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  • The Importance Of The Commander-In-Chief

    What is power, according to the Keeping the Republic by Christine Barbour, and Gerald C. Wright it is defined as, the ability to get other people to do what you want. Out of all the five choices given the one that has the most power in our policy system is the Commander-in-Chief aka the President. Not President Obama because his leaving the White House on January 20, 2017 but he is still the Commander-In-Chief until the said date. The upcoming Commander-In- Chief is President Elect Trump. This guy will be one of the most powerful man in the world, next year. The Chief Justices are appointed by the president, and serves for life, just like Anthony Kennedy that was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. The year I was born, so his been…

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  • Duties Of A President Essay

    government are the commander-in-chief, head of state and leader of a political but one takes precedence over the other. The presidents are held to high standards, and the media do not help. In Article 2, it tells you what are the requirement for to become a President and what are the duties of the President. The founding father did not want a king; they wanted a person that can convey and enforce the rule of Congress. A president has to be flexible and have balance with being firm and knowing…

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  • Discrimination Against Women In America Essay

    The average rate of sexual assault of women in the military by a man is about twice the civilian average, at 1 in 3 women. That is over 30%, or around 65,000 women of the 200,000 in the armed forces. The pentagon estimates nearly 10,000 cases of sexual assault per year, but only about 3,000 are reported. Military academies also have a growing epidemic of sexual assaults on campus (Hagopian, Joachim). The reason most aren’t reported is most likely due to the court system. A very high-ranking…

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  • Essay On The Role Of Communication In The Military

    military members “must be careful not to comment post, or link to material that violates the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) or Service regulation.” With the power social media in spreading information, extreme caution should be exercised with regards to “showing contempt for public officials, releasing sensitive information, or posting unprofessional material that is prejudicial to good order and discipline under the UCMJ.” Regardless of who becomes elected President, they will…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Women Should Be On The Front Lines

    there support on the front lines. Some men will say the army isn 't a place for women. McCain said When a reporter suggested that American military women were already in combat roles — more than 150 women have died and nearly 1,000 have been wounded in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan"(NBC news). Either way the women know how to get the job done. Front line should be a place for anyone who is willing to give up there life to keep are freedom. Back in the day women where always at home with the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Motorcycle Club

    Many people who been deployed will say they had traumatic experiences while in the armed forces. To cope with these experiences when in America, many look for a hobby to be around people they can relate to. One of these hobbies are joining motorcycle clubs (MC). More members of the military than you may think have joined a motorcycle club. The idea of a long lasting brotherhood becomes appealing after being in war. According to the members, they are not a part of a “gang” but a club of brothers.…

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  • Just War Theory Essay

    “War is thus an act of force to compel our enemy to do our will.” First it must be clarified, what military strategy means. Weighley presents the following definition which is also officially recognized in the US military: Military strategy … is the art and science of employing the armed forces of a nation to secure the objectives of national policy by the application of force, or the threat of force.” At the highest level, the National Security Strategy (NSS) outlines enduring US…

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  • Advantages Of Cooperative Engagement Strategy

    Is cooperative engagement only an idealistic strategy or could it be the first step to a very effective foreign policy that leads other nations towards the goal of international peace and security? Issues like, climate change, infectious diseases, or economic crisis are problems that can reach beyond a state’s borders, yet they have the potential to cripple a nation. The world is facing a new type of war, one that is different than other wars in the history books. The United States’ new foreign…

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  • Argumentative Essay Military

    Though she is considered the most powerful nation in the world, the United States is not at the elevated level it once was, especially in the area of military supremacy. It is understood by competing political parties that America’s military needs reform. This, however, is not a single definition idea. The source of protection and power of the United States is smaller than ever in comparison of percentage. When the armed services are again needed in larger quantities, it is possible that…

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  • Military Stability Operation Essay

    Stability is a foundation for collective hope. Collective hope is a foundation for civil society. Civil society is the framework for human rights, justice, economic well-being, and general advancement. For those who value the benefits of civil society, stability is the clear preference over insecurity, violence, turmoil, or lawlessness. Stability, in itself, however, is a function of scale, perspective, and varied degrees. The scope and degree of satisfactory stability can only be deemed…

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