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  • Essay On Screwball Comedy

    The Screwball Comedy Journey Screwball comedy movies crazy, zany, rapid fire dialogue movies. This type of comedy usually centered around a couple (male and female) in which the female dominates and humiliates the male character. A combination of slapstick comedy, battle of the sexes love story, and someone being wronged. The films usually had sexual undertone. Of screwball comedy era I will provide a brief history of screwball comedy films and compare two movies of the top ten movies of that genre- The Awful Truth (1934) and His Girl Friday (1940). Screwball Comedy also labeled as the “new American farce” emerged in the 1930s. Screwball comedy gained its popularity post WWII and during the Great Depression. The basis of the screwball comedies depicted the rich and well off in a comedic manner and in some cases a lower-class (poor) person falling for an upper-class (rich)person. Viewing these types of characters on screen provided the audience a humorous escape from their reality. The first screwball comedy was Lewis Milestone's The Front Page (1931). Screwball comedy was also created to get around the Hays Code…

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  • Comedy In Today's Society

    Comically Crude The line drawn between comedy and vulgar references have become blurred in today's society. A comedian may make a joke which offends a great body of people all for the purpose of making a few laugh. Famous comedians make a living off of exploiting both groups, and individual peoples, with derogatory comments in order to make large masses of money. In the past, comedians would cross social lines and force society forward using both obscene language and seemingly deranged or lewd…

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  • Lysistrata A Comedy Analysis

    The Comedic Nature of Lysistrata On the year 411 BC, Aristophanes wrote the comedic play Lysistrata, the first anti-war play in the world. Comedy takes various forms, and the purpose of this essay is to analyze the comedic elements used in Lysistrata to determine whether it is a farce or a satire. Why is this important? Michael Moses, the president of the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics said: “The key to adjusting the relative strengths and weakness of a particular work was for the…

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  • The Metaphor Of Spring In Comedy Movies

    Essay Question: Do you think “spring” is an effective metaphor for comedy? Sub Question: Which came first, the metaphor or the structure? Essay written by Gina In this essay I will discuss about two movies, High Fidelity and The Tao of Steve. The two movies are both comedy films about love. I think that “spring” is an effective metaphor because spring is the season of bloom, rain, mud, melting and refreezing of snow. I believe that “spring” in the movies is an effective metaphor for these…

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  • Slapstick Comedy: Slapstick

    Chaplin’s ‘ film the ‘Modern Times’ was produced in 1936s. It included man-eating machines, where they were foraging for food, and they were consuming materialism, and about the Tramp’s interaction with machines. At the start of the first scene pace was to go inside the machine. Yet further on in the film he tramp feeds a mechanic who is stuck inside a machine during their lunchtime. All we see in the camera view is eating. These scenes are looked at as observations on the openings to Chaplin’s…

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  • Comedy Is Australia's Second Nature

    “Oh what humour” “Comedy is Australia’s second nature” By Ainya Have you ever heard the saying, Comedy is Australia’s second nature. Well it’s true. Comedy is what Australia lives for. It’s how, we as a nation, survived the war, the great depression and every other terrible thing that has tried to conquer Australia? As American journalist Hugh Sidey once said “A sense of humour is needed armour. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a…

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  • Tragedy And Comedy In Lysistrata By Aristophanes

    From the very beginning, tragedy and comedy are set apart from each other by how they approach existence. Comedy, according to Cicero, is ‘the imitation of life’(Donatus 22); it is steeped in realism. It focuses on the probabilities of a situation because it aims to base itself on real life as much as it can. It shows us a reflection of the real world, and thus it should read like a mirror image to us. Generally speaking, comedy does not intend to aim particularly high in its design. Instead it…

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  • SALAD DAYS: A Romantic Comedy

    A 43-year-old woman lies about her age and falls for a younger man but then breaks up with him to avoid telling him the truth and now twenty years later they are reunited and their romance rekindles, but he still doesn’t know her true age. STORY COMMENTS SALAD DAYS presents as a romantic comedy with a high-concept premise. The story has an appealing hook with the idea of a 43-year-old woman who lies about her age. She pretends to be 30 years old and then fall for an even younger man. The…

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  • Twelfth Night Romantic Comedy Essay

    Shakespeare 's play 'Twelfth Night ' could be seen as a romantic comedy due to the common themes of despair and infatuation that the audience find to be amusing. The play 's main focus is romantic love, and the many aspects of comedy derive from seeing characters pining after one another. However, the play itself could be seen as a satire due to the stereotypical vision of love that is created. Shakespeare often mocks the idealistic image of love by demonstrating emotions as exaggerated and…

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  • Romantic Comedy Genre Analysis

    The Romantic Comedy genre is one of the most popular yet overlooked genre in the film industry. The cheesy dialogues, witty behavior, sexual tension, heart melting monologues and the friction between the main two characters in a romantic comedy film, is what makes this genre so loved and cherished. According to most people, the romantic comedies are viewed as ‘guilty pleasures’. In his book Boy Meets Girl Meets Genre, Jeffers McDonald disagrees with that statement by saying that “the appeal to…

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