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  • Wooly Bear Bags

    Area Found: This pill bug was found on campus, under a few rocks along the sidewalk. There were multiple specimens found in the same area. It was living in dirt on a rainy night. Habitat: Native to the Mediterranean and since introduced all over the world. They prefer the moist environments because of a waxy outer covering that does not allow them to retain water. Diet: They mostly eat the decomposing plant materials and seeds. A. vulgare can also feed on the roots of garden vegetables such as lettuce or carrots. It has been recorded that they also eat their own species when they note them to be injured or during molting. Interaction with Humans: Humans tend to find them in their homes in moist or damp areas such as basements, and in the wooden house structures. This is typically indicating the chance of mildew and wood rot in the home. Beneficial to Humans: They have been known to be beneficial due to the fact that they eat seeds. In certain areas, this acts as biological weed control. The eating habits and soil burrowing encourages soil microbial activity, therefore enriching the soil making a better growing substrate. Notes: A. vulgare can roll themselves up into small balls when they feel threatened, which is why they are commonly referred to as ‘roly poly bugs.’ Area Found: This specimen was found in my basement on the floor, already deceased. Habitat: These flies prefer moderate, temperate and tropical climates but can be found in all warm, moist climates and…

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