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  • The Importance Of Hemp In Human Health

    while fulfilling the natural rights and freedom of America. Hemp planting is currently considered illegal, but due to its value in different field and people’s natural right, it becomes a highly debated case. Two scholars, Rodriguez-Leyva and Pierce, present the cardiac and haemostatic effects of dietary hempseed to show people the benefit and nutritional value of hemp. Hemp, also known as Cannabis sativa L., belongs to the Cannabaceae family, and it is used widely in food, fiber, medicine and drugs. Hempseed has abundant of nutrition such as a large amount of protein and Vitamin E. Most importantly, it contains all kinds of daily necessary amino acids while producing a high quantity of amino acid arginine that is good for the cardiovascular system. During metabolism, amino acid arginine plays an important role as producer of nitric oxide, which is a molecule that runs as a significant message transmitter in heart and vassals system. To be specific, it helps control the “regulation of vascular tone, homeostasis of blood pressure and proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells” (CITE). The hempseed has a rich content of linoleic acid, which reduces the cholesterol level of the body, and low cholesterol helps decrease the risk of heart attack. It also contributes in regulation and avoidance of blood pressure. (Rodriguez-Leyva and Pierce). Their arguments mainly focus on the contribution of hemp in human health. By pointing out the important nutrient value of hemp, authors…

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  • L-Ornithine Research Paper

    efficacious in the treatment of liver diseases and wound healing [11]. It can also be used as a precursor for the synthesis of other amino acids, such as arginine and citrulline, and putrescine, an important diamine used as a nylon precursor [28]. L-Ornithine could be produced by fermentation using auxotrophic mutants, for example, citrulline- or arginine-required mutants of Acinetobacter lwoffi and Coryneform bacterium obtained by traditional mutagenesis [1,6,18]. However, the product yield of…

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  • Busulfan Case Study

    Busulfan is anticancer drug caused variety of adverse effects for cancer patients. It’s used to treatment of chronic leukaemia but it could cause damage to the male reproductive system as one of its adverse effects. This study aim to investigate the effect of L-carnitine and L-arginine on semen quality, oxidative stress parameters, caspase3 and testes cell energy after busulfan treatment. Materials and Methods: thirty-two adult male rats were divided into four groups. Group I (Control)…

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  • Carbohydrate Benefits

    will be needed to help meet fluid demands. Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid. It is necessary during periods of growth and healing. A patient without wounds does not typically need additional arginine added into their nutrition regime. However, when a pressure ulcer is present, often the patient is deficient in arginine. 7-25 grams per day has shown greater protein and hydroxyproline, a precursor to collagen in the wound bed. It has enhanced T-lymphocyte function for immunity…

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  • Solubility Of L-Nna Case Study

    Parenteral formulation of an anticancer drug candidate – Tackling poor solubility 1 Introduction Cancer is the number one cause of death in Singapore , and has been on an increasing trend over the years . Hence, the search for anti-cancer drugs and better treatment regimens are widely studied but there are many challenges. One potential cancer treatment strategy is to induce apoptosis in cancer tissues by the modulation of nitric oxide production . Nitric oxide is a reactive, gaseous molecule…

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  • Cp Essay

    micropinocytosis, and even clathrin mediated endocytosis have been proposed as possible translocation mechanisms, but it is direct translocation and endocytosis that have been given the most support as the probable mechanisms (Farkhani et al, Deshayes et al., Koren and Torchilin, Dupont et al.). MAP (model amphipathic peptide) is an amphipathic CPP which exhibits an -helical secondary structure (Deshayes et al., Oehlke et al.). It was first designed by Steiner et al. and has since had many…

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  • Close Social Relationship Essay

    Human social relationships all have one thing in common: the essential ability to form attachments. In order to form these attachments, the human body experiences seemingly miniscule yet significant changes on both a psychological level and a physical level. Two key factors that play into the biological level of close social attachment in humans, and in animals- specifically rats- is the role of the neuropeptides oxytocin (OXT) and arginine vasopressin (AVP). The close attachment one feels…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 2 Protein

    structure of hemoglobin consists of only alpha helices, while that of phosphofructokinase consists of both alpha helices and beta sheets. Furthermore, these two proteins also share their ability for allosteric binding and cooperativity in the protein caused by the binding of the substrate. Q9) The catalytic site appears almost U-shaped with only one side of the substrate exposed to the surrounding. The catalytic sites seem to be located in the interface of the two domains. Q10) Both the…

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  • Literature Review On Creatine

    Production begins via transfer of an amidine group from the arginine to glycine, in turn forming guanidionacetate and ornithine (Hall & Trojan, 2013).This reaction is catalysed by the arginine glycine amidino-transferase (AGAT) (Wyss and Kaddurah-Daouk, 2000). As theorised, guanidinoacetate is formed in the kidney and consequently transported in the bloodstream to the liver (Wyss and Kaddurah-Daouk, 2000). When in the liver, the methyl group from methionine, namely S-adenosylmethionine, is given…

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  • Inula Britanna

    Iranian folk medicine. Aim of the study: The purpose of this research was to evaluate the analgesic effects of Inula britannica L. flower essential oil (IBLEO) and one of its major constituents, Patuletin (Pn), in male mice. Materials and Methods: In this study, we used pain assessment tests including acetic acid-induced writhing, tail flick, formalin, and glutamate-induced paw licking (GPL). For understanding the supposed analgesic mechanisms of IBLEO, opioid and L-Arginine/NO/cGMP/ KATP…

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