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  • Social Commensurability Summary

    The Commensurability of Different Vulnerability Imam Subkhan One of the chief argument from The Pastoral Clinic is that an ethic of care among the heroin addicts in Española Valley are possible emerge from a common and shared vulnerability. Garcia argues that the common experience of vulnerability of addicts in everyday life is the principle of commensurability in which become basis for an ethic of care such as in the form of watchfulness. She claims that ‘watchfulness’ is able “to offset forms of alienation that accompany addiction” and eventually opens up “the possibility of being together” which Garcia called “the very heart of social commensurability” (182). At this point I would like to raise some reflections: how social commensurability…

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  • Kuhn's Theory Of Incommensurability

    translatability between paradigms is necessary for comparability (Sankey 1993, p. 765). Logically it must follow that commensurability is necessary for comparability. To state the problem of comparability in Kuhn 's own words: "There is no algorithm of theory choice [...] which, properly applied, must lead each individual in the group to the same decision" (Sankey, 761). I refute this claim by arguing that competing theories are often incommensurable yet…

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  • Chang's Theory Of Reasoning

    Cardinal ranking means that S is able to define the extent in which one choice is better than the other, one is able to detect the degree of difference between the favorability of values. It is to say that for instance, value A is 40% better than value B, while value B is 20% better than value C. Chang, in his paper of…, argues for a week version of commensurability that states that there is a true ranking between the conflicting values in any given circumstances when we weight values against…

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  • Karl Marx Vs Command Economy

    For example, twenty pieces of cotton could equal one t-shirt. Therefore, the main idea of exchange value is that commodities could be exchanged at different quantities with the same use-value. Commodities contain both use and exchange value, but ultimately, a commodity is a product of human labor. This is the main reason commodities are commensurable. Labor is what gives a commodity an exchange value. There is also other reason why commodities are commensurable. Without a use-value, commodity…

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  • Death Penalty Deterrence

    I believe the death penalty is wrong in itself and is an oxymoron. The use of the death penalty as punishment for killing another person is a contradiction. I do not agree with death penalty advocates who believe the death penalty deters crime. When a crime is committed I believe most offenders have certainly thought about the ramifications of their actions. Thus the most severe capital punishment has not in many cases deterred crimes from taking place. Lambert, Clarke, & Lambert, (2004)…

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  • Western Art Influence

    political actors. Some might argue that human agency trumps that of the state and its religion in the shaping of Western art. After all, it is the artist who creates the art. The most significant relationship is arguably between the art and the viewer who it engages. It could even be claimed that without the individual there is no purpose to art at all. In fact, examination into the historical context of Western art reveals that individuals such as Polykleitos of Argos largely influenced the…

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  • Sati: History, Preservation And Gendering Of Indian Culture And Tradition

    generate a greater aspect of agency for women. Thus, he states that the empowerment of women is one of the central issues in the process of development for many nations today . He concludes that women’s agency becomes the criterion by which development becomes freedom. Hence, are women given full agency or are they simply the puppets of capital? Further into his discourse Sen poses the question – are Asian values opposed or indifferent to basic human rights ? This statement represents the…

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  • Psychoneuroimmunology Approach

    Robust studies support the effectiveness of T 'ai Chi in reducing stress. Forty studies reveal its calming and flexible effect via deep breathing and meditation (Dunn, 2014); and sixteen, its improvement of immune regulatory mechanism such as lymphocytes and Igs (Ho, Wang, Ng, Ho, Ziea, Wong, & Chan,2013). Ho, Wang, Ng, Ho, Ziea, Wong, & Chan, however, noted that their studies did not address the commensurability of the effect size of the exercise with the level of immune chemicals…

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  • Immanuel Kant's Theory Of Virtue

    homeless, or slaying a dragon. It is the action and this intention that propels it. Thus, donating money to the homeless is not a virtuous act if the intention behind it is to make a public display of charity and garner goodwill from onlookers. Even, the act of donating money to the homeless for no goals of external acclaim, but for the purpose of experiencing gratification from the act is not virtuous. A strictly deontological reading of Kant misses this nuance. Virtue is not a means to…

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