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  • Clear Rules In Lord Of The Flies

    LOTF Essay Could modern day society function without clear rules, laws, and enforcement of those rules? In Lord Of The Flies, William Golding uses symbolism and characters to show that humans need rules and enforcement of those rules in order to function effectively. Without them, humans naturally become savages, which leads to an unsustainable and dangerous society. The diminishing power of the rules, and the results of this is shown through the fire, the power and respect towards the conch, and Jacks changing attitude. At the start of the novel, when the boys had rules, their society was efficient and accomplished things. As they lose enforcement of their rules, society stops functioning; they stop building and adding wood to the fire. In the beginning, when the boys had clear rules, they participated in building the fire willingly and eagerly. “Each party added a quota, less or more, and the pile grew” (39). This quote shows that they were all enthusiastic to help out and build the fire. The boys had the same attitude towards most of the tasks at the start of the book, since they had rules keeping order. Later on, when the rules aren’t as enforced, the boys start caring less about the fire. “There was a ship. You said you’d keep the fire going and you didn’t.” (.70). In this quote Ralph is scolding Jack and his hunters because they let the fire go out, meaning they couldn’t signal to the boat that was passing by. This shows that Jack abandoned his duty, meaning he…

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  • Rocket Trajectory

    Trajectory and applied force both have very much too do with our rocket lab. Trajectory affects how far the rocket will get beacuse trajectory is a curved path of an object that has been fired or thrown through the air. This affects the rocket beacuse the angle of the rocket that is launched at is part of trajectory and the rocket was launched off of an angled platform so this affetced how high the rocket went before coming down. Another part of trajectory is how gravity affects the objects…

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  • Arctic Rush Research Paper

    Once you are almost at the bottom of the mountain before friction slows you down, you have hit your terminal velocity and the highest speed of kinetic energy. You are moving faster in this place than you are anywhere else during the ride. When you’re on your way to speed up the loop, you have a very fast velocity. In this place, you also have a large amount of air resistance acting on you due to friction and your direction. During this part, you experience high G-forces acting on you due to your…

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  • Physical Principle Of Catapults

    This statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object. Newton's Third law of motion states that for every action force, there is a reaction force that is equal in strength and opposite in direction. The catapult arm is pushing up on the elastic bands with a lot of force, but my hand is pushing back, in the opposite direction, making the catapult…

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  • Rube Goldberg Machine Essay

    prominent physics concepts within our project was gravity and/or gravitational potential energy, which could be seen in places such as the inclined planes and the hammer swinging down. Gravity was the downward-pulling force that allowed the energy to be transferred from the top level, to the Roomba on the floor. The toppling rule was another major concept in our project, as it was integral for the dominoes and the inclined planes. When work is put into the machine in step one, the toppling rule…

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  • Equation Of Volumetric Nanoparticle Fractions

    tensor becomes , (2.15) To avoid lengthily writing for all coming equations, it must be noted that the porosity appears only in the porous region and will be ignored in the free region in the previous equation (2.15) and in all coming equations through the paper. Also, is the Kronecker's delta and the strain rate tensor may be defined as follows: . (2.16) On the basis of…

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  • Stepper Motor Reflection

    for possible cause assumed to be wires coming in contact that might have created a short circuit. It was decided to replace this fuse with a 2A which is a small difference to make sure it does not get burnt. The old 6A fuse was also replaced with a new one just to be on the safe side and ensure smooth flow of electricity in the circuits on the board. Appendix 5.7 Torque Calculation Mirror length (L) = 0.15m Mass of 1 mirror = 2kg Gravity (G) = 10 m/s2 Mirror Weight (W) = 2kg * 10 M/s^2 =…

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  • Math 213 Lab Report

    As an engineering student who has just finished MATH 137 and registering for MATH 213 for the coming semester or returning to school and having to take MATH 213, thinking the class will be full of multidimensional so that you will be stuck in the space. Well, the good news is that you will be in a fixed concrete classroom. In MATH 213, you will learn many topics regarding lines, vectors, cones and so on. Among these topics, I would like to present a topic that is easy to understand, however,…

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  • Analysis Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Using physics, we can calculate the mass of a bolt fired from a blaster used in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. First of all, we know that these bolts are not lasers based on two facts: they can be seen from the side and they do not travel at the speed of light. Thus, from there, we have to find their velocity. Rhett Allain calculated that to be about 35 m/s. He did this by finding distance and time of various bolts fired throughout the series, dividing the two measurements, and averaging out all…

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  • Motion: Newton's Three Laws Of Motion

    Newton’s 3 laws of Motion 1. If a body is as rest it remains at rest or, if it is in motion, it moves with uniform velocity, until it is acted on by a resultant force. 2. Acceleration is dependent on the forces acting upon an object and the mass of the object. Therefore, if the force is increased, the acceleration is increased. And the more mass the object has, the more acceleration decreases. So the resultant force (F) is equal to mass (m) times acceleration (a) (F = ma). 3. For every action,…

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