Freezing-point depression

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  • Non-Electrolyte Compounds

    The colligative properties studied in this current chapter of chemistry are: vapor pressure lowering, boiling point elevation, freezing point depression, and osmotic pressure. The van’t Hoff factor for a solute is equivalent to the number of particles, in moles, will break apart in the solvent. When an…

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  • Dissolved Impurities Lab Report

    understand the effect that dissolved impurities will have on the freezing point of a mixture and what additive will affect the the freezing point the most. The freezing point of a liquid is, the point of a substance when the temperature of the solid and the liquid is equal. When water freezes the water molecules become organized and come closer together forming crystal particles of ice.When a solute (like salt) and a solvent (like water) mix together the salt becomes an impurity and makes it…

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  • Freezing Point Lab Report

    Freezing point is the temperature for a particular compound where the liquid freezes to form a solid (Chemistry Dictionary). If salt is added to water, it freezes at lower temperatures. If there are fewer water molecules, then freezing occurs at a slower rate (Salt and the Freezing Point of Water). Pure water freezes at 0º Celsius, but water that is combined with salt will freeze at a temperature less than 0º Celsius (Oleson, Andrew and Daly, Terik). A solvent is something in which other things…

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  • Molar Mass Lab

    determine the molar mass of the unknown solute through calculating the difference in freezing point of the pure solvent and the solution with the unknown solute. This lab will show case one of the colligative properties of a solution. This property is dependent upon the number of solute molecules or ions and not the identity or chemical property of the solute. A common example is water which both freezes and melts at 0°C no matter the amount of water or the size of the ice chunk. The freezing…

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  • Freezing Temperature Essay

    Varying environmental climates require organisms to develop defense mechanisms to survive. For conditions under freezing temperatures, each animal has a response. If an animal is unprepared for the extreme situation, the formation of ice leads to a destruction of tissues and most organisms are unable to tolerate even frostbite; which make animals adapt to stay warm and out of the cold. Biochemical studies have examined why amphibians can tolerate freezing temperatures. Many amphibians, though…

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  • Creative Writing: My First Vietnam War

    was made of paper. Red had stained the countryside, along with the limbs from soldiers that had been blasted off by explosives. These sights made me sick, the queasy feeling I had learned to live with due to the lack of food often grew worse, making me double up in pain, the bully beef and biscuits they served were nothing compared to my mother's homemade stew and bread. Thinking about this made me miss home even more and I pushed the thought out of my mind. I reached my resting place for the…

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  • Dehumanization In The Holocaust Essay

    In these camps “the death rates were so high, from malnutrition, typhus and exhaustion that the disposal of corpses became a serious problem.” (THE CAMPS) The treatment in transporting and caring for the victims is probably one of the main factors in the dehumanization of people during Holocaust. The victims were treated inferior simply because of their nationality. The Nazi’s made it a point to degrade these people in every way possible by taking away their rights and free will.…

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  • Blanching Research Paper

    Freezing is an essential preservation method in the food industry. When fresh fruits and vegetables are harvested the enzymes in them begin to change the fruit. They can lose color, nutrients, and their desired taste if not preserved. Along with freezing there are other strategies used to inactivate these enzymes. Vegetables are blanched before freezing and fruit can be dipped in a sugar syrup before freezing to keep them at their best. One of the main problems faced with freezing is a change in…

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  • I Had A Nice Time With You Tonight By Jenna Wortham Analysis

    Nowadays, when somebody mentions social media, most of us will appreciate it with our gorgeous words. We all love it because these social apps’ interactions can make us feel physically close with others, even if they happen over a screen, and that also is the point for Jenna Wortham, the author of the essay ‘‘I Had a Nice Time with You Tonight. On the app’’. As social apps’ appearance, it helps us solve several problems about long-distance communication, and we don’t need to be afraid the…

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  • Descriptive Essay On My Bird Blue

    That day I decided to give it another shot of getting Blue out of his cage, so I did used a leather glove and took Blue out of his cage; although he still bite me but with the thickness of the glove I did not felt much pain. When I grabbed him inside his cage I was talking to him at the same time so he can learn my voice. I could feel Blue trembling in my hands and its blood beating through those feathers, its whole little body pulsing like a single heart. I did managed to keep it on my hand…

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