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  • The Importance Of Friendship In Joseph Conrad's The Secret Sharer

    The Importance of Friendship Friendship is, by definition, a relationship between two friends. Some believe that friendships are a necessity for human life. Joseph Conrad was a man who grew up not having many friends. As a young child he had missed school quite a bit from illnesses (Kathleen Wilson 200). This made it hard to have close relationships with other children. He did however gain a love for literature and the sea from his father at a young age ( This is more than likely where his novelette “The Secret Sharer” derived from. In Joseph Conrad’s novelette, “The Secret Sharer” he uses the relationship between the two main characters, the captain and Leggatt, to portray the theme of friendship. He uses characterization and diction to convey how important friendships really are in human life. Joseph Conrad was born in 1875 in Berdyczew, Poland. He grew up with a father who had a love for literature, so naturally, Conrad grew to love it also. “His father was a writer and a translator of the works of William Shakespeare (1564–1616)” (, and this made Conrad have an attraction to writing as well. A child that grows up seeing their dad have a passion for something so strongly, it would only be natural for the child to develop this same “addiction” so to speak. From a young age, Conrad had had an overwhelming fascination for the sea. As he grew to be a teenager, this draw towards the sea grew stronger. He had always had…

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  • Sin Of Pride In The Knight's Tale

    Frederick Tupper in his “Chaucer and the Seven Deadly Sins,” written in 1914, points out that no other “theme, religious or secular, was more widely popular than [this motif]” in his introduction. The most explicit and direct example of Chaucer mentioning seven deadly sins is the “Parson’s Tale.” Chaucer presents the sins from Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Avarice, Gluttony, to Lechery, which is the same order as other great medieval literary works such as John Gower’s “Confessio Amantis” and Dante…

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  • Early Medieval Literature

    wrote about courtly love and moral allegory. He was a strong influence for the writing of other poets of his day, and his reputation once coincided that of his friend Chaucer. Gower’s three major works are in French, English, and Latin, and he also wrote a series of French ballads intended for the English court. The Speculum meditantis, or Mirour de l’omme, in French, is a poem composed of 12-line stanzas, opening impressively with a description of the devil’s marriage to the seven daughters of…

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  • Comedy Of Errors Play Analysis

    types, and other theatrical conventions (Miola, 8) Cornelia C. Coulter described this “Plautine tradition” in 1920, citing Shakespeare use of Egeon’s opening speech as a prologue, the plot resulting in the restoration of long-lost children, and Dromio’s role as the ‘running servant’ as indicators of Plautine influence in the play. The Bible was also used as source material. Specifically the books of Ephesians and Acts contribute to the setting of Ephesus as a place of strange sorceries and to…

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