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  • Essay On Archaea

    This paper will refer to the domain of Archaea. The archaea are single-celled prokaryotes that were classified in the bacteria domain naming them the Archaeabacteria. Until just recently the scientific community decided that these special creatures belonged in their very own domain. The archaea resembled the eukaryotes more than the bacteria even though they were still a prokaryotic organism. So these micro-organisms had to be moved into its own domain. These organisms are what many biologists call the “Life Extremists”. They are found in places that have horrible environmental conditions. Places like a hot springs in Yellowstone National Park or even found in the stomach of humans and cows to help with digestion. Some scientists believe these organisms may be the oldest living inhabitants on planet Earth. Some micro-biologists also believe we will see some archaean organisms on a moon in our very ownsolar system. Introduction: There are three domains Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya. This is…

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  • Archaea And Eukaryotes

    Within the study of microorganisms, two types of cells are observed; eukaryotic cell and the prokaryotic cell. Each of these cell play a different role based on its distinction; in fact, their distinction is the most important distinction among organisms. Carl Woese in the Introduction to the Archaea UCMP website provided research which would divide prokaryotes into the following two groups: archaea and bacteria. Thus, the development of the three domains was created to include archaea,…

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  • RNA Polymerases

    According to many scientists the main and most important function of RNA Polymerase (RNAPs) is transcription. So, what is transcription? Transcription is the construction of RNA chains using genes from DNA as templates. Since transcription is the process where the information from a strand of DNA is copied into a new molecule everything must work together. Griffiths et all. (2002) says that two strands of the double helix of DNA separate and one acts as a temple. They also stated that A pairs…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between Prokaryotes And Eukaryotes

    interesting thing is that, even though the prokaryotes seem to be very different from the eukaryotes. For example, humans look very different from the bacteria, but they still do share some characteristics. No matter at which cell you are looking at: bacteria’s`, plants`, animals`, protists`, etc., they all will be bounded by a plasma membrane (Biology Department,2015), and contain a nucleic acid: such as DNA, RNA, cytoplasm, and ribosomes. The things that prokaryotes will not have are…

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  • Theory Of Endosymbiosis

    There are two main theories as to how the endosymbiosis of mitochondria and other organelles occurred. The more conventional of the two is that the pre-eukaryotic cell ingested the bacteria after they had evolved separately. In this case, scientist believe the pre-eukaryotic cell may have been an archaeal cell which started to develop eukaryotic-like characteristics prior to having organelles. The bacteria was then taken into the pre-eukaryotic cell and the two entered into an endosymbiotic…

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  • Microbes Research Paper

    Those of first three kingdoms contain multi-celled organisms, animals, plants and fungi. Otherwise, two other kingdoms, bacteria and protists are categorised mostly as single-celled organism (but some are multi-celled species). Recently, there is a new tree family revealed by recent research and made up two main divisions that are the Prokaryotae and the Eukaryotae (Woese et al 1990; Waggoner & Speer 1998) The Prokaryotae consist of two domains, the Archaea and the Bacteria, and have one…

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  • Prokaryotes Vs Eukaryotes Essay

    Some cells are uncomplicated, but others are complex with internal structures called organelles. These cells can be put into two categories which are the prokaryotes and the eukaryotes, and they have many differences and similarities. The prokaryotes derive from prokaryotic cells whose fossils have been in existence for over 3.8 billion years, which mean they have learned to adjust to the earth’s environments more than any other life form. Prokaryotes are the bacteria and their close relatives,…

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  • Essay On Eukaryotes And Prokaryotes

    molecular (Kandler et al., 1990). New molecular sequencing has mapped out correct definitions of the organismal groupings and their characteristic relationships, as well as more accurately placing them in chronological order. Organism evolution first diverging at eubacteria and archaebacteria which then further diverges into eukaryotes, thus proving eukaryotes to be a distant relation to archaebacteria. Therefore there must be a shift to a new higher taxon that changes the old…

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  • The Importance Of Global Microbial Diversity

    This scenario would also predict global gene flow, and no evolutionary patterns that correlate with geography. This view has been challenged over the past 15 years as techniques to qualitatively and qualitatively analyse microbes have developed. Far from a global cosmopolitan community of microbes, certain environments demonstrate microbial populations with geographical patterns of The first study to challenge this paradigm came in 2003. As “everything is everywhere, but nature selects” was…

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  • Hugh Petrie's Metaphor And Thought

    tangible source domains to describe the physical structure of the cell and a variety of social practices to describe the functions of those cellular components. Avoiding both “hiding” integral cognitive parts of the cell domain and leaving students with misconceptions, Biology notably utilizes examples of man-made structures to describe cellular structures through various metaphorical linguistic expressions: 1. “All eukaryotic cells are supported by internal protein scaffold” (Mason, Losos, and…

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