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  • Coffee Percolator Research Paper

    The coffee percolator is known as one of the earliest "modern" coffee-brewing tools, that was originally intended for small scale homes that could be heated on a stove or any other hear source (Meister, Erin). This type of coffee pot was very popular before the invention of the automatic drip coffee makers which was around the 1970s (Coffee Percolator Explained). It has been said, according to Erin Meister, that the percolator was and is the beginning for more brewing techniques that have been created whether it be in the past or upcoming years. There are many credited inventors, but the man who patented the modern United States percolator known today is Hanson Goodrich; he patented it on August 16th, 1889 (Coffee Percolator Explained). The invention of the coffee percolator was what led to the advances and creations of modern coffee brewing systems that are known to people today. Like most inventions, there are multiple inventors from around the world that are credited to the creation of the percolator, some of which have patented their inventions. The man who is said to have "patented the first true percolator" according to Erin Meister is Hanson Goodrich. Hanson Goodrich spent his entire life in Illinois; he was born September 22, 1836 in Burnt Prairie, White Co., IL and died January 16, 1908 in McLeansboro, IL (Voss, Veronica). On the 16th of August in 1889 Goodrich patented the modern coffee percolator that is still known today (Coffee Percolator Explained). It is said…

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  • Reflective Essay: Is It Hard To Find Coffee?

    “What the hell was that?” Cartman demanded. I shrug my shoulders as I continue to find coffee grounds and a coffee filter. Opening one of the many cabinets, I automatically see junk food. A sigh escapes from me, and I filter through the contents, hoping that this cabinet might have one of the materials I need. “Coffee, coffee, where would coffee be?” I mumble to myself, hoping that just by mentioning it somehow it will magically show up. “If I help you get coffee, will you tell me what that…

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  • Twilight Zone Summary In English

    successfully captures the audiences’ attention. Thus, when writing any story—script, journal article, press release, etc.—the opening sentence should immediately gain the attention of the reader. When looking at the assignments for this unit, initially, I did not know what a press release was or how to construct it; however, after viewing and reading the provided materials on fashioning a press release, I believe, I gained a better understanding of the concept and a strong grasp on writing…

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  • Katharina Blum: Film Analysis

    the press shows off its prowess by publicly demoralizing individuals within the society. The press publishes articles with false stories that tarnish out the image and dignity. The press misrepresents the truth by showing the public that Katharina engages casually in sexual activities and that she is of an improper behavior when in fact she is quite the opposite. In the film, the actual Katharina is nicknamed by her friends us "the nun", an indication of her being the opposite (Zipes, 1977). The…

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  • How Did The Renaissance Change European Culture And Society?

    Renaissance was the start of the new developments and the branching away from religious paintings. "Rebirth" was the nickname and the French translational for Renaissance. The Renaissance was mainly about literature and learning as said in this quote: “By the term Renaissance (" New Birth"), used in its narrower sense, is meant that new enthusiasm for classical literature, learning, and art which sprang up in Italy towards the close of the Middle Ages…” (“The Renaissance”). This time period was…

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  • The Consequences Of The Printing Press

    Before the 1440s, reproducing a book would take, depending on its size, from several months to several years. After the 1440s, in Europe, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press which turns out to be the one of the most important inventions in the history. The most important consequences of the printing press were the increasing efficiency in copying pieces of writings, the increment of literacy and the religious reform. The increasing efficiency in copying pieces of writings is one of…

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  • Johann Gutenberg: The Invention Of The Printing Press

    came up with a novel way to print material much more efficiently and quickly than the scribes who were common at the time. His new method, called the printing press, featured movable type and served as the precursor to the mammoth presses used to print millions of newspapers, magazines, and books. His new methods made books more widely available throughout Europe, and they began to be published in the vernacular. This also contributed to the rapid spread of standardized, accurate information,…

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  • A Good Hero In Beowulf

    In the epic, Beowulf, by Seamus Heaney, the main character, Beowulf, is seen as a great hero to all. This is false. Beowulf is not a hero, he is just a glory driven warrior that does not care about others. He, as a king, should not risk his life to fight the dragon and leave his people to fend for themselves against the other societies looking for more power. If Beowulf is a true hero he would do what is best for his people, not what is best for his ego. Also as he takes his last breathes he is…

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  • Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of An Online Technology

    SWOT ANALYSIS OF AN EMERGING TECHNOLOGY All youth of today are tech savvy. They like to carry smart phones and tablets but avoid carrying bags with books or papers. To solve the problem of youth so that they can gain knowledge and move ahead in life, universities, authors and publishers provide them with a new emerging technology concept of e-books. Digital text is not a new concept. It was first introduced by Michael Hart in 1971. He started a project named Gutenberg with the goal of creating…

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  • The Importance Of Environmental Journalism

    Nonetheless, given journalism is itself a product of culture, it is not solely responsible for these cultural misrepresentations. Instead, systemic financial, corporate, and governmental factors influence journalistic frameworks, thereby making issues circular, and inherently difficult to overcome. This is especially evident in environmental media coverage. Bacon and Nash (2012, p.250) determine media often, “…take a structural position that is tightly aligned with the interests of the coal…

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