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  • Red Eye Film Analysis

    Red Eye is quite possibly my favorite non-slasher from Wes Craven. It's full of suspense, dread and in my opinion some of the best acting to come out of 2005. Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy carry this film on pure chemistry and intensely memorable performances that linger after viewing, coupled with Wes Craven's growth is a director which is very apparent when viewing this film so soon after some of his earlier works. I hadn't seen this film since the year it was released and was excited to revisit it, wondering if it would hold up and be as good as I remembered it. It was. Red Eye follows Lisa Reisert (Racheal McAdams) the acting manager of Lux Atlantic a prestigious hotel, catching the Red Eye flight back home after attending her grandmothers…

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  • My Dad: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

    Do you listen to your parents? Most teens don 't follow their parents directions, teens think parents don 't know what they 're talking about or they 're not “fun”, so they do whatever they want. That 's what I did and it didn 't end well. It was 4 years ago on a hot summer day. I was outside playing basketball with my little brother when my grandpa came outside and asked me, “Do you want to go to the lake?” I replied, “Sure, but I can 't swim that good.” He exclaimed, “You can wear…

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  • Perceval's Visit: A Fictional Narrative

    Perceval lay in bed and waited for Joan to return after her talk with Gawain. He was dying to tell her about the dream/vision he’d had when unconscious. The moment she entered the room, he sat right up. “Joan, I have to tell you something; you’ll think I’m mad, but when I was unconscious or whatever I was, I saw the future!” Joan sat down on the edge of the bed and took his hand. With an unreadable expression, she studied him. “Go on.” “I held our baby. He was a newborn, plump and pink.…

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  • The Green Fields Of France Song Analysis

    Musicians often use their songs as a vehicle to make cultural or political observations. A persistent trope in modern music has been the anti-war song. Often when a song’s message strikes a certain cord, is so powerful that its message is perennial, other artists will issue their own renditions — covers. Eric Bogle’s“The Green Fields of France” is one such song. This is a song that has been covered by everyone from The Clancy Brothers to the Dropkick Murphys, always maintaining its serious and…

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  • Emily Murphy's Contribution To Canadian Feminism

    Emily Murphy was a powerful and influential figure in Canada’s history. Emily was a huge contributor to Canadian feminism and the improvement of women’s rights. The Person’s Case of 1929, involved a group of five women known as the “famous five”, Emily Murphy was a part of this group fighting for women’s right to be considered ‘persons’. Emily was also a part of the Dower act, this case was for an Alberta women who was left homeless after her husband sold their and property and left with all the…

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  • Movie Trading Places Themes

    1..Trading Places directed by John Landis and starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd focuses on a theme that is commonly represented in popular films. The subject of the film is the corruptness and advantage people desiring an immense amount of wealth take part in. Those seeking riches achieve it through whatever means possible, and those who are wealthy take advantage of the poor. The theme although a serious lesson is expressed through comedy. Trading Places is unique as it uses humor to teach…

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  • Analysis Of Das Boot

    no wonder this film has been described as “ideologically promiscuous.” The only belief system the movie appears to subscribe to is that of the truth. Ultimately I think learning the truth of a covered-up period in history is the only way society can overcome these hard times. Part of the problem with America, it follows, is that we have never truly acknowledged the evil of slavery. Without even discussing the possibility of reparations, there are many gestures the government could make to…

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  • Audie Murphys Research Paper

    Imagine that at the age of 19 you earned and received the Medal of Honor for valor. That is what this soldier did. This person's name was Audie Murphy who also wrote an autobiography about himself titled To Hell and Back. This soldier inspires me for many reasons. He enlisted under the age of 18, which is and was illegal, and left the military being the most decorated soldier of World War II. Audie Murphy was born to poor sharecroppers named Emmett Berry Murphy and Josie Bell Killian. He…

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  • The Lunchbox Movie Analysis

    After having watched The Lunchbox as well as The Piano, I've come to realize how well these movies demonstrate the correlation between love and happiness. With the help of characters like Saajan Fernandes, Ila, Ada McGrath, and George Baines, the directors are capable of showing us just how important partnership is in our lives as human beings. Even with the two movies being set in two completely different areas, the same concept continues to arise. Love and partnership is essential to…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Day I Lost My Best Friend

    A month ago I lost my best friend, Itzayana. It’s a day I will never forget. Almost every detail is as fresh as it was the day it happened. It was a Friday I was doing my homework. I remember taking a break and getting in my Facebook account feeling very stressful and nagging to myself, “it is only going to be a few minutes”. I got into Facebook and went directly to my messenger because there were two new messages. I checked the first one and it was my cousin from Mexico asking me if I was…

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