situation the province was passing through. To achieve this, he avoided problems, tried not to cause trouble to the locals and tried not to spend money on expenses. On the other…

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