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    While it is easy for one to give up on their goals and move on, one can truly show strength by conquering the various challenges on their way to success. Homer’s, The Odyssey, is able to depict how persistence can lead to fulfillment. Homer’s purpose in the epic poem The Odyssey is to show society that though there are setbacks in life, one can overcome them with perseverance by employing katabasis by emphasize the various struggles Odysseus faces. Homer utilizes katabasis initially to display the strifes Odysseus had to tackle on his expedition, due to his crew. On page 189, the author shows to readers the events that took place after Odysseus’ crew disobeyed him. “When I reached the ship I chewed out my men, giving each one an earful. But there was nothing we could do….. We boarded the ship at once and put out to sea.” (189) The crew did not follow what Odysseus said, and ultimately got themselves killed. However, that did not stop him from attempting to save them. Odysseus recognizesed that he hasd no power to go against the actions of the Gods and that in the end he would be left alone at sea, yet he still pushed through and tried to get his men home. The scene Homer provides allows readers to understand the determination of Odysseus to get his crew to safety, despite the fact that the Gods were attempting to end their journey. Additionally, Homer incorporates struggles at sea during Odysseus’ endeavor to take his men home. Before leaving Phoenicia, Odysseus was…

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    Daniel Defoe came up with one of the most original and outstanding ideas for a story and decided to write it down. Little did he know that Robinson Crusoe was going to be an inspiration for other writers centuries after his death and even the precursor of a whole new genre – the robinsonade. William Golding created a great novel, full of symbolism and the truth about human nature following the archetype of robinsonade, which shares some similarities to Defoe’s story. A typical robinsonade tells…

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