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  • Compound Bow Essay

    Compound Bow: Introduction Introduction Bows are tools or weapons used by archers and archery hunters to compete in competition and harvest wildlife for food and trophies. The compound bow in particular, is a mechanical tool/weapon that enhances the primitive technology originally created by man to enhance accuracy when hunting or shooting at a target. Compound bows can be used for hunting various types of game as well as used for competition shooting. People of most ages with practice and maintenance can be successful archers for many years. The concept and explanation of the compound bow is intended for those interested in starting a hunting/target shooting career. The mechanics, the use of the bow, the maintenance requirements, and the safety…

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  • Archery

    One that intrigues me most is the elf. They reside in the forests of Middle-Earth. Usually, elves are seen as noble and urbane beings, which can make them be arrogant at times. Arts, especially music, are one creative aspect they flourish in. With that, they also make for stellar poets. Archery is a strong suit of nearly every elf as well. They are the most scholarly race except for wizards, but elves are considerably more plentiful. I believe that the elves are a unique and worthy addition to…

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  • Paleolithic Stone Tools

    precise shot on their prey. One of the unique characteristics about the bow and arrow is that it had a balance weight on the end of the arrow. This weight was not just an ordinary weight, for example one of the weights was a wood carving of two elks holding each other. The weight will give the arrow a longer and faster throw. The first appearance of these type of bow and arrows were found in Africa and to be believed about 22,000 years ago. The significance of these new materials created is that…

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  • Katniss Everdeen Research Paper

    How to be the Next Katniss Everdeen The arrow whistles as it soars through the air and lands with a smack as it hits the dead middle of the target. People use archery in different ways. Archery can be used to go bow hunting, it is a sport played, or you can shoot archery as a leisure activity when you’re bored. The enjoyment derived from your archery experience is partly dependent on how well you are able to shoot. Accuracy is key while shooting archery. By following my directions, I guarantee…

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  • Shoot A Deer

    This has always been one of my goals and it will stay one till I achieve my goal. I don’t know why it's so important to me, it just seem like something I have to do. I have shot many deer with a gun, but that is just to easy. I need to practice my shots and make sure my bow is dead on. I also need to put up trail cams and see where the deer are moving so I can put up a nice stand. Then I need to have confidence in my shots to ensure that I make a good shot. Shooting a deer will make me very…

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  • Essay On Middle Ages

    Longbows date back to before the Middle Ages but were adapted; the crossbow was the product. Methods of archery have since greatly changed. Stirrups were remade out of metal for durability and strength and revolutionized riding style and war tactics. Medical advancements were made in terms of taking preventative measures to help delay the spread of the plague. Recent cases of quarantine were initiated to prevent the spread of other contagious diseases such as Ebola, Small Pox, Cholera, Yellow…

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  • Trophy Hunter Research Paper

    Headline: Trophy Hunter Trampled to Death by the Elephant He Was Trying to Hunt Introduction: Ian Gibson loved hunting. He had grown up hunting in the woods with his father, and there was nothing he liked more than packing up his gear for a new adventure. After some soul searching, Gibson finally had his chance to take his hunting game to the next level. Instead of scouring the backwoods for game, he was going to start big game hunting. To support his dream, Gibson developed his real estate…

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  • Essay On Hooke's Law

    A bow is basically a two-armed spring that stores mechanical “potential energy” once the string is drawn and pulls back the limbs. After you recoil the cord, you utilize your muscles to exert a force on the string that bends the limbs backward. The quantity of force that your fingers exert on the string once you’ve to force it all the means back is named the “draw weight.” The elastic or spring energy is currently “potential energy” that may be reborn into launching associate arrow after you…

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  • Gough: A Fictional Narrative

    Gough Tyler He Took a deep breath of the cool mountain air, closing his eyes and inhaling. After holding his pose for a second, letting it all exhale with a loud and pleased sigh. Opening his eyes he saw enormous mountain ranges stretching beneath him. He was about 5 feet away from a sharp cliff face that lead to a gruesome demise. The sigh gained the attention of his horse behind him that refused to approach the cliff. Occasionally neighing at the biting cold. The horse was well dressed for…

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  • Essay On Native American Weapons

    Native American weapons can be traced back to the Stone Age. Native American weapons were a very important part of their culture. From common day chores to heavy duty hunting or fighting, traditional weapons, such as the bow and arrow, tomahawks, spears, war clubs, and blow darts, were a part of their everyday lives (Native American Weapons, n.d.). The bow and arrow was one of the most popular amongst the Natives. They were used in warfare and for hunting small and large game. Most bows were…

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