Advantages Of Cooperative Engagement Strategy

Is cooperative engagement only an idealistic strategy or could it be the first step to a very effective foreign policy that leads other nations towards the goal of international peace and security? Issues like, climate change, infectious diseases, or economic crisis are problems that can reach beyond a state’s borders, yet they have the potential to cripple a nation. The world is facing a new type of war, one that is different than other wars in the history books. The United States’ new foreign policy strategy it will need to address the world in which we live today. This essay will validate why cooperative engagement is the better foreign policy strategy for the United States to adopt because worldwide problems need a united global response …show more content…
After the cold war, the United States understood that a cooperative engagement strategy was an effective way to work with other states to achieve common goals. The cooperative engagement strategy was based on three pillars; “economic growth, military strength, and support for democracy.” (Larson, 1993) This strategy had many benefits to regional and global communities; “alliances and military relations promote a conducive environment for trade”, “multilateral arrangements are in the place to deal with regional crises and natural disasters”, also “regional and global military power and aggression remain in check.” (Larson, 1993) In addition to this new strategy, a new defense program was created, International Military Education and Training Program (IMET). This program “promotes good will, mutual trust and confidence, and provides interoperability with foreign militaries.” (Larson, 1993) The foundation of the program is to encourage mutually beneficial relationships and further the goals of international peace and security, educate foreign nations to utilize their own resources to become more self-reliant and increase awareness of participating countries about basic issues recognizing human rights. The achievement of these initiatives, not only, provides more security for the US, it also promotes other nations to be less reliant on the United States. This program and others currently in place are why the United States needs to use a cooperative engagement strategy for their foreign

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