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  • Essay On Krebs Ecology

    observation was that the two species flourish when they were grown separately and in the mixed beaker, Pa thrived while Pc lessened. The population dynamics or changes in the size of population over time, included carrying capacity and important graph shaped curves. Carrying capacity (K) is the maximum of how big a population can grow, following stagnation and finally decreasing. The data presented is by sigmoid or S-shaped curve also known as logistic growth. Knowing about population dynamic is important because it sets the stage for prediction of carrying capacity. Moreover, competition was chosen from the abiotic and biotic elements because we wanted to verify if it was the competition of food that did not allowed the two species of ciliates to coexist in the same niche. The hypothesis was if the Pa and Pc were isolated, they would grow at an average rate because of the lack of competition for food, while the mixed solution would cause one to diminish its population in size. Procedure Procedures are as states in the Laboratory Manual for Biology 182 on pages 120-121 of exercise 9. (Bowker, 2015). Results Figure 1 Figure 1: Paramecium Aurelia (Pa) and Paramecium Caudatum (Pc) were used as the controlled group and PaMix and PcMix as the coexistence environment. The following was recorded over five weeks to measure competition. Conclusions In the Pa control (Figure 1), Pa grew logistically, but without evidence of a lag phase. From days 0 to 7, Pa was in the…

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  • Difference Between Prokaryotes And Eukaryotes

    measures in ocular units, one of which is equivalent to 1.7 µm (Biology Department, 2015). In this past experiment, compound light microscopes were used to observe and differentiate between a selection of prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Methods There were four different parts to this experiment. Each part was executed independently of the others in the following order: prokaryotic bacteria and yeast, elodea cells, human epithelial cells, and ciliates and flagellates. Every part required one to…

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  • Summary Of Matt Ridley's Immortality

    measuring telomere growth in a process called ADDIT. The enzyme responsible for DNA repair, ATM kinase, also increased the length of telomeres. They also found if an enzyme called PARP1 was blocked ATM kinase would activate and increase the length of the telomere in normal mouse cells. In the early 1980s, Carol Greider and Elizabeth Blackburn, identified the presence of telomerase. They found that telomerase contained RNA that is used as a template to regenerate telomeres and a protein that…

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  • Interspecific Competition Predation

    extinction in all three temperatures (Jiang and Kulczycki, 2004). In the competition interaction group the Paramecium lived with the Colpidium at temps 22 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius, but went extinct at 26 degrees Celsius. They are unsure of why this occurs though. This means that competition from Colpidium significantly decreases Paramecium abundance and that the competition from Colpidium alters the response of Paramecium to temperature. The experiment should have also included…

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  • Santoor Movement Experiment

    Introduction Movement speed of Stentor is dependent upon the temperature of water in the environment surrounding Stentor. Stentor is a member of the Phylum Ciliophora. Stentor are ciliate unicellular protozoa which is one the largest singled celled organisms (Webb, 2007) Stentor are found in waters that are calm usually near the surface on different plants (Webb, 2007). Stentor use cilia to consume food and movement. Stentor are ectothermic organisms, which means that Stentor body temperature…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between Prokaryotes And Eukaryotes

    amoeboid motion (Biology Department,2015).Flagellum has a whip-like structure which enables the cell motion. Cilia are a hair like structure which surrounds the cell and enables its movement. Amoeboid motion which is moving with false feet called pseudopodia. In this lab we will observe the examples of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells and will try to identify their cellular structures and organelles (if any). It will help us to learn a lot about the smallest unit of life. Method Five different…

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  • Essay On Lionfish

    goes on successfully until the male and female lionfish go for a dance. The fish circle slowly ascending and before reaching the surface, the female do releases the two egg sacs, which are then fertilized by the sperms released by the male fish (Gardner, 2015). The fertilized egg sacs contain a chemical that prevents them from being eaten by the predators. That means that the Lionfish eggs are more likely to hatch compared to other fish eggs. The eggs hatch into larvae after approximately…

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  • The Importance Of Biological Immortality

    due to this every time a cell divides its chromosomes gets shorter but telomeres explain how these codes are maintained. Telomeres serve to protect genetic information and act as caps at the end of chromosomes to prevent them getting shorter every time the cells divide. They stop telomeres from attaching to each other and stop losing genes from cell division. If chromosomes had no telomeres they would get shorter to the point where the cells cannot divide which makes them senescence (when cells…

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  • Analysis Of Andha Yug

    conflict and yet have to suffer most. As claimed by one of the guards himself in the final Act of the play, kings change but their situation remains the same, issues at contestation in the war are of the significance to them. This also reflects the alienation of the modern subject with the state. The guards also represent a sense of existential crises, they find their lives meaningless and repetitive. In fact, they even further stretch the concept of existentialism. Existentialism contemplates…

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  • Canadian Course Reflection

    imprinted on/in my brain. As for self-expectations from this course, I hoped I would have gained more knowledge of Native life in Canadian history, more on the different groups’ cultures, what they considered as medicine, what they did when they thought someone had an illness, what they would do with men and woman during the marriage season. My old opinion on Canadian history was that the Natives allowed the Europeans to do whatever they wanted to their people because of unknown reasons to…

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