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  • Individualism In Anthem By Ayn Rand

    The novel Anthem by Ayn Rand portrays what happens when the government restricts the rights of the people and how they will react. This can be seen throughout history and the world, for example, the Soviet Union, Bolsheviks revolution, Nazi Germany, communist china, and communist Vietnam. These are just some of the countless examples of some governments that tried and failed to take away the rights of the people and attempts to control them. The author attempts to show the reader what she experienced growing up with the novel. She was raised in the Soviet Union during the Bolsheviks Revolution; she experienced the horrors of communism and saw how people reacted to it. In the novel the characters live in a communist type society where they have restricted speech and no individualism, also the author shows the reaction the characters in this society have when they lose these rights and their only response to this is to rebel. The novel Anthem by Ayn Rand is a story, which shows the journey equality 7-2521 went through and the hardship to get to where he is now and what he has found.…

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  • Analysis Of Anthem By Ayn Rand

    “I am done with the monster of “We,” the word of serfdom, of plunder, of misery, falsehood, and shame.” (Rand, 97) The story of Anthem takes place in an unspecified future time and place where freedom and individual rights have been eliminated. Collectivism, the political philosophy stating that an individual exists only to serve the state, has taken over the society which has brought many rules and controls along with it. The only concept that people know is “We” and not “I.” Equality 7-2521, a…

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  • Ayn Rand Anthem Analysis

    Anthem is a rebellious novella written by a Russian-born American novelist named Ayn Rand. The Novel Anthem is mainly about a young man named Equality 7-2521, who goes against all that he has been taught. Equality discovers information that was being hidden from him by people he had trusted. He identifies himself as “I” instead of “we” standing against all the lies that have been hidden for years. But, by the end of the novel Equality 7-2521 has changed his mind becoming very critical of the…

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  • Objectivism And Diction In Anthem By Ayn Rand

    The edits and revisions of Ayn Rand’s novella, Anthem, strengthen the message that collectivism is oppressive and objectivism is necessary for an individual to function. Rand’s edits of diction and sentence structure assist in developing the meaning of the novella. Ayn Rand, author of the novella Anthem, utilizes diction and sentence structure in order to develop the villainy of collectivism and the virtue of objectivism. Rand’s choice of diction in the edited novella complicates and confuses…

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  • Ayn Rand: A Writer's Life Course

    Ayn Rand: Journal Entry 1 “I did not start by trying to describe the folks next door-but by inventing people who did things the folks next door would never do. I could summon no interest or enthusiasm for ‘people as they are’- I had in my mind a blinding picture of people as they could be. (Ayn Rand: A Writer’s Life course, aynrand.org). I had no idea that the author I chose had such a prominent and significant role in history. Ayn Rand was not only a writer, she was also a public figure and…

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  • The Change Of Society In Anthem By Ayn Rand

    Does something as simple as a book have the power to change a society? Can a change of rules morph the North Korean culture into a more liberating society? Just as books changed Equality 7-2521 in the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand? As readers dive into this communist and totally controlled society that takes place in Rand’s novel, their minds can’t help but be completely intrigued by such an intense life that our main character, Equality 7-2521, is forced to live. A place where the words “I”, “me”,…

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  • Anthem By Ayn Rand: Literary Analysis

    The Frightening Future Darkness leads to truth. Anthem, written by Ayn Rand, focuses on a curious character who slowly discovers the hidden secrets of The World Council, symbolically named Equality 7-2521. His bravery shines as he breaks laws and creates a new invention, light. The World Council of Scholars has let him down, and makes Equality feel foolish. He uses a substantial amount of intelligence and the result is to be cut down. Equality escapes into the Uncharted Forest, which no one…

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  • Symbolism In The Novel Anthem, By Ayn Rand

    Forgiving Oneself The Russian Revolution was a tragic event that began on March 8, and lasted until November 8 1917. During this period of time, the communists conquered the entire country and began to confiscate property from people, including that of the novelist, Ayn Rand. In fact, the Rand family lost the majority of what they owned, including their pharmacy. This period of hardship and loss provided ideas for her novel, Anthem. Essentially, Anthem is a novella written by Ayn Rand in the…

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  • The Role Of Individualism In Anthem By Ayn Rand

    Have you ever thought of living in a place where everyone is the same and one is different? Boring, right. In the book Anthem, Rand fully expresses her thoughts about the role of the individualism and of society. Anthem is a dystopian novel, written in 1937 and published in England in 1938. The book is about a dystopian society, in which there is no “I” and only “we” is allowed. The dictatorship of Anthem tries to keep the members of its society brainwashed by focusing on the importance of…

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  • The Importance Of Equality In The Fountainhead, By Ayn Rand

    There are two types of people in the world: those who think and those who feed off of those who think. In Ayn Rand’s excerpt from her novel The Fountainhead, “The Soul of an Individualist,” Howard Roark states that every advancement in society was caused by the actions of an individual who uses his own independent thoughts, despite the horrific consequences caused at the hands of other men. In Anthem by Ayn Rand, Equality is the individual who struggled to fit in the role that was forced upon…

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