Domestic Issues Of The United States

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The variety of issues that the United States has faced over the last two decades forced the country to focus on its own economic recovery. The United States saw a significant economic turnaround after shifting its focus from “global policeman” to domestic issues. During this period, the United States retook its position as the preeminent world power, recapturing the highest GDP and balancing the national deficit. While the United States scaled back its foreign assistance, states began to fail, and radical groups took haven if these areas. Failed states continued to rise as the United States developed its technologies, energy developments, and resource independence.1 The lack of major U.S. presence in international economic issues causes many nations to collapse as well. The continent of Africa is the center of gravity for these failed states and radical groups.2 Major powers, such as China, are problematic as they aggressively claim areas surrounded their country. The United States focused on itself for the last decade and a half, but now faces the realities of looming national security threats from both state and non-state actors. The United States needs to refocus itself on the myriad of potential attacks that could endanger the country, including Iran and North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, terrorist attacks, cyber-attacks, and China’s strategy concerning aggressive land claims.

The United States saw a departure from its role as “global policeman” with the election of

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