Amino acid

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  • Amino Acid Lab Report

    gov). Amino Acids are the building block of protein. Amino acids bond together to make long chains, which is protein ( Human body uses amino acids to make proteins to help the body break down food, repair body tissue, grow, and perform many other body functions ( Amino acids can also used as a source of energy by the body ( According to what I learned in Bioorganic lecture, the amino acid structure contains a carboxylic acid group (-COOH) and an amino group (-NH2) bonded to the carbon atom. The scientists have discovered over 50 amino acids, however, only 20 are used to make proteins in the human body ( Of those 20 amino acids, 9 are defined…

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  • Amino Acids Case Study

    1. Given the following amino acids, explain where they would be found in the tertiary structure of a protein and WHY (lack of explanation/incorrect explanations will NOT receive full credit; assume living system of pH = 7.4). Arg Phe Pro Glu His Ala Tyr Val Cys Arginine: This is a charged amino acid that is extremely hydrophilic. It is hydrophilic because while it has an aliphatic side chain that is hydrophobic, it also has two groups where a positive charge resonates between the two…

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  • Amino Acid Sensor Lab Report

    Aim 2: How does folliculin detect amino acids to regulate mTORC1 activity? Here, the goals are to elucidate the mechanism of action that enables folliculin to function as an amino acid sensor. 2.1. Determine the amino acid reservoir folliculin senses. Evidence points FLCN as a novel amino acid sensor. To resolve the biochemical mechanism FLCN employs, we need identify the specific amino acid reservoir FLCN senses. Lysosomes’ are the main amino acid reservoir and the ‘inside-out’ mechanism is a…

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  • Muscle Building Amino Acids Research Paper

    You can use muscle building amino acids directly following your workout to help maximize your muscle gain. Read this article to discover what kinds of amino acids your body needs and when to take them. It’s amazing that so many bodybuilders know so little about amino acids considering how vital they are to overall health and muscle growth. Muscle building amino acids are what proteins are made out of; therefore they ultimately become part of your muscles and the rest of your body. They affect…

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  • Histidine: An Essential Amino Acid In The Body

    Proteins are complex molecules that serve a variety of functions within the body. Proteins are made up of subunits called amino acids. There are several different types of amino acids such as lysine, aspartic acid, and histidine. Each type of amino acids have their own specific group called R-groups attached to them, this causes them to behave chemically different. The group on the amino acid histidine cause the amino acid to be basic; this feature of histidine makes it have a specific purpose…

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  • Amino Acids Are Building Blocks Of Three Structural Components

    Amino acids Amino acids are building block s of proteins. Each amino acid contains main three structural components. 1) Amino group 2) Carboxcilic group 3) R group Figure 1 2016 R can be hydrogen or any other functional group .in world there are around 182-200 found to be present in nature but we can find 20 aminoacids in…

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  • Amino Acid Sensing Research Paper

    Experimental Design Aim 1: Determine the amino acid sensing specificity of folliculin. Since folliculin’s novel amino acid sensing function discovery, I plan to further understand whether FLCN specifically senses a certain amino acid and if this level of detection is enough to elicit an mTORC1 response. 1.1. Determine if folliculin’s novel molecular function in amino acid sensing is triggered by glutamine. mTORC1 activation by amino acids requires FLCN where its lysosomal residence during…

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  • Amino Acid In Zebra Fish

    : This table quantifies the number of amino acids that are different in the same position of the amino acid sequence of myosin heavy chain 6 alpha protein in zebra fish, cod, tilapia, salmon and flounder. The sequence alignment from the NCIB website is used to compare the genetic sequence of myosin and determine how closely related two species of fish are based on the number of amino acid sequence they have in common. The table indicates that flounder and tilapia have the least variation in the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Amino Acids

    "Amino acids are the building blocks for muscle.” What relevant issues does the vegetarian athlete face when trying to build muscle Amino acids construct protein and are the building blocks of protein. when protein is consumed the further process of breakdown leads to certain amino acid’s such as (glutamine, lysine, theonine) form together to allow specific functions throughout and within the body and are the key building blocks of many parts of the body. there is said to be around 20-22 amino…

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  • Maillard Reaction Lab Report

    conducted involved a process called the Maillard Reaction. When it comes to cooking meats, heating the food causes the proteins, especially those nearest the surface of the meat, to denature. These denatured proteins become more chemically reactive to other molecules in their environment. One of the primary reactions that occur when browning meats and many other foods is called the Maillard Reaction. The Maillard Reaction is a non-enzymatic chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing…

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