Middle Ages

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  • The Middle Ages

    Rainier Edward C. Bolima 9 - Argon The Middle Ages was not a good period for women, the poor and basically the whole population of Europe to live in. With an unequal, unhealthy and unstable society, we can say that this period is a failure compared to today, or is ours a failure too? To compare and contrast the two I used the conditions of present-day Philippines. To start, we have social hierarchy and how the people under these classes stand in the society. In the Middle ages, people fall into three estates: The Aristocracy, The Clergy and The Peasantry. In the Philippines, although no law actually indicates the presence of a social class, people either belong to the high, middle or low-income class. Present-day Philippines and The Middle…

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  • Middle Ages

    in the middle ages was short and hard for the working people. The Church ruled large parts of their lives, and had total control over the justice system. The feudal system kept the poor poor and the rich sitting in their manors or castles. Wars between kings, lords and religions interrupted daily living, and Sickness and disease could strike at any moment. These dark ages were a testament to human ability to make something good out of all the tragedies happening. The improvements, progress, and…

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  • The Dark Ages: The Middle Ages

    The Dark Ages, also known as the Middle Age, was a period of time between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance, in which a number of religious conflicts arose. Many people argue whether the Middle Ages were actually dark, or if the term “Dark Age” is an inaccurate description. Although there were several advancements made, there was also an immense decline in the economy which caused many problems. The Middle Ages were, in fact, a difficult time for Europeans to…

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  • The Middle Ages: The Dark Age Of The Dark Ages

    and danger at every turn. This period of time, from 400-1400 AD was originally called the Dark Ages but is now more commonly known as the Middle Ages. Unexpectedly, after Europe improved a little more than half a century later, it’s still referred to as the Dark Ages. Historians now understand that not all of the Middle Ages were a dark age. Even though it no longer met the criteria to be called a dark age, why is it still more often than not referred to as one? From around 400 to 900 AD,…

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  • Essay On The Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages began in 500 CE after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, and ended in 1350 CE. People of this time lived in a feudal system. Their social hierarchy started at the bottom with peasants, then knights, then nobles, then the king. These people were very religious and dedicated to the Catholic church. The rise of education and universities is what kept this period from being completely dark. However, many events took place over this time period that made the majority of the Middle…

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  • Middle Ages Religion

    The Middle Ages or Medieval period lasted from the 5th to the 15th century, it began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and merged into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. This was one of the most exciting,fascinating, and transformative eras in European history, but the Middle ages were also warlike, dangerous times and many devastating events occur. Famine, plague and public execution, the Middle ages wasn 't the best times for some, but rulers like Charlemagne and Henry V made…

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  • Late Middle Ages

    The Late Middle Ages was a period which lasted from about 1300-1500 (14th – 15th century), the time between the end of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. The late Middle Ages is reflected mainly in Europe. They were often called as the Dark Ages, even though even they were not all bad. Late Middle Ages brought the first crisis of European feudal society. The late Middle Ages had been a time of climate change, famine, war and poverty, In terms of the cooler climate, although the further…

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  • Culture In The Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages is described as a dreadful period of time that started with little culture. Education and art were not important because surviving became a main priority leaving no room for the other simple pleasures in life. Although this was the case, as the Medieval times progressed culture developed among the people. The cultures and qualities of life for the wealthy was much different than the peasants. Each individual was classified as either wealthy person or peasant from what they ate to…

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  • Warfare In The Middle Ages

    Warfare during the medieval era was a huge shift from earlier warfare with new technology and tactics. The Middle Ages was a time of constant threat from foreign invaders. Due to all these threats, people took as many defensive precautions as possible as well as utilize new weaponry. Due to all the brand new military innovations, many historians differ on what change was the most important in the advancement of war. Some focus on weaponry and the development of cavalries while others focus on…

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  • Middle Ages Achievements

    The Middle Ages are a misunderstood period of history in which the popular view is that they were a dark and gloomy time with little or no progress. This is due to the careless terminology coined by many historians In fact, the Medieval Times were much brighter times than what is commonly believed. Many accomplishments made during these times attributed to the progression of history. The Medieval Times were not actually a “Dark Ages,” but rather a bright time filled with progress thanks to…

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