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  • Non-Electrolyte Compounds

    If a compound is an electrolyte it conducts electricity by breaking down into ions when dissolved into a solution. A non-electrolyte compound does not dissociate in solution. A non-electrolyte compound cannot conduct electricity because it dissolves in solution as molecules instead of ions. Colligative properties are properties of a solution that depend on the amount of solute dissolved, and not dependent on the identity of the solute. The colligative properties studied in this current chapter of chemistry are: vapor pressure lowering, boiling point elevation, freezing point depression, and osmotic pressure. The van’t Hoff factor for a solute is equivalent to the number of particles, in moles, will break apart in the solvent. When an…

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  • The Dominican Culture And Women In The Dominican Republic

    People Dominicans’ ethnicity consists of Taino, Spanish and African. The native people on the island were the Taino. The Taino were hunter and gatherers who lived off the land. Led by Christopher Columbus, the Spanish conquered the island in 1492. The Spanish overtook the Taino forcing them to be their slaves while killing many in the process. The Africans were then later brought to the island as slaves. Certain traits of these ethnic groups are still present in the Dominican culture,…

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  • Salvia Essay

    In February 2013 New Zealand had that would allowed these psychoactive substances to be sold legally. In July 2013 the law was passed. The Act meant that these psychoactive substances would be chemically tested and only if there was a low risk of harm to the consumer then it would be approved to sell to the public. However, on the 8th of May 2014 no psychoactive substances are able to be sold legally in New Zealand. Why should the government ban psychoactive substances? The government banned…

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  • Tartarin Melting Point

    Abstract: The melting point ranges for the substances Tartaric Acid, Acetaminophen, and Phenacetin, which are in powder form and white in color, was found and compared to their literature values to find their purity. The melting point range of a 9:1 mixture of Phenacetin and Tartaric acid was later found to show the effect an impure substance has on temperature. Melting point range for unknown three that was lastly tested was matched to Acetaminophen by comparing their melting points.…

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  • Gender Differences On Substance Abuse

    In this paper I will be addressing the gender difference on substance abuse; looking into what makes a specific gender more prevalent to alcohol and drug dependency. According to many of the scholarly articles I’ve read men are much more likely to have chemical dependency issues. Looking deeper in the issue I found that there may be a link between society and these dependencies as well as some genes in men that aren’t in women. According to The Psychiatric Clinics of North America the…

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  • Mental Illness: A Literature Review

    Although the SAMHSA national reports constantly indicate a significant number of individuals living with substance related disorders, alcohol and drug addiction is still highly stigmatized in today’s society. Those suffering from mental illness, which encompasses substance abuse disorders, face immense disadvantages due to perceived, enacted, and self-stigma (Luoma, Kohlenberg, Hayes, Bunting, & Rye, 2008; Luoma, et al., 2007). Perceived stigma is the tendency for stigmatized individuals to…

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  • Drug Addiction And Depression Essay

    According to Parker, G. (2014), evidence from human studies have shown that genetic factors play an important role in substance abuse and depression. According to Schafer, G. (2011), genetic traits of alcohol can be painful and traumatic during childhoods. Alcohol contributes to destruction of family, friends and communities. However Some family have suffered from various form of family disruption, such as loss of custody of their children, loss of employment, marital breakdown, physical and…

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  • Melting Points Of Melting Point Experiment

    In this experiment one, are determining the melting points of different crystalline substances following a specific procedure. By finding the melting point of a crystalline substance, it helps determine what kind of compound it is as well as initiate the purity. A DigiMelt apparatus can be used to determine the melting point where a small amount of the the substance is packed into a capillary tube and heated slowly in the apparatus which includes a thermometer, a heating coil and a magnifying…

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  • Essay On Alternatives To Incarceration

    Incarceration is an institution that costs taxpayers in the United States approximately $39 billion dollars annually; in the last 23 years, inmates convicted of drug related charges made up one third of prison populations while inmates convicted of violent crimes constituted one fourth of the population. A significant amount of money is dedicated to keeping non-violent criminals in prison, when the majority of drug related cases could be dealt with appropriately and without the extreme costs, as…

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  • Essay On Understanding Substance Abuse

    Understanding Substance Abuse It is difficult to fully understand substance abuse. Discovering why one person develops a problem with drugs or alcohol and another person does not is something of a mystery. However, there are some similarities in the person's path that develops substance abuse. The difficult part with this is that every stage of a person's path who is suffering from substance abuse causes more consequences and chaos. One problem with substance abuse is that it doesn't solely…

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