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  • USAFA/CWPH Functions Essay

    USAFA/CWPH Function: The CWPH office serves as an advisory staff to the Commandant of Cadets on all USAFA CW Human Relations Climate (HRC) and Human Relations Training and Education (HRT&E) related programs. The program’s primary objective is to foster an equal opportunity environment that develops leaders of character, who respect the dignity of all human beings, and who use human relations skills as an integral part of effective leadership. The program also works to integrate AF EO and HR-related instruction into USAFA/CW officer development and Commissioning Education (CE) programs. USAFA/CWPH Role: The office’s HRT&E roles include: Assists the Commandant to develop and maintain HRC and Equal Opportunity and Treatment (EOT) related policies, directives, and programs impacting USAFA/CW personnel. Keeps the Commandant apprised of HRC and HRT&E program issues and concerns within the USAFA/CW. Provides program updates through the Vice Commandant of Cadets, Culture and Climate (USAFA/CWP) weekly and monthly reports. The HRT&E serves as a consultant and advisor to…

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  • 'Religious Allegory In Kafka's In The Penal Colony'

    explorer, has resided in the penal colony for some time. The explorer, meanwhile, is a visitor, presumably from a more civilized, progressive part of Western Europe as the ruling Commandant gives the explorer special privileges as a “Westerner”. At the end of the story, the explorer leaves the penal colony, leaving the penal colony as it was with its unique justice system in-tact. If we read this story as a religious allegory, we can interpret the explorer’s departure at the end of the story as…

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  • Leadership In The Film Beasts Of No Nation

    specifically needs to motivate followers to risk their lives, motivation is needed in other areas besides combat. Motivation is essentially anything that “provides direction, intensity, and persistence to behavior” (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2014). Motivation is linked directly to performance and job satisfaction; the more motivated followers feel, the more effort they are willing to put forth towards the job, and this will likely make them more satisfied. Often times, leaders who understand…

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  • Analysis Of The Devil's Arithmetic

    Every person in the novel when around military men, especially the prisoners, had to address people by their number tattooed on people’s arms. Even the dead are known as numbers. The book states, “The child Tzipporah, J197242, lay silent in her arms.” This shows that the camps dehumanized people to the point that anyone, alive or dead, had to be addressed with a number, not a name. The number overtook the identity their names had. Filmmakers may argue that the numbers played a big role in the…

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  • Existentialism In Kafka's In The Penal Colony And The Metamorphosis

    Philosophers have debated what the meaning of life is; people have also sought equality for centuries. In Kafka’s works, “In the Penal Colony” and “The Metamorphosis”, there is an emphasis on unquestionably following society’s rules resulting in flaws which accompany doing so; mainly injustice resulting from superior authority and the issue of existentialism which arises from being rejected from society, respectively. Kafka demonstrates this through an allegory of religion and the unfulfilled…

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  • Essay On Jewish Persecution

    majorly Catholic. The civilians of Germany were majorly unaware of the horrors at the concentration camps, although they were aware of their existence. Hitler’s propaganda painted the Jews as filth, and successfully desensitized the German people. Who is to blame for the atrocities committed at the camps? Is it the Germans, the commandants, or Hitler himself? Is it not the people who allowed Hitler to rule them and weren’t the commandants only men serving their government? In Plato’s The…

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  • SPC Hammond Case Study

    SPC Hammond ranked 13th academically in a class of 92 students with a 91.63% average and earned a place of honor on the Commandant 's List. He displayed superior written communication skills by achieving a 94% average on all written evaluations. SPC Hammond 's excellent communication skills earned him a 96% average on all oral presentations. He achieved superior scores in all aspects of leadership with an average score of 93.76%. SPC Hammond demonstrated a unique ability to coordinate group…

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  • Violence In The Film 'Beasts Of No Nation'

    [The] “Beasts" [of No Nation] does a solid job of showing how quickly a child 's moral compass can be knocked off-axis. . .”. This is evident when Agu; the protagonist of the film, obeys the orders of the Commandant; the leader of a group that rebels against the troops, which attempt to take over their country. After witnessing the slaughtering of his father, grandfather, and his older brother; Francis Weddey, Agu stables upon the rebeling group and the Commandant, which marks the beginning of…

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  • Marine Corps Distrust Analysis

    Technology is another topic that leaves many leaders asking themselves “why”. Since the introduction of technology, numerous Officers and SNCO’s have noticed that marines are ended up lazy at work, technology executes their innovativeness and abilities. This kind of communication technology wipes out an eye to eye communication. Interpersonal communications are important in building unit cohesion because Marines will get a chance to know each other in person, sometimes they can even share…

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  • Kafka In The Penal Colony Analysis

    Nearing the end of the story, the explorer, condemned man, and a soldier went into a teahouse and found the grave of the old Commandant. “They pushed one of the tables aside, and under it there was really a gravestone. It was a simple stone, low enough to be covered by a table. There was an inscription on it in very small letters, the explorer had to kneel down to read it.” (226) The gravestone tells a prophecy that the old Commandant will rise again and recover the colony. The description of…

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